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Brisse missed the training of Thursday to treat injuries, which might keep Saint believes that it is obliged to take care of and ensure that their ace is four-point guards remain healthy when entering the snippet.

Although the performance of Palmer is excellent recently, how is the contract expires all, and has recently been short-lived and expressing a short communication with the team management group. I hope the idea of the start.

After Williams is absent, Joji Henry Ruggs III and Bryan Edwards may get the first opportunity. But in the raid, there is also an old Nelson Agholor and a backcruttiter Zay Jones, and the two are good in training camps, and their career has completed at least 100 battles.

“This is also related to what kind of competition, and the number of Wi Wei in the past few years & mdash; & mdash; first is not low & mdash; & mdash; sometimes no some players are so high. The reason is that many people are in the fourth quarter” Four-minute form (Note: Refers to the leading team at the end of the competition to take the way to consume time) “multiple shocks, you can get more than four or five times, let them get among the top five. Our goal is to make Montgomery 20 times a ball. “

The raid will take the outside Tailier-Williams join the injury reserve listUS time on Tuesday, according to ESPN reporters, the raid people will join the Tyrell Williams to join the injury reserves and declare their reimbursement.

If the red skin is won, it must rely on the main force of Kirk-Chesins. This season, Coss’s performance has a significant change. Since the 7th week, Cosst’s pass is divided into 117.5, ranking 1st of the Alliance 4 defense; although the team’s performance is not satisfactory, Coss is a high game state. In the face of cowboy, it is poorly defensive second-line, there is reason to believe that Cousins ​​will have a high success rate; but can win, it depends on whether these passes can be converted to reach.

Attack to win the box office, defensive to win the championship, this sentence is not too much. The four defensive strong teams stand still in the cheap nfl jerseys family, naturally there is their unique, I believe this kind of conservation, can help you better appreciate the NFL competition in the future, better appreciate the defensive group, thus learning defensive groups Art.

The red skin wants to win the ball, and the cowboy must be effectively limited to the pass. However, maintaining a good state is easier than the state of changing downturn, so I think the red skin’s wins are even greater.

Dallas’ denim is sloppy this season, in addition to the consistent strong offensive line injuries, defensive second-line mediocre performance is difficult to blame. As of the 12th week, the cowboy defensive second line only contributed 6 cases, and the 25th place in the league; the average transfer rate of the opponent reached 63.9%, and such performance is also the level of the league. Fortunately, a few external hands are not agreed, and the performance is also unconventional. Can you limit the ball attack of the opponent, will be the spoon of cowboy.

It is worth noting that it is very confident that it is very confident that the ability of the Carolina Black Leopard in the third week of the Saint Carolina. Brisker is very confident. But the team finally let him break, Briscity returned in the next week.

The 28-year-old Williams had a shoulder lip joint, and he tried to continue playing, but he met had to accept surgery. After surgery, he needs to recover for 6 months and will miss the entire 2020 season.

Seahawks have Bobby – Wagner played linebacker this can all third gear, there he sits defend each dimension Road will give the team guarantee, KJ Wright and Marcon – Smith have their own strengths, but a similar type, can pass defense with the body to deal with tight end, which has had a good few like the Seahawks linebacker marker outstanding team in the league is unique, if willing Carol, Bruce – Irwin also be able to recover playing strong side inside linebacker, more outstanding talent.

Stanton’s only one of the only one of the 0 wins and 16 losses in the Detroit Lion. The first quartz of the Michigan State University completed the first 12 games in the 8-way career, and completed 5 wins and 3 losses in the 8th game of the rickets, helping the red bird without Parr In the case of the mobility, it successfully entered the playoffs.

[前 前】] Section 13 Thursday Night Cowgirl @ 红 皮On the 13th week of the regular season, Dallas denim came from challenge the rival of the opponent’s opponent Washington. Two team wins are less than 50%, but they are also in theory to maintain the hope of the playoffs.

Bris said that the team has a “good plan” to control the pain of the foot and do not want to miss the last two weeks. For the American tiger, this is bad news, and they still have a weak playoffs at the time of war. “I want to fight for my teammates. This is the bottom line.” Bris said.

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