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Hugui is 67 years old, since 1990, I entered Nfl Jerseys as a referee. The first game of responsible is the preseason of Green Bay packaging workers. He became the Brazer in 1992, served as the Bowl 32 and Super Bowl 38.

Emirates Etiend Tailik Hill Characters will absent several weeksBeijing September 9th, Kansas City chiefs took over Tyreek Hill in the first battle of the season. According to informed people, this injury does not require surgery, but it will lead to Hill’s absence “weeks”.

“I think that people have an advantage, I think he must have elements of coach,” Boston said in an interview. “I’m personally very excited to see him spend more time with his teammates exchange, because now, I think he’s a very good start, because he treats us the way, he respects our way, the way he respects our time, which makes he had an excellent momentum. this is a professional player, while significant for men, adults. so I think Lou has had the condition for success in the team, most importantly, build rapport and know that we are Carolina Panthers, we will make every effort to win the game. “

At the absence of Hill, the other of the chief of the Emirates Sammy Watkins played a career. He completed 9 batches to get 198 yards 3 times. The chief finally defeated Jacksonville American Tiger at 40-26.

45-year-old Lu need to lead the Panthers into a new era. Former coach Ron – Rivera (Ron Rivera) was fired in mid-season. As the starting quarterback for the team for many years Kanmu – Newton (Cam Newton) was cut in the offseason, veteran tight end Greg – Greg Olsen (Greg Olsen) is also leaving the team. Defense group leader Luke – Jike Li (Luke Kuechly) retired after the season. This is the new face of a panther.

In the injury list, Brian Hoyer was listed as an unstopt of operation, and he has been in this week’s training has not been fully trained because of the ankle injury, and he has not completely passed through the brain shock, he Already absence because of the brain shock, it is absent last week to defeat Indianapolis horses.

Hoguili is famous for its bodybuilder that does not lose players on the field. Hugui said in an interview in 2007: “I am famous for explaining the way of explaining the penalty, but also because of the body. But I feel almost the same as the shrimp.”

However, this year’s offseason particularly affected by the epidemic. Thus, for Matt – so the coach Lu (Matt Rhule), it is perfectly conceivable that he taught tactics and team members to help build understanding the difficulties encountered.

Jet is officially requested to be tradedJet Safety Wei Jiamar – Jamal Adams Delighted in the first three years in the past three years, two selection of professional bowls, and selected the best lineup last season, with great prospects. However, his relationship with the current team seems to have not been repaired.

According to informed people, Hill’s injury is the back-side chest lock joint dislocation, and there is a relief after treatment. The chest lock joint is a place where the clavicle and sternum are connected.

Hoyel encountered the brain in the game on December 13th in the competition of the New England Patriot. Replacement quarter-off T. J. Yez (T. J. Yates) then replaced him on the game, but in front of the Yez knee, the Torn torn torn torn torn torn torn tare season in the game. In addition to Hoyell and Vuitton, the only four-point experience in the array is B.J. Daniels, who recently signed by the team to enhance the depth of lineup.

After the first round of the first round in 2017, Adams completed 273 times, 25 destroyed passed, 6 forced the ball, 2 times. In the 2017 first round show, there is only a black leopard to run to Kristian – McAristian McAffrey and the team renewal.

Bryant said: “I will play. It is not necessarily for cowgirl, fans, hey, I want to play, so I will cherish all opportunities. I will try to do the team asking me to do, do the best yourself, Contribute to all possible ways. Even if it is given four-point guard, give the running guard, pointing to the young quadrant. I just & hellip; & hellip; I miss the game. “

If Hoyel is unable to appear, Brandon Weeden is expected to start, and he played in the middle of the game and led the team to win. This victory allowed Texas to take the initiative to take the initiative in the Melanan District Championship.

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