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Bullock is not the only one. There are four additional points missed touchdowns, compared to last season, they have risen sharply in the game this week. The data show that in the past five seasons 6447 touchdowns additional points shot missed only 37 times. Average per season, only 7.4 additional points shot failed.

Expert: There may be a team to pick up the four-point guardPaxton – Lynch (Paxton Lynch) is holding one of the first 31 draft picks Denver Broncos popular candidate in the first round of the draft, but if the Broncos had to pick his intentions, they may have to hope they have good luck .

Wide receiver Josh – Gordon add new events with former teammate Johnny – Man Zeer reunionWide receiver Josh – Gordon (Josh Gordon) will join the new race fans call the shots Football League (Fan Controlled Football), has become a lightning FCF.

Whether you like the change a failed shot indicates that the rule change is effective. Union does not become a routine shot like additional points. Now is not the case. But does this make the game more exciting is it? Or is this just another way to expel kicker we find it? We do not yet know the answer.

About cowboy’s transaction tendency, Parport made as follows: “In my comment, what do they do now. Because first, they still have to get Dak Prescott. Before this & hellip; & hellip; they won’t sign the fertilizer with another player, it is impossible. “

Texans kicker Randy – Bullock (Randy Bullock) becomes the new season’s first failed to hit the additional points play people. This is his 67 career touchdowns additional points shot in the first failure.

Labott said: “The jet also wants to complete the length, but like other NFL teams, they must first ensure that they can act according to planning, the new season will start normally, and then negotiate the renewal. Adams I certainly hope now It is unobsive to be a row, but it seems unlikely. “

After the implementation of the new rules additional points kicker hit rate has droppedAdditional points play after touchdowns was once a very easy thing to do. In the past, this play is that they need not see that result. In March, Union regulations change, additional points touchdown play position is shifted to 15 yard line, which leads into the original 17 yards play now play 32 or 33 yards.

Walker spent 7 seasons in San Francisco, in 2013, he added Titan in 2013. Last season, he ranked first in all neighborhoods in the Alliance in the League, his number of balls and 1088 yards were set up in the team record. He will create a new number of balls and the number of job codes in each season in the 3 seasons of Titan.

“If they don’t want to pick Carson-Wentz (Carson Wentz) and Jared Goff in the exploration, the Jared Goff, then you have to trade back from the second round,” Mercai Wednesday Express. “They will have a team in the two teams to choose the transaction back to the first round and pick four-point bath with the fifth year contract option is then (Philip Rivers) or (Tony) Romo (Tony Romo) Is it growing in the perfect situation in the substitute? “

The potential new contracts may only be second only to San Francisco’s 49 people near the front of George Kittle (5 years $ 75 million) and the Kansas City Chief near Tarvis – Kelps (Travis Kelce) (4 years $ 57 million) new contracts.

Rivers and Romo may be able to become a Linqi’s ideal tutor. Linqi, who plays in a scattered offensive system during the university, may benefit from this growth time. The second round of cowboy is in the third 4th line, and the lightning is bit 35. The red rickets are in the face of the four-point guards, and the Carson Palmer has a greater and bigger situation, and the bruce arians preferred to complete the heads of the ball more taller. Quadruple, so the red scitch may also pick Lynch. So cowboy or lightning may want to grab the rocker to pick Lynch.

Then Kittel and Kelsea signed a high salary contract, and the Ejs fought the road. Erz is very tacit understanding and the four-point guards, and the latter is excellent. At the same time, if Erz continues to play the current excellent performance, his career data will exceed the near-end Tony – Tony Gonzalez.

“We are very excited to renew with De Lanny,” Jon Robinson, Jon Robinson, is expressed in the statement. “He is an important member of our offensive group. He is well known to Titan’s team philosophy. We expect that he continues to play in the fans in the future.”

FCF Union currently has six weeks of the season, the game was held at the stadium in Atlanta, broadcast live via Twitch online. The whole game continued for about 1 hour, held at 50 a code length of 35 yards wide space, the end head 10 yards.

These two renewal contracts have basically re-established new benchmarks in the near-end market. Previously, due to the alliance’s best near-end Robert Gronkowski signed a Cheap Jerseys contract in 2012 and the New England Patriots, the salary market in the near-end front market was also affected. The average annual salary of Gronoski is only 9 million US dollars.

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