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Tibo Suscan Detan Eagle 36 is 10 winsTim Tebow passed the 69 yards in the preseason, and he completed the squad of the squad, and the Philadelphia eagle finally defeated the Indianapolis Pima with 36-110.

Popovich is in tactics, which belongs to people who come to black. Bobovic’s spurs, the Squate team is the defense, the requirements are also extremely harsh, he hopes that the team will oppress the opponent, prohibit mid-circuit cut, because the opponent is difficult to handle the ball, if you get from the bottom corner Out into the inner line, it is also easy to encounter the suppression of the horses. The Spurs advocates the edge clamp, which will subsequently exposed the quick turnover to make up, so the defenders of the outer line of the spurs, all the flexible players at the foot. Attacking, the Spurs did not have the traditional management-type point guards in the traditional sense, but advocated the squad without a ball and sharing the ball. In addition, Ginobili and Parker can attack the “demon guard”, too Spurs breaks through the weapon of the opponent line.

Croomati said: “I think this is an excellent signing, Braz is the smarter coach I have worked as. For Bles, he just wants to see the opposite attack front line, quadrant Pose, the position of running guard, he can predict the tactics of the opponent. He grew up in New Jersey, I think he will succeed in the jet. “

According to CSN reporter Scott Bair, the raid person has three teammates fight three teammates in tiratory team training on Tuesday. The first is the attack guards who have spent a big price this year. Klechi Osemele and the rookie defensive end of the army-Ward, Jihad Ward, Subsequent, then attack striker Jones – Jon Feliciano and Defensive Dragonfly Leon-Orr (Leon Orr) twisted together, then the new show striker Vadal Alexander and defensive end Monteri-Moore (DAMONTRE) Moore conflict.

Timbo is on the third section of the medium section. When his name was introduced, he received the support of people’s stations. After the game, Ti Bo said: “This is a blessing, I am very grateful to them.”

Croomati may return to the jet and the new handsome reunionThe New York Jet has announced that the former Arizona Railwhid defensive coordinator Todd Bowles will become the next head coach next. Antonio Cromartie has been in the jet for 4 years. This season is a tacit understanding with Boles. He believes that the jet has made a correct decision.

Compared with the wave of Bao Shuk, there is a lot of “pair of good eye”, long face, but if you stare at his deep scorpion, you will look at the two eyes, maybe the elderly will be distributed from the heart. Sharehold. The hairstyle part, Bakersmen don’t seem to know that there is something called “comb” in this world, and the brown hair is pulled in the top of the head and blows the wind. On the apparel, the NFL coach does not require it to wear so official. How do Ben Shuai often comfortable, the most iconic, is a hoodie with the “Star Wars” big Palace-Sidius .

Three teammates in the trip of the raidSpontaneous training in the rest period is generally warm-up, between the teammates and wholesale jerseys the gas, try to avoid fierce bodies, and always adapt. However, in the training of the raid, it seems not to be like this.

The two old handsome are “wicked” images from the shape, perhaps it is therefore, in order to let the players have awe and psychology from the beginning, so that it is more obedient. Shape: Playing hands.

Since then, Tiibo completed the first four times, and the fans have been shouting his name. In the fourth section, he completed a personal 7-yard ball to reach. In the end, he handed over 12 passes 6, a scorpion reached a debut and twice that were killed.

Bellchk is also the same, before 2005, Pedon Maning did not be afraid, he was afraid of Be hands and guarded, when Manning led the pony attack, especially valued, space And the pre-judgment of the strategy, Coco Shuai has a general way to make his predecessor, and the sixth file used six people to attack the Man Ning garrator, and the next gear is pretended to be raided. As a result, only three people The defender put the passage of the passenger, which is the ghost of Baishui. However, it may be too confident. Bakers and Shuai also have a fainting. The most famous is in the 2009 season, the game is over 128 seconds, leading 6 points, this half is 30 yards face four files 2 yards, Normal coaches will choose to abandon the kick, but the Baishuai is not, the four-speed conversion failed, and the most heroic heroic heroic heroic heroic hero, and the Bouu Shuai will be called “The second poor battle in history”, as for The first poor mistake, I think the Hawks fans will be hurt at this moment.

After Norman, I admit that I was punished because I was punished because of the red and white blue shoes, but because the “proud, brave” slogan marked on the shoe was punished. He said he will appeal on this.

For the outer shape of Bobovic, many people will be attracted by old handsome white hair, or short hair, or long hair, silver-white hair is its iconic character. In the costume, in order to cooperate with the alliance requirements, the wave is always a casual suit forever in the camera, and there are very little finishing touch of the channels and other accessories. In addition, the wave is a movie anti-party face, the eagle hook nose orange skin face, occasionally laughing, there is a no-satisfactory teeth, people are not cold.

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