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At present, the pirate plan continues to let Wenston serve as the first quarter-break, he himself said: “My primary goal is to reduce the number of ball transformations. As long as I can do this, I can become an excellent quarter.”

Super Dan Marino, Cheap nfl Jerseys became the second high player of the first five seasons, Winston has also become the number of cards (86 times), 3 + copies ( 11) The most players. The external connections are also exhausted, Mike Evans and Chris Godwin are absent, Breshad Perriman, Oj Howard (Oj Howard) ) And Justin Watson and other people to help Winston completed 300 yards.

Monkrev’s present goal is to replace Wayne’s team’s second external connector, on the court as a full-time outer junction to run the ball and cover. Hamilton said to this: “He can do very well in all aspects, but we choose him mainly to make him call to score.”

In the game, the Falcon attack is unstoppable, and 49 people in San Francisco are overcome with 41-13. However, it is a ridiculous idea that the Falcon will also spend an idea when Jones is absent. As an external hand that is the most difficult to deal with the league, Jones is critical to hope that the Falcon who is far from the playoffs.

This season serves as the offensive coordinator – Kevin O & # 39; Connell, there is still contract in the body, but has been told that freely contact with other teams. Rivira has interviewed him twice on an offensive coordinator.

Habeem Nicks, Hakeem Nicks, signed in the snap, is downturn this season, and the route running is extremely poor, rarely get rid of the defender. Old will take over Relgie-Wayne’s troubles from age and injuries are experiencing the most fans of careers. It is the worst battle for Wayne last week.

Fortunately, Harry’s departure does not affect the team to waste a draft, which makes the quarter-saving competition opportunities, at least for Robert Griffin III. Grunette said: “We have three four-point guards still fight daily, there will be 2 people to be eliminated in a few days, then everything will have a decision.”

Smith said: “In the past 4 games, we will be 3 wins and 1 loss. This is a good sign. Now we have 4 games left. To enter the playoff game, we need to pay attention to every game, will pay each The fields are considered to be a playoff game that can only win. In the locker room, we believe we can do it. “Due to the Atlantian big fountain fell into low tide, the external card seat is not far from the pirate.

This will be Turner first served as an offensive coordinator in the coaching career, although he was a temporary offensive coordinator for 4 games after being fired by Tiwira. Prior to this, he served as a four-point guard coach in 2018 and 2019, served as a panther attack quality control coach in 2011 and 2012. In addition, he also served as a 1-year experience in Cleveland Bridge, and held a four-year-offers of the four-year-offs in Minnesota Vijing.

Jay Gruden seems to be not very satisfied, he said: “I can’t say anything about him. He just chose a plane to fly home, I have no chance. Talk to him, of course, I believe he has his own personal reason. “

Jones has not fully participated in the training since the thirteenth week of the second half of the Kansas Emirates. At his absence, Mohamed Sanu and the explosive Taylor-Gabriel fill Jones’s vacancies. At present, the Falcon Distance reaches a league season score more than 40-year-old records. There is a distance.

In the last month of competition, the pirate’s schedule is not difficult. They will host the new Orleans from the new Orleans, the worst of the Union, the wounded, the wounded, the main scene of the Chicago Bear, and the last week to ensure the main break of the first battle after the first week. Carolina Panther. Of course, if you want to enter the playoffs, pirates have to point out a detachment in the Minnesota Vijing and Seattle Hawks.

Turner will be responsible for cultivating young quadrant Wien – Haskins (DWAYNE HASKINS). O’Connell has helped Haskins to make progress in the end of the season, play a more active role in the latter growth.

Pirate coach: put the rest of the game as a playoffsYoung Tampawan Pirates still have the opportunity to enter the playoffs under the leadership of Jameis Winston. The team is currently 6 wins and 6 losses, the recent state is excellent, and the target is naturally a piece of external card. The coach Lovie-Smith said in an interview that the team needs to treat the remaining games as the playoffs.

Nicks and Wayne state is not good, so that the team offensive coordinator Pep-Hamilton began to increase the Monkrev and the two near-ended Dewn Allen Allen and Kobe – The use of Coby Fleener, in the third week of Pony, in the face of Washington Red Leather, Monkrev took a 261 yard and four times, Monkrev Excellent performance is gradually achieved by Andrew Luck (Andrew Luck).

Pony offensive coordinator Dazi new show outer handleng MekrifIndiana Pony’s New Show Downie Moncrief has excellent performance, and his play time has also begun to soar, last week, Zhongmondliv, Branda, China, was found in Zhongmondliv, Zhongmondoli. Career is new. Monkrov is excellent in physical fitness, and the ball is robust, and it has become more and more seriously subject to the coach.

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