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Steel personality 卫 格尔森森 may be reimbursed due to injuriesAccording to the local media of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh steel people are considering whether this year’s two-round angle Wei Senque-Golson receives shoulder surgery, and once the surgery means new season reimbursement.

Pony coach: Wat will become one of the best historyIn Thursday, the Tuesday, the Tuesday, the first day of the war, Houston Dezhou defensive general JJ Watt, took 7 times, 2 times, 4 times collided, 3 times shot passed the ball and complete Eat the ball back to the array. Indianapolis Pony Coach Chuck Pagano will become a “different world monster” after chaming, and describe him in a game. During the interview, he did not regret his words about Watt.

Shaquim told reporters: “I feel that I have a good adaptation. I am focusing on the guidance of the laughter. They are most often telling me that I don’t want to make mistakes. So I also pay attention to this & hellip; & hellip; but I still still I don’t think (I belong to NFL). I have to prove a lot of things, I need to prove myself every day. I will not satisfy the existing situation, of course, I can come here is very fortunate, but my goal is far from being realized. I want to learn More, strive to become the best players, the best teammates. “

Defensive coordinator Xiao Ken-Norton (Ken Norton Jr.) also praised Shaquim’s performance: “He played unexpectedly. This child’s speed is more physical, and he will not repeat the wrong, every day. They are all trained. This child is serious. Yes, he is a little hand, everyone is also paying attention to this & hellip; & hellip; but he is a genuine football player, guiding his feelings is also very good. “

Previously, Gorsers did not report any injuries to the team when participating in the spontaneous training camp, but inform the team official after the mini training camp, he felt that his shoulder was injured during the spring training. Subsequent teams put them in the list of “due to physical reasons”.

Watt became 50 years, the first place in the same season, completed the ball to reach the ball, attacking the ball back to the player who came back to the reachable. For this point of Pagano, he believes that Wat will become one of the best defensive players in NFL history. Although the contribution of defensive players is often difficult to use data to simply measure, a group of data may illustrate some questions: Watt This season has completed 20 collision four-guards, and there is no other player in the alliance to complete more than 8 times. He may be all the players we have seen, the tough, most brutal, and most reluctant. We look forward to him to bring us the next surprise.

The lion takes behind the music, will absent this week.The lion is hurting the legs of Kenny Golladay’s leg rubbing is still not ended. He missed the training of the two days later, and officially confirmed the game of steel people on Friday.

Gorsers is a smaller corner guard with a height of 5 feet 9 inches, Wholesale Jerseys with a weight of 176 pounds, but he is quite a sharp, destroying and copying the ball. However, the good steel man has previously obtained Brandon Boykin through the transaction, eased the urgentity.

In the constant bickering and controversy, it has undergone offseason, No. September 18, 2016 regular season Week 2, the first time the two teams met in the regular season. Tigers want a victory away from Heinz Field, and aim at the impact of the Super Bowl Steelers would never allow this scene happen. Up to six months to heal, both sides seem to fans finally can watch the right way to go.

On the other hand, Adam – Jones is one of the main perpetrators of the playoffs in January Fuzion, and the absence of suspended Specter Boffin, he and DS Ray – Kirkpatrick formed a “rogue alliance”, two were from “this fat” in the hands successfully stole a pass.

Tiger Blood – the most violent civil war in the North American LeagueBattle rivals mixed contempt, bad weather, the mad clamor powder, stinging impact, coupled with a deep hatred of interference penalty, which is a typical Pittsburgh Steelers game against the Cincinnati Bengals in the same area. Pure head-pieces kept in the two teams clash in. Bible with the words of the tide, heavy rain plus the sworn enemy of revenge on enemies.

The Bobby Wagner said to the reporter: “The Shaquim I saw is very outstanding. Those who have questioned his ability to be too true because of his hand, he is a good player. Every time you can see his figure on the court. He has already copied lassale, destroying several times, and can complete the killing. “

[Texas people news delivery] Watson is really powerful?The second week of regular season, the Texas retired in the home of Cincinnati Meng Hu. Texas people’s rookie quadrant DESHAUN WATSON fills the audience, a total of 24 trial passes, completed 125 yards, 45.9 points. And win the only one of the audience: Watson In the 3rd step 15 yards, Watson did not make the short-term “free” screen short pass tactics in the last season of Texas, but the left and right. Pocket, completed 49 code, he became a four-point guard in the history of Texas, completed the four-point guard in completing the number of mushrooms, and the first quarter of the NFL history, completed the rush The longest number of outlets.

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