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Ola was completed seven first seven times for the lions, but they did not enter the 2016 lineup, and then played 6 games in Bill. He has once again turned to the sea eagle, bear, giant and dolphins. The earliest is in the indoor football alliance and the Canadian Rugby League.

If someone should take a lending the giant to enter the playoffs, it is Beckham. He is the most dangerous weapon of the giant and brought trouble to the defensive player every week. If he can’t cope with this challenge, the giant can rely on their defensive group. In any case, Beckham said that he is ready to respond to the stress and attention of the playoffs.

If the quarterfire does not pass the goal, it cannot work. But now the giant offense still rely on Manning? The giant’s scorpion attack is very poor, but Manning has not played the best performance. The CDM (2.9) in the season (2.9) is the most since the season in the 2013 season, and he continues to make a doubtable pass option and most of the time passed the ball to the pick-up hand to let them complete the attack.

The original Pony has the first round of the first round, but they will now trade this elevation of 49 people in San Francisco to defend the DEFOREST BUCKNER. Now the Pony has eight draft rights, including the second round of the two selection rights in the second round. They or can pick up the potential quarterfield in the second round.

“You have to choose the right player, suitable for us, our coach and our team players,” Braud said Friday. “So I don’t know when I will pick four-point guard: Maybe this year, maybe it will be next year, maybe it is two years later. I don’t know. I won’t forgive quad-saving & mdash; & mdash; this will make everyone feel Uncomfortable, you may make everyone crazy, but I will not force the four-dimensional bath. When we decided to choose the player who wants to be the future four-defense, you have to go to the middle goal. “

49 people boss apologize to the fans because the team lostThe San Francisco 49 team was defeated by the enemy Seattle Hawks at the door of the house. It was difficult to get a 3-point truth in the game. It is difficult to make the boss Zad York.

This game, the wild horse has done up to 35 ground offensive attempts. This figure also creates a new team in the team. Thomas completed 10 batches, won 87 yards, completed 2 5 yards and 15 yards of the ball to reach. For record interruptions, Thomas is unfortunate, but it is still very optimistic: “I want to win every game, this is my first goal. Now I don’t want to discuss the record, I only hope my own It is getting better and better. Everyone wants to have a record like this, but more importantly, the team can win the game. “

“I like our current record. I can feel the playoffs & mdash; & mdash; I have been thinking about the season of the playoffs. Do you fight for these important moments. Otherwise, what is the purpose of playing? This is the purpose of your play. “

Brown faces a difficult schedule in the upper half of the season. It is considered to be a relaxed game that can let them return back to the right track. But it seems that reality is not. If Brown continues to perform such performance in the surplus competition, the team management may consider making changes.

Wild horse take-off record interruption: Important is to win the ballFor Denver’s wild horse, Demaryius Thomas, this week may be somewhat regret, and a personal record is ended, but it can make him feel comfortable in 3 times. Before the game, Thomas had brought more than 100 yards for 7 consecutive games. The current record is Kelvin Johnson, a continuous 8 consecutive game in the 2012 season.

The little horse struck the old quarterfi-Philip Rivers. However, cheap Jerseys from china the 38-year-old Rivers only had a 1 year contract with a small horse. The other two quarters in the small horse array were only one year left in Jacoby Brissett and Chad Kelly.

The giant is currently 6 wins and 3 losses. They followed the opponents of the two games. The current record is 2 wins and 17 losses. In the case of the first winning rate of the giant, Beckham began to start the dream of entering the playoffs. But as he said on Friday, this does not depend on him to decide whether to enter the playoffs. Instead, Beckham put it on his old quarter.

It is worth noting that the last season Brown has dismissed the coach-Jackson after obtaining 2 wins and 5 flat 1 loss record (including 3 sets of failure). Of course, Jackson’s record was only 1 win in the previous two seasons. However, Kiqinus still has only a large number of outstanding players in both ends of the attack and defense, and it seems to be even more bad performance.

Kiqinz insisted that the earnings did not feel troublesome. “This is really not worried,” he said. “This is not my decision. I have never worried about this problem before, I don’t have, I will do my best in the future.”

In fact, the performance of the 49 people in the competition of the game last week is difficult to satisfy, I don’t know how long this is still so long, and the playoffs seems to be more and more far away.

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