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Giants take over Odel – Beckham trainingAccording to the New York Giants, the McCado is expressed. External handkerchief Beckham (Odell Beckham Jr.) with angular Wanjinn Jenolis Janoris Jenkins collided with the legs, “Draw one or two mouths”, he then advanced Leave the training.

However, McCadu said that Beckham’s injury was not serious: “He is all overweight by the ball.” Beckham himself said that the left foot is “some bleeding”, and also said: “I was stepping. This is not Too serious. This is a football, so things are usually. “

Before the end of the first half, Matrus – this Net specially won the 15 yards, followed by James White short-running 28 yards. In the end, patriots play Stephen Gostkowski, STEPHEN GOSTKOWSKI, 41 yodi, patriot 3:21 Backward Falcon. The two teams took 21: 3 scores into the midfield.

When competing with Jenkins, Beckham landed in a bad position. After the end of this offense, a few minutes of Beckham asked the trainer to check his injury. He stayed in a while, carefully relying on the left leg for a while, and then he was seen on the side of his ankle. Although trying to leave, he finally took a battery car before leaving the training ground before the end of training.

Antonio Andrews has been appointed the starting running guards of Titan’s next game, and he should bear a lot of mission mission. DEXTER MCCLUSTER will act as a change of the rhythm of running, and the disappointing second-year running guard Bishop-Samb Sankey further slipped in the process of playing in the rotation . Titan will activate the David Cobb Cheap Jerseys From China the short-term injury reserves next week, which makes West no longer needed. Kobo is impressive in the training camp and may win the position in the rotation with performance.

Allen’s performance has greatly improved this season, and the tactics of Brian Daboll, Brian Daboll, made him like a fish, he could complete the short biography and then continued to advance after the speed of the lectures. He also has a stronger defensive reading ability. After the first two seasons of his career, only 52.8% and 58.8% respectively, Allen’s pass success rate was 69.2% this season, and the passing of 4544 yards was 37 times.

But the giant began to plan the future of Manning’s retirement, and they selected four points to Davis WEBB in the third round of this year. The giant coach-McCadoo has already said that the team plans to make Weber’s four-point guard, which will make him grow slowly.

Giant boss: four points 卫 莱 Manning can continue to fight for a few yearsBeijing June 23, 2014, New York Giants Boss John Mara (John Mara) said that the four-point Wei Manning is still “in the peak and can maintain a good performance for many years.” After 3 years, Marra is still so thinking.

Quartz Swan – Allen: It has been proved that Bill choose yourself is not wrong.Josh Allen, in the third season of his career, led the team to enter the United States of America Championship, make the critics. He may have recently made the most important player.

“No, I really didn’t even think about the future,” he said. “My energy is all in my job is working in Bill. No matter what happens, it is natural. Obviously, I didn’t feel pressure. As I said, I just strive to be the best four for this team. Defense, renewed things, ships to the bridge. “

During the English, Baker Him accepted an interview, and he talked about the recommendations of the British football players, the effect of the former football players. He also reveals the impact of the giant Brown trading on his own.

Entering the overtime game, the Patriots team got the chance to attack first. Oman Dora completed 14 yards on the side, then Chris Hogan completed 18 yards on the left side. Entering the Falcon Half, Braddy found the Middle Road Julian – Erman, advanced 15 yards. Then, the Braddy fake trotted, found James-White ball 10 yard, got the first attack. Entering the red area, Matrus – Bennet causes the other party’s foul interference, and the patriot will get the ball before the distribution. In the end, running to Wei James-White right side of the squad 2 points to score, help the patriot overtime 34:28 kill falcon! The patriot team crowned the super bowl of championship.

Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson These Allen’s peers have renewed contracts before their fourth season. In view of his contract, it is still in the past two years, Allen and Bill are not in a hurry to renew this year.

Allen became the seventh single season passed on the seventh single seasons in the history of NFL, and the quadruption of the team has achieved at least 15 victories (including the playoffs). There were 5 people in 6 people before the season became MVP.

Unmanned Falcon Run Guide Von Tower – Fritman picks up short pass, advance 39 yards. Since then, Matt Ryan takes over the branch pressure, and the latter completed 27 yards on the side line. However, as Matt Ryan is killed by Tre Flowers, the falcon is launched a free kick and has to give it.

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