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3. Steel people take over Zhu Zhu – Juju Smith-Schuster still has not passed the cerebral shock inspection process, and the sultual injury of the knee may also prevent him from participating in the competition.

At present, it seems that the possibility of returning is not too big. Jones said: “I know that I should respond, you know, we are friends. I can guarantee & hellip; & hellip; but also to consider the team, make the best choice for the team. Therefore, this is not big in relationship with friendship. “

In the pre-match speech on Saturday night, Carol warned the players to try to grasp the rare superb bowl opportunities to enjoy the fun of the game. Be sure to maintain normal heart, with a relaxed gesture to win the last season. competition. Since Carol enters the Lord Hawk, the Hawowi has always been the team’s most confident team that is the most confident in the team. All the sea eagle players are very listened to Carol, which is good for excellent in Carol. Charisma.

Front speech before Carol: Relax your mind, look for funCheap Nfl Jerseys famous media man Albert Breer said a Haiying player revealed that the team coach Pitte Carroll mobilization speech before the game did not differ from the past. Bririer also said Carol in the past two weeks in the past two weeks, and does not allow players to be affected by the stress of the competition.

But this did not move Jones’ thoughts. He said: “I mean, we blessed Dres, only love it. But & hellip; & hellip; believe me, if you sign from him to both sides & mdash; & mdash; cowboy and dez & mdash; & mdash; It is best to choose, then he should now appear on the cowboy course. I have no opinions on the status of the current parties. “

McCoo said: “The second year and third year will generally be a lot better than the first year & hellip; & hellip; data may not be seen, but the degree of confidence, the understanding of the game, know what this forecast will change. I am looking forward to seeing him playing this year. “

Of course, last season Bill offensive front line is comparable to the discharge, the squid attack is suddenly, and the external hand is also uneven. This has added additional difficulties to Allen. After the race season training, Lesean McCoy believes that Allen has improved a lot, and the spiritual level is even more.

5. 49 people close-edge George – George Kittle and Embo Dobo Samuel, Emmanuel Sanders, restricted training. Defensive tackle D.J. Jones (D.J. Jones) and running back Raheem – Mostaert (Raheem Mostert) to participate in full training.

Bill runs to Mai Kooi believes that four-point guards Allen are more confidentBeijing June 27th, Josh Allen, Josh Allen, the performance is not perfect, the vision is narrow, and the squid is uncertain, and the problem is not allowed to prevent reading. Compared to the player, he will win in the exercise ability.

Charles could not force the leg when his teammate was helped. At that time, the competition was conducted in the third section, and the chief 17-3 led Chicago bears. But the bear team finally defeated the chief in 18-17 in Section IV.

Brooks announced his condition in December last year, becoming this disease, “I have experienced the most difficult things,” he was attending the competition for the first time in his last season, and later he no longer served as a guards.

Cowboy is currently passing the ball attack Ranking League No. 3, Cole Beasley, is an external connector that the team exceeds 100 yards. Ezekiel Elliott and the close-end Fenggiov Swim (Geoff Swaim also completed the 100-code ball.

Brooks was arrested in BRIAN BILLICK in 2005, BRIAN BILLICK, was a defensive front line coach and stayed in this position for 11 years. The crow defensive front line contributed huge on the road of the 2012 season.

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