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In October last year, Dero was retired by Cleveland, and then 49 people signed him. In the 6 games of his first, the ball was held 76 times in the 263 yards. Unfortunately, he was listed in a list of injuries due to knee injury. Next season, with the return of Carlos Hyde, Droo is expected to be the No. 2 running guard.

56-year-old Kelly announced that he was confirmed by the top three in 2013 and experienced multiple treatments in the past three years. If the result of this weekly organizational examination can determine his cancer does not recurrence, Kelly has been getting rid of cancer in near 24 months.

2020 Associated Press Best List AnnouncementThere are two players in this selection, the total number of people is selected: the ram defensive dish Alon – Aaron Donald and the chief near Tarvis Kelce. This is the sixth season of Donald, and Celps will be selected for cheap jerseys from china the third time.

Trent Baalke, General Manager, said: “Although Sean joins the team in the season, his performance is excellent. He did win everyone’s respect, through his own efforts, Whether it is a field or a field, we all look forward to him to stay. “

“Jim-Kelly has a thumbs! Thank you very much, doctors and all people praying for Jim today,” Kelly wrote. “The initial results of the biopsy test show no cancer signs !! After he heard this good news, he said two things: & lsquo; for all the prayers, thank God! & Rsquo; and & lsquo; I need chocolate milkshake! & rsquo; # 利 坚 坚 “”

Due to the spontaneous sputum injury, it is not participating in the crow to lose to lightning. He accepted surgery in January, which is expected to participate in the training project of the crow seasons.

Talib is 33 years old and has not participated in the training last Wednesday. That is also his first time in the team injury report. Talib has eventually failed to participate in the Sunday’s 49-person competition, and the two lines of the Ram were pushed up to 232 yards in the opponent, but did not allow pass to reach. In the end, the ram 7-20 lost 49 people.

49 people will be with Run Dero for about one yearIn the last half of the season, 49 people left Shaun Draughn to leave a deep impression on the fans and the team, which is the highlight of the team. Local time on Wednesday, 49 people announced that they will renewande for about one year, and the contract rules are not announced.

Crow with the angle Thai Von – Yang continued for about three years Beijing February 22, US Time Thursday, according to NFL NetWork reporter Mike Gala Garafolo, the crow is a contract for $ 38.8 million in Tavon Young, the highest salary It can reach $ 29 million. Yang thisder then also confirmed this news in Twitter.

4. The crow signing the old defending of Justin Ellis, cutting the corner of the Cyrus Jones, and adds the defensive front line to Dai Long-Mike (knee) to the injury Reserve list. In addition, the crow will sign the Domata PEKO, salary of 1 million US dollars, of which 700,000 US dollar guarantee, 300,000 incentive bonuses.

Brown career is the past four years for Bill. Afterwards, he signed a one-year contract with the tiger, but because of the reimbursement of the knee injury season, only 7 games. This year, the Tiger and Brown signed a three-year contract, he played the current Ninnati all nine games.

Yang is the 2016 Rinced Wheel Show, the new show season in the new show. But after the knee crossed ligament tear was missing in the 2017 season. Last season, the rapid returning, playing 15 games, first of whom, a total of 37 hugs, one copy and 5 times destroyed.

3. 49 people run to Matt Breida Knee injuries aggravated in Monday night, although they have not been too serious, but may need to be absent for a while. Left Diagonal Joe STALEY Finger dislocation, defensive end Rynf Ronald Blair front cross-ligament tear, will be added to the injury reserve list. If Starley is proceed, he may absent a few weeks. Emmanuel Sanders (ribs) remains further.

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