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Randaur – Kobe reached 4 years contract regression packageRandall Cobb Recently and Green Bay Package have reached a contract for a 4-year value of 40 million US dollars, which ensures that the outer hand will stay in the package.

In the article description of the Naval Miles Jack from the University of California, Los Angeles. “” When I ask a NFL team general manager, if Jack can be able to and the front Barl Diko Crow Great Star Lei – Lewis comparable that his answer is: & lsquo; yes, but Jack is faster. & Rsquo; “

Lewis and Jack are 6 feet high. Lewis’s weight is 235 pounds when entering the league (than Jack said that his current weight is 8 pounds) and is between 250 and 260 pounds in his career until you lose weight again in your last season.

The 38-year-old Heinsworth said that he had been troubled by kidney disease. “For several years.” After his kidney finally lost its function, Hein Sworth hoped that someone wishes to donate the kidneys to him.

Ryan: Patriot will be a partition championThis week, Farurob, will be a new England Patriot, and the team head coach Rex Ryan said in an interview in local time on Thursday, even if Bill defeated patriots, the latter will still become a partition champion. At present, the patriot is 9 wins and 0 losses, Bill 5 wins and 4 losses.

Before NFL star defensive cut sea due to Sworth needs to receive kidney transplantation Beijing July 12th, the defensive cutaway, Albert Haynesworth, released INSTAGRAM on Wednesday, “urgent needs” to accept kidney transplantation.

From Rawls, you can see that the problem of replacing Linqi is not overlooking by the Hawks. Rawls showed that it was able to undertake heavy events last season, and he first seated 7 games to win the 830 yards of 4 times, and the Linqi shared a mushing opportunity to suffer from injuries.

“Restoration is very good,” Rawls said to the media. “Run, change, work hard, return to the stadium. I look forward to returning in the first week. The entire restoration progress is very good. I didn’t have a rest because I had a more effort. So I am excited to return and fill it. Empty space in the distance. “

Most NFL simulation drafts predicts Jacksonville American tiger to pick Jack in the fifth shift, and the Jean Tiger and the crow invites Jack to visit the team this week. The crow is in the sixth time. Considering that there are more and more praise from Jack, no matter how high it is, he will bring huge value.

“We succeeded from Mr. Kelly to the upper and neck lymph nodes in addition to cancer cells,” said the doctor for surgery for Kelly. “We subsequently rebuild his upper jaw. Mr. Kelly is in a smooth rest after surgery.”

Rawls was fractured on December 13 last year and accompanied by ligament injury. He is not fresh about his belonging to his physical recovery ability. At April, he said that he will prepare to participate in the training camp. But when the training camp is getting closer, players and team members have been more clear about when he can return to the training ground. When asked this question, Rawls said he “affirmed” can participate in the training camp.

After 2016, the cancer was recovered, Kelly announced the recurrence of oral cancer this month. Kelly has been diagnosed with oral upper cucumber in 2013 and has undergone surgery shortly. After the doctor’s diagnosis of cancer cells spread to the nose, he continued to treat and accepted the operation in 2014.

When Lewis participated in the draft in 1996, he faced a question of whether his body was enough to serve as a mid-range guard in NFL. Of course, the current games are different from 20 years ago, the team is more exciting about Jack’s unique comprehensive ability than being worried about his body.

The patriot has been more than 15 consecutive seasonings, and winning is still part of their gene. Although this season Bill’s performance is bright, they still can’t shake the dominance of the patriots in the Eastern District. Not only the partition champion, but the patriotic goal is naturally defending a super bowl.

Jack is modestly responded to such a comparison is still too early. “When I heard me compared with him, my feelings like, & lsquo; slow down, don’t say this, & rsquo;” Jack said. “I have to win such an evaluation. I have to advance slowly to make it the same as him, wholesale Jerseys my name is together with his name. He will be kept in mind. Everyone knows Ray-Lewis. You can’t Compare yourself with your idol. You want him as an example, but it is too fast. I want to achieve such a level, but I will come slowly. “

Ryan said: “Is there a chance to win a partition champion? The answer is negative. They will win the champion, I don’t think they will lose 4 games, I hope that I will be wrong, but I really think that this will not happen. I have already said, we will now focus on this game. Monday, we have to win the game, I promise. “

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