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The Montreal Yuncourse of the Canadian Football League announced on Friday that they have already checked the 2nd contract with Sam. Sam last season in St. Louis Ram and Dallas denim, but there is no two teams in the regular season.

Although Melvin Ingram will become a free player, lightning can use the privileged label. Engram has achieved 18.5 killing in the past two seasons. In addition, the second line defensive has three excellent angular guards, Casey Hayward, Jason Verrett and Brandon Flowers.

Briset was a good performance last year, leading the pony to achieve 5-2 record, win Texas, Titan and Chief. But he suffered a knee injury in November, and six after the small horse, lost 7 games, no playoffs.

Washington red skin quartz Wei Kirk-Coss passed 322 yards, 3 passed the ball reached the copy, although there was such data but did not help the team got victory, and the red skin had to swallow The six seasons of the season lost the bitterness. Last season, the Thanksgiving Wars, Cousins ​​came out of 449 yards and 3 times, and the team also played excellent, but the team still lost to Dallas Cowboy. In the second year, I will win the Thanksgiving competition, can the red skin come down on the “Weak Travel” giant?

[Event Prevent] Section 12 Thanksgiving War Giant @ 红 皮New York Giants and Washington Red Leather Down to the Dead Enemy of Guandong District will support the 12th week of the regular season on Thursday, and the third game of Thanksgiving Wars. In the two teams including the playoffs, the giants occupy an absolute advantage in 99 wins and 67 losses. At present, the two teams are relatively far from the season of this season. I don’t know what kind of wonderful rollouts will come out on Thursday night?

Before joining the Jaguchi, Bradley is the builder of the Seattle Hawk second-line defensive. When he became the Haiying defensive coordinator in 2009, the Habi Defensive Group made the opponent into 356.4 yards (alliance No. 24), and the field allows the opponent to get 24.4 points (League 25). In his last season of his Hawk, the two data of the Hawks were 306.2 yards (Union No. 4) and 15.3 (League 1), respectively.

This is the first Thanksgiving War since the 2009 season, will also become the 15th. 2 wins and 8 losses, they have just taken a very ugly victory last week to win this season. Through the overtime game, they defeated the Sakae Chief of Kansas City. External hand Cheung Luo Judge – Lewis and playing the ball Aldrick Rosas, and join hands to help the team a victory in 12-9. The game in the game is safe, and the Collins once again has the best to play, complete the most popular career, and 1 copy. In the offensive end, you can win a lot of main force. If you want to win, you can only start from defense, as long as you get victory, the game is good, it is a secondary.

Super Bowl Ticket price is exactly how comeCCTV Spring Festival Evening tired of looking at how to do, “American Spring Festival” celebration with you, the world’s top sports and entertainment event, the 50th Super Bowl will go to war February 7, 2016 (Beijing time on February 8 morning), global more than 170 countries and regions will broadcast the game, but the site to watch the game not so easy.

Jason – Witten will become the most competitive player in the cowboy Last week, Ni Dynasty, Jason Witten, just broke the number of team history, this week, he will complete his 225th game in Cowboy, break another team history. Currently, he is in front of Aid – “Thief High” – Jones (Ed “Tall” Jones “in 224 games, Jones gods in 1974-78 and 1980-89, in 1979 he went Career boxer.

2015 Super Bowl nominal price of $ 1200, still within the range of most families can afford, but this only 500 tickets, the number of wholesale Nfl jerseys fans in the United States more than 150 million, the chance to buy lottery tickets has not been high, for NFL More than once were fans buy tickets prosecution.

“After signing Michael Sam, we have become a better team today,” said the general manager of the Skytrah. “We not only increased an excellent player, but also added a good person, he brings dignity, good conduct and courage to the team.”

Joey Bosa has shown excellent performance in the rookie season. It is more important to achieve 10.5 times in 12 games. More importantly, the data does not reflect that he has always interfered with the opponent’s four-point guard and smashes the player’s performance.

“USA Today” reported that, Christy spent $ 82,000 a season’s box considerable “tall on”, asked many times by the taxpayer, the money can indeed buy a Super Bowl ad in Lake Cadillac full-size luxury SUV, but in fact the Super Bowl game box prices up to US $ 800,000 (Tyrant here too, can not go any lower), the annual salary of less than $ 200,000, he is difficult to afford, Christie loses face into the final box New Jersey Sports and exhibition Authority (the former home of the New York giants and jets managed by the agency), with him in the box watching as well as former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, who led New Yorkers face strong celebrities of the September 11 attacks also “empty pockets” in the face of sky-high price of tickets to the Super Bowl.

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