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The panther has achieved 7 wins and 8 losses in the 2014 season, then they got 15 wins in the 2015 season and entered the 50th super bowl, and eventually lost to Denver Musaba. At that time, Jackson, who was effective, took the first reachable of the super bowl.

2014 tenth week of the regular season standings the official team strengthThe tenth week of the regular season is about to start, this week’s Power Rankings official team officially released. In the ninth week of the Patriots win over the Broncos back to the American League first name no suspense rises to first place, the Cardinals last week Lectra cowboy is still the second highest. In “Big Ben” in the last two weeks to lead the surging Steelers rose to fifth place, and this week was Dolphins 37: 0 zero closure of lightning fallen sharply, fell to No. 16, at the same time, cheap Nfl jerseys this week lost Rams to 49 people also fell 8-19. Next, look at the entire list.

In the short term, although the 9-month recovery period continued until August next year, the beginning phase of Crawni’s 2015 regular season may be affected. From a long-term perspective, the Crawni state after surgery is still an unknown. Similar to injuries and surgery such as the Detroit Lion Team Run Zengji Bush (Reggie Bush), the new Orleans Saint team’s external hand Maques Colston has been committed to recovery state.

The shielding efficiency of the red skin last season is 80.4, and the 12th place in the league, although it looks good but the problem of right-off is particularly serious. This year’s first round of Xiu Brandon-Shurton Schrff is originally to assist on the right side, but his performance is very struggling. The first time the shower is held by the other party’s defensive player. Outlighted, directly led to the quarter-defense to be killed. His total comment in the whole game is only -3.0 points.

Jackson was a 6-year $ 86.1 million contract under the subsequent snap-off period. He once again said that he was “Tianzhen thought that” he was a person who changed the fate of the Americas. But the end of the Jaguchi has achieved 3 wins and 13 loss, and continues to enter the playoffs. They have come to the playoffs last time, they are already in 2007.

John McClain, “Houston Chronicle” reported that 21-year-old Claien was injured in September this year, and it was for cartilage and meniscus. Rick Smith, General Manager of Texas, said that the team knows that minimally invasive surgery is carried out for cartilage damage of certain parts.

“Carolina Black Panther did it. If the black panther enters the superb bowl in the subsequent season after getting such results, & mdash; but we will win the super bowl of champion,” Jackson said. “If they can do, why can’t we?”

Washington red skin offensive frontline strength needs to be improvedWashington Hongpi has already played two episodes. In these two games, the overall performance of the red skin offensive frontline is disappointing, especially in the shower cover, it is impossible to protect the team’s four-defense pocket protection, and At the time of the four-point guards, Robert Griffin III, the red skin starter offensive frontline is particularly worrying.

Wild horses quarter galocker: I hope to meet higher expectationsJohn Elway, general manager of the wild horse, recently said that he believes that the four points of Drewr Rock (Drew Lock “has a potential” Become a strong four-point guard “, but also emphasizes this young man. Many must learn.

The wild horse fans also maintain a cautious and optimistic attitude, hoping in BROCK Osweiler, Trevor Siemian, Paxton Lynch, Case Ki Namum, Joe Flacco, Locke can truly replace PEYTON Manning, with team to enter the super bowl.

Locke said: “Yes, I think this means that they have seen active signs from my play, and I want to let me stay here for a while, try to win the wilderness. This is very good for me, let me more Confident. After more attack weapons, the expectation of your expectation is also high. I hope I can let yourself meet more expectations. “

Even if Williams will return to the subsequent game, the red skin still should consider how to maximize the strength of the offensive frontline. After all, several quarters in the team are not able to still have excellent types under pressure.

Although the bridal maximum card offense Frontline player Trent Willims has never been out of the field, but during the game in Griffin, the red skin still sent another four starting members. But the final result was that Griffin had hit the ball after 4 times, and the opposition team was hit by the other party’s defensive players, and when the ball was left behind, it was simpled that the brain shock was taken directly.

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