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Watekins last season was absent from three games and lacking most of the rest training after receiving surgery. This discomfort may not make him lack in the short term, but it may greatly affect the ability of Bill to complete large-size attack.

Vic-Bisley Branding Cori Luo Beijing June 27th, Vic Beasley, was a player of the University of Clemenson in front of the Super Star of Atlanta. It is a nightmare of the University’s four-point guard.

The patriot has once again signed Rex Burkhead, renewed Brandon Bolden, which already has James White and Dion – Lewis (Dion The backfield of Lewis will add depth. In addition, patriots are also with Adrian Peterson, Mike Gillislee, Damien Williams, Ma Shawn Lynch, etc. Trading rumors. Although this does not mean that Bronte cannot continue to leave, this proves that the Patriot has not had a worries without Brown.

Let me tell you, the 12th person: This is our work. So, when I tell you, please believe in me, please believe in you, we also thank you, as always, and support & mdash; & mdash; but no one is more than us.

Bisley gave himself 2012 Chevrolet Kai Mai Luo’s new Clementon color. It is reported that in order to complete the update of this old car, the factory spent 350 hours, and the entire car spent $ 12,280 in Bisley.

Recently Claier released its instagram, wrote: “Strong Ni and I are very good, I thank the passers-by who see us to find a policeman, any time you see a boy and a girl quarrel should be up. Block. Fortunately, I am just a quarrel with him. “

Part of eager competition is self-motivated. We don’t need to trainers to stare at our buttocks after the defeat. I will stare myself, I don’t put it, everyone in our dressing room will be like this. Just like I have said before, our tenacious team is some people who kill red eyes & mdash; & mdash; a group of mad dogs. EARL is a typical example. In order to achieve better, he is willing to do anything. This is also his great reason. He is not complacent, even when he played outstanding.

Due to an emergency eye surgery last Thursday, Qi Mile missed the game of Viking to Dallas Cowboy. US time he returned to the job on Monday, it was reported to go to Jacksonville as a member with the team.

Bronte has been falling in the past four years, 5.0 yards in 2013, 2014 4. The code, then 4.3 yards, 3.9 yards. Although the end area contributed outstanding, the patriot may not think that Brunt is worth a salary.

This is also a great point of Pete Carroll. After losing the ball, he pointed out all the best. This week, (Translator Note: Third Week), he will give us a defensive group to explain the performance in a strange environment & mdash; & mdash; After 22 years, NFL returned to Los Angeles & mdash; & mdash; we did not release one The array allows the opponent to win 3 tap opportunities. For us, this is usually better enough.

At the age of 60, Qi Mun was processed last Wednesday. The last week’s competition group coach Mike PRIEFER as a temporary head coach, and Viking was lost from the seven game after the winner of the season. 6 of them.

Waterkins did not fracture again, but he may have always endured the pain of the pain. For his pain, there is no surgical treatment, and Bir is unintentionally let him stop. Watekins himself also said that his feet are fine.

Do our best to listen to God, this is one of our motto. This sentence also explained why EARL left the dressing room on Sunday, and still came over early training, and completed the training in that week. Because he knows: When you are on Monday, you can’t control what happened on Sunday. Every minute of tangled in your past life is wasting the time for you to prepare for the next week and the next opponent. At the same time, it is also the most likely to lead to back to the back.

cheap nfl jerseys official website reporter Ian Rapport reported that Watkins Ian Rapople felt the foot pain after surgery during the game, and later accepted X-ray examination and accepted experts. But Watekins is self-confident to play in the next game.

Our coaches may be more demanding after winning. The Carroll coach has always told us: He hopes that we can insist on self, because this is why we bring us to the team. Because we are eager to compete. We are the players he wants to have in his team, that kind of person.

The Sunday immediately, and the drum is facing the Los Angeles Roose, we lost. Do I feel annoyed for the light? Affirmation. Victory will never become awkward, and the conveyor will never be uncomfortable. But we must look at these two questions.

EARL is still harsh after winning, because he understands to treat the results of the winning responsive & mdash; & mdash; you must treat winning and losing the ball in the same way. Sometimes, this is hard to understand for our fans. it’s fine. This is because they are very concerned about this team, but also care about our payment, this is also an important part.

This is one of the more excellent reasons for EARL than others. The people around him know that he insisted on setting an incredible high standard. That day, he thought that his performance did not meet the standard. We win, this is great. But EARL understands & mdash; other people in the locker also understand the & mdash; just because you won you don’t mean you do everything.

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