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One of the committees, is also one of the New York Giants Partners, John Mara, did not agree to judge foul by playback, but he seems to change this view. “I have been standing on the side of the opposition, but I want to say is that my thoughts have changed slightly, and the impact of such a big penalty for the game does need to be cautious. I know that this has become two or three The topic that needs to be discussed in the month, refers not only to this judgment, but also a change in playback rules. “

Tiger’s current game proposing the code number rankings Union 11 (257.8), but the rankings of the reachable rate, only bear, wild horses, jet and Brown’s pass to the number of tigers. External hand Taylor-Boyd (TYLER BOYD) promoted the first 536 yard ranking team, but only completed a ball to reach.

The Brown broker then said that his client accepts the ban on the ban and no appeal. The broker also added that Brown “I am very happy to restart his outstanding football career, looking forward to going to play in 2020.”

The most attractive manifestation of Ramirez, a total of 65 games in the career is the 2013 season’s 2013 season for them. He is the first center of the horses in the 48th Super Bowl, and it is responsible for the opening of the Seattle Hawks after the opening.

Alliance or introduce playback technology into interferenceIn the front of the Dallas Deni, the Dallas Deni team and the Detroit Lion team have a wide range of discriminations that the referee recovered. To this end, the NFL Alliance Competition will discuss in the offset period.

But after training on Wednesday, Green felt discomfort and seeking treatment. If he can participate in this week, this is a great help for the hierarchy. Their opponents have just defeated the strong enemy New England patriots, and Ryan Finley is a potential “ghost” for the rookie four-point guard.

League’s referee cancels Harva’s DanceThe Seattle Hawk was in the game of Washington Red Pieces last Monday, Russell Wilson gave Percy-Harvin, because of the strife James – Cagpete ( James carpenter is canceled, causing the Haiying team very dissatisfied. The Alliance Office is very satisfied with this penalty.

Brown is very short in the career of the raid, leaving only an endless helmet dispute. He was only played in a game in patriots, followed by problems in massive venues. After several times, I am disappointed with the alliance, after the hope of hope, Brown ultimately decided to continue my love.

The NFL referee is DEAN BLANDINO, said Cagpete attacked an impact on the defensive frontline player who lost his defensive ability to the ground and betmans.Com should be sentenced to foul. He said in the league weekly referee video: “This is a foul. A player lost his preparation after flying, you can successfully complete this cover action, but if you stop, you will go to hit the player The head or neck area, that is, unnecessary collision is fouled. After the Cagpet stopped, he collided with the arm and the forearm and the front arm, so it belongs to unnecessary collision fouls. “

He posted a picture of a cover map on his own tweet, and he hangs high height, apparently the meaning of hanging boots. After his friend, Haiye’s corner of Richard Sherman’s first time: “Pay tribute to my brother Lin Qi, share the previous field. Time is my pleasure. “

Ramirez joined the Chicago bears who were taught by his old handsome John Fox (John Fox in March this year), providing the depth of the offensive front line. His last season he was a Detroit lion, the first seven games were first.

But this is a shocking, attacking the front line coach Tom-Kelple, said that Kelple is just the kind of conftriving play, he said: “This is a bad thing. The penalty. Cagpete did not worry about the referee, don’t worry about the referee, you only need to perform it. Now it seems late, and it seems to be stupid, this is what I don’t want to see. But this is a fact. “

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