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The answer is currently affirmative, Shu Mun said in an interview on Monday, he believes that Manning can also play a few years in cheap Nfl jerseys from china. Although there is no clear start, Shu Mo believes that Manning will still be effective for giant in 2019.

The second half is the first to attack. The chief came from the four-stage attack all the uncrafts, but I abandoned the miracle, and the wild horse was backcrottled. McKentz slammed, the cholerough was a perfect starting position. However, Alex Smith still has not broken the zero conversion rate of the red zone, and four offensive is not worth choosing to choose a shot. Fortunately, play the ball Badke, the shot, the chief 20-3 leads.

Wild Horse and Corner Ware – Fuller signing for a yearUS time Saturday, according to ESPN reporters, Kyle Fuller will sign a contract with wild horses, salary of $ 9.5 million, of which 9 million is guaranteed.

The wild horses are not allowed to choose to discard kick, and the chief of the ball will open the situation with the signature short pass. After that, suddenly the far-reaching route finds the close-edge Tel Avis – Kelps, the latter uses personal ability to complete 29 yards The ball is reached, and Badke is added in the shot, the chief is 14-0 lead!

Mike can be said to be Brown’s most important offensive front line player outside Joe Thomas. As the top center of the league, Mike has never lacking any one-end attack since 2009, until he is injured, Mike has The amazing 5592 offense appeared continuously. His injury can be said to be a heavy blow to Brown. Mike won +17.3 and +19.3 from the 2012 season and 2013 season, Mike, this year, his state is still excellent. The total comment of the top six games is +6.9, which is the third high in all center. And he only allows the other party to compress the four-point guard, and the transfer of passage is the first place.

Fuller has signed a $ 56 million contract with the bear before 2018, and cut him to make the bear team out of $ 14 million salary space. In the 96 games of his career, Fuller completed 19 copies, 82 destroyed passes and 390 times.

The wild horses of the emergency, the horses of the attack are not good. When there is 10 minutes left in the fourth quarter, I started to choose the four gears, but the effect is not satisfactory, and the powerful pressure given by the chief branch is forcing the Western Mikang to promote the ball. Although the chief has not scored, Ximeian has made a wonderful choice after running out the pocket. He chose to pass the Ball to the De Mar, Thomas in the circle of the defensive player, and listened to the horns Ni-Achadlock. This sedimentary rate is the highest speed is to play the ball Harrison – Badk, and his three-time shooting score is completely stable.

The red ramp is Si Shush-Rosen, and the external hand drawn – Fitzgerald (Larry Fitzgerald) is connected to the 25 code, but then the offensive group has no color, keeping this season. Contains ugly very color. Rosen also killed twice by Joey Bosa, which is also the first harvest of Boba’s first harvest.

Subsequently, the offensive groups of both sides have some problems. First, Ximeian runs out of the right side of the pockets, and the ball is safely ie. It is the chief to control the ball by the wild horse.

In the second section, Denver wild horse offensive slightly found it, and once shot into close points to 3-14. However, the chieftain offensive group is not flustered to the shooting area. Does not reach? It doesn’t matter, the shot is fine. Place the ball Badke steadyly shoot, the chieftain 17-3 lead!

With the reimbursement of Mike, John Greco will be moved to the first center, the first right strike is on top of Paul McQuistan. Last year, McKostan was in the Hawks. The total score was only poor -25.3 points. He got the other party to get 8 kills, 6 hit four-defense and 23 persecution four-dimensional fast shot.

Manning has completed his best performance this year, but 15 weeks will be altered, 0-17 is suffered by Titan zero. This also allows the giants to officially cut the hopes in the season. The reporters can also continue to ask the giant coach Pat Shurmur, I will not start in the game next week?

The wild horses are still doing the final effort. The proximal striker compared to 19-29 to the front of the front area to complete the ball. However, the two-point conversion did not be piloted, and the gambling kick did not succeed. Although the emirate four offensive and left for 48 seconds, the wild horses were just three short pass silently.

Brown Coach: Healthy McCane will be firstAt present, Cleveland’s achievements are much lower than those of fans, and the four-defense issues are naturally the focus of arguments. At present, the team arranges the second grade player Johnny Manziel, but the coaching group seems to have different ideas. The head coach Mike Pettine revealed in an interview that if Josh McCsh can stay healthy, he will be expected to be issued next week.

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