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The giant continues to look for a stable second hand and the Little Odel Beckham Jr. partner. If Cruz is fully rehabilled, he will be the perfect partner of Beckham. We suspect that he can even get close to the previous level. However, of course, Cruz has been defeating those who doubt him.

Mahms led the Kansas City chief will be in the next game against New England Patriots, which means that the 2018 season MVP compared with the Super Bowl MVP will face the MVP Cam Newton in 2015. Newton is expected to face Mahms.

In the first season of patriot, Newton’s performance is close to his level when he won MVP in the 2015 season, his average passed number, an average of each pass advancement code and quadruple assessment Very efficient.

Since the fourth round in 2016, Hig has been stably contributing to the ram offensive group. Last season he completed 24 cents to get 292 yards 2 times. He played a critical role in the National Union finals of the New Orleans Saint. In the third section, he completed a ball for 1 time, and he completed twice in the event of the victory of the overtime.

Although Mahmems and Newton have excellent running capabilities, they are very different from quarter-off. For example, Newton’s body is more high, so that he can create a four-point healthy coater to reach a record (62 times) and achieve a record of 1 shink and 1 pass to the game (40 games).

“If I can have some of his ability, such as his physical fitness, and how he can complete offensive. He is a great player, when he is in the Austrian University, I will watch him.” Ma Homs said that the Newtonian said. “He is now in a very good environment, his performance is really good.”

[Review of the event] Tuckard career is the first time, and the sacred 24-23 is victorious.Beijing October 22nd This season has been played in the season, as long as Dru Bris (Drew Brees debut, you can always accompany the break and birth of many records.

Labott said: “The jet also wants to complete the length, but like other NFL teams, they must first ensure that they can act according to planning, the new season will start normally, and then negotiate the renewal. Adams I certainly hope now It is unobsive to be a row, but it seems unlikely. “

About cowboy’s transaction tendency, Parport made as follows: “In my comment, what do they do now. Because first, they still have to get Dak Prescott. Before this & hellip; & hellip; they won’t sign the fertilizer with another player, it is impossible. “

Although this training video is an inspiring signal, this still does not show whether the knee that is subjected to surgery can be changed. The horn tearing is very serious injuries that can destroy the whole career of the player. Cruz can move and train his personal future very good, but did not tell us to move on the court.

For the brain shock, the Jaguji has always been treated very cautious. Johnathan Cyprien in the team, Johnathan Cyprien, was once again encountered in the season, and the American Tiger chose to take at least one week. It can be seen that Jokol almost missed iron to miss this week.

In this game, Vlaco 39 passes, passing 279 yards, 2 pass to the ball. The rookie quartz sacrifice Jackson has got the first to reach a career through the Red District. Brown 7 times a ball got 134 yards and 1 boller reached. Brischers 30 in 22, passing the ball 212 yards, 2 passes reachable.

At the same time, Mahmus has a record number of pallons (303.2 yards) in NFL career, with a number of balls (2.5 times) and quadruple branch (109.4). He is the only team in Bill Belichick, more than 300 yards and four-point guards exceeding 100.

The New York Giants took over the game since the tumor of the tumorpion from October 12, 2014. In 2015, his left leg was injured and thus reimbursed season. He can’t run in the beginning of February this year.

Saint Sanzhi Weiberis remains 1 minute and 53 seconds in the second quarter, the red area 1 code connection close-end Pad Benjamin Watson. Brisker has completed the feat of 500 passes to reach the battle to achieve the fourth person of this achievement.

Another record of the crow is also ended: In the top six games in this season, the Crowdess Responsive Group did not let the other party have reached the incense. At this game, when the Crow 17-7 leads the Saint, the Saint-Rogu Alvin Kamara 2, the code, the ball, breaks the record.

The crow kicks Justine-Tuck (Justin Tucker) In the last career of the game, the first misses the additional points. In the previous six seasons, he did not miss any additional points (a total of attempts) 220 times), and the first two additional points in this game are also steady. This extremely stable performance makes everyone picking up to Joe Flacco 24 yards before witnessing the Time Flacco 24 yards, and then dramatic scenes When I happened, Tak missed the additional points, and the saints were able to win the crow in a regular time. Tarck This gift also made Brisarea defeated the last 32 teams of the team to become the third person of this record.

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