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America tiger may dismiss the master Shuai Daoge-Malone intentionally Erben – MeierJacksonville American Tiger has not yet made the final decision on the future of the Doug Marlone. But according to informed people, the Jaguchi is expected to dismiss him after the end of the seasons against Indiana Polis, and they are expected to chase at least one well-known coach candidate.

At the age of 36, Bechcher was served in Chuck Pagano, Indian Poll Pagano in the 2012 season. So far, he is only 3 years as the experience of the coordinator. Bechcher is a vision of the tuning capabilities of rushing hands. He helped Robert Mathis to select professional bowls in the 2012 season. In the rickets, he also helped the old John Abraham to win 11.5 times in the 2013 season. The team hopes that Bene can succeed in the new position.

The coach of the United States Tiger is one of the most attractive opportunities. They have a small sign, a number of first-round draft, with patience boss, some young outstanding players, and a large amount of salary space.

In the $ 8 million contract of Liam, the guarantee is close to $ 4 million. After 3 years of Haiying, he was signed with 49 people with free players last year. He participated in 8 games, first of which, then entered the injury reserve by knee injury.

However, Meer has not completely decided to go out. At present, he serves as a college competition in TV, which accepts any coaching opportunities means he wants to stay away from family, including his own grandchildren.

The head coach Bruce-Ariang said last week that the team will look for the next defensive coordinator cheap nfl jerseys from china the current coaching group. Arreon explained this decision: The team did not want to change the existing defensive system. Arreon said: “I don’t want my players who don’t know what kind of tactics they want to play next season. The defensive system in the past 2 years is very successful, I don’t want to change. The same defense, the same philosophy “

49 people and offensive front line members and Liama continues about two yearsTuesday, San Francisco announced the completion of the contract with the offensive front line members, Garry Gilliam, renewed for two years.

Plus the external hand of the new crown reserves Henry Ruggs III, the raiders have four people in the past two years, there will be four absent, the rest of the running Weight Jacob Josh Jacobs is currently being hurt by the right ankle.

The red scitch announced that the external guard coach promoted to the defensive coordinatorArizona Tse will choose internal to solve the coach problem, local time on Wednesday, the team announced that James Bettcher appointed the team’s new defensive coordinator to fill Todd Bowles left The vacancies below. The latter has now become the head of New York jet.

Informed people said that the American tiger has expressed interest in the former Florida University and the Ohio State University Cohand – Meer (Urban Meyer). Meer has already developed a list of coaching teams and tells the circle, and the close-up close to the circle will expect to join the Jaguji.

Steel people outside the Duopli sign the privileged label contractSold Dupree’s US local time signed a privileged label contract on Thursday morning. The external guard was selected in the first round of the 2015 season, and the next season was his contract year.

Grunette said: “We need other people in the team to stand up. CARL NASSIBs will return, I am sure he can play very well. I am looking forward to safety satellin – Livit (Dallin Leavitt) Playing, defending Daryl Worley, is also coming back, he has learned very quickly. “

US time on Wednesday, Jon Gruden, announced that the defending Director Cleling-Ferrell, Nicholas Morrow, Nicholas Morrow, Corner Dadon – A Damon ARNETTE and Safety Wei Jonathan – Johnathan Abram will be absent due to injuries.

Last season, Du Puri, who is 27 years old, in the fifth season of the steel man, his first appearance is a new high career, winning 11.5 times, 68 times, 4 times, 4 times, 16 loss The line is hugged after the number of code, and the four-point guard strike.

Meer has previously retired from the position of Ohio State University’s coach after the end of the 2018 season due to health reasons. In 2009, he leaving the University of Florida due to health reasons.

If Meer does not become the final choice for the Jaguji, or he decided to continue to retire, then the American tiger focused on the coach from the attack. The Jigi is expected to represent the intention of the Ryan Day that is about to lend Ohio State University. Wearing will lead the team in the University of Alabama in the NCAA National Championship.

The American tiger will finally make a final decision on Malone until the end of the season, but if the Jiji feels confident in finding the right successor, Malone’s leave is considered to be unexpected.

Tannyshire: We must win the gameLondon is about to start this week, and both parties are Miami Dolphins and New York Jet. While feeling the fanaticism of the British fans, the two teams also realize the importance of this game.

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