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Last season, Schworth was a defensive coordinator in Buffalo, and the team was tuned as a defensive strength of the leader 4 in the Alliance. With Rex Ryan, Schwar is also lost his work. In front of Bill, Schwabe has taught five seasons in the Detroit Lion.

After the early days of his career, the number of rushing codes in a row of two consecutive seasons was broken, and the 2020 season of Lin Sai was unfavorable in the first week, encountering toes sprain. He is therefore absent five games, and the starting position is also a hand to let the new aid Melvin Gordon. Last season, he won the ball for 502 yards and 1 time. In addition, only 7 batches were completed 28 yards, both of the career and low.

This year’s break, Schwabe has actively contacted some teams, hoping to get a defensive coordinator. But in the end, he did not agree with any team. In the end, Schwaz decided to accept the invitation of the alliance and work for the official work. According to reports, this does not mean the end of Schwabe career, he is still expected to re-press a team next season. On the other hand, and alliances may also assist in the future coaching career of Schwabee to a certain extent.

The former Lion coach Schwaz will be in the official officeJim Schwartz found a new job, but this time he would not be any team’s coach. On Mondays, NFL officially announced that Schwawzse will join alliances as an advisory, becoming an official worker. According to reports, the Alliance hopes that Schwabe will propose some suggestions to the alliance with the perspective of the coaches.

The former professional bowl runter and Houston Dezhou signed a contract for 1 year, with a contract value of $ 3.25 million, another $ 500,000 bonuses. This will also be the first time that Merlot will play for the team outside Colorado.

“I may not have the opportunity to talk to Mr. Tami (- Herni) talked about any player’s long-term plan, so I never want to make an answer,” Lu Zeng said. “I will make an answer: I have the opportunity to talk to Camm yesterday, I am very respectful to him and his achievements, honestly say that I love him to talk to me. He didn’t want to talk about the past. He wanted to talk about the future. But in addition to this, I want to talk to other players. I have a good process for other players in the Newton and other players in the future, there is a very good process for the entire lineup. “

Since 2012, Gore’s first shine code is 4.6 or more, and the ball code 10.3 has a new high. Although 168 sho and 846 yards are the lowest since the new show, but as a second run, he is still a good choice. At present, his 722 code laminated line is the first.

In addition to the players working hard to struggle, this training has highlighted a problem that may affect the performance. Mike Wei said that “the coach’s headphones have a lot of problems in communication”, he said that the situation is “very confusing”. As the new season is approaching, these technical issues need to be resolved.

However, this training still gives the ram value opportunity to experience the environment closest to the realistic game. Under the double-sided display of the head, the players wear new jerseys training. Three weeks later, they will be here to welcome the Dallas Cowboy.

After signing the Linshan, Texas has set three well-known players in the position of the running guard. They recently restructured David Johnson, and then signed the old Mark Ingram. These three players have been selected for 5 professional bowls. The 26-year-old Lindai is the youngest in the three people. And their three people last season did not exceed 150 times.

According to NFL NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport, the foot injury of this dolphin running does not need to be subject to surgery. Gore’s feet should be fully healthy in a few weeks, he hopes that next year (the 15th year of career) can still play at NFL.

Newton has become a topic of attention in the future of the black panther. The former regular game MVP was only played in 2 games this season, and the first two years were injured by shoulder injuries. In the case of Newton entered the last year of the contract, many people guess the black panther may give up him.

Black Panther Shuai Mart-Luo does not want to talk about the team’s four-defense positionThe new coach Matt Rhule from Beller University is considered to be a person who is good at building a team, motivating the team and www.Bestrande.Com innovative consciousness.

“Finally, I know this: I know you need to rely on four-point guard,” Lu said. “I know that Kam won a lot of balls, so I expected to work with him, but at the same time, I would have a general manager with the boss. I really understand all the four-point guard in the locker room & mdash; & mdash; he, Kyle Kyle Allen also has Will Grier. “

But thinking that Lin Sai is already in a fashionable. Lin Sai has overcome the difficulties in front of his eyes in his career, including the high four-season knee cross ligament torn torn and in the election, he proves that as long as there is a team to give him a chance, he can dedicate a good performance.

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