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In the fourth week, in the competition of the bear team, the Castesso ribs were injured, and Lai Nad was injured in the groad. The two have not participated in training this week, and Lake also said that the current return time is currently unclear.

According to NFL NetWork reporters, Mike Garafolo and Tom Pelissero reported that giants gave up four-point Wei Weibo, Wholesale Jerseys which will allow Alex Tanney and Kyle. – The main substitute position in the Kyle Lauletta competitor.

Seattle Hawks currently take the three-win-in-courts to run the national Lianxi District, and basically locate the National Fame season seat, which will be the fifth seasons of the fifth seasons. In the last week of the week, in the game, Russel Wilson had only 1 pass data in the upper half of the week, and the audience ended the November game with a very embarrassing 38.8 pass. After all, “Xiaobian” entering the main scene of the town in December is hard to defeat, and Wilson has obtained 12 wins and 2-losing excellent record (including the playoffs) after the entry of the Alliance. December, the big demon king was deserved.

Joe Judge, Joe Judge, and Kiqixis have worked in Mississippi State University, which is also the second part of Jiaji’s assistant coach. The first is an offensive coordinator, before the denim coach Jason, Galrett.

Kiqixus originally served as an running guards, and then promoted to an agent offensive coordinator, and became a Brown coach in the 2019 release season. His NFL career begins in 2006, cowboy hired him as a close-end coach. One year later he left the cowboy to go to the rickets, working until 2017, during the period, served as the close-up coach, four-point guard, running guards.

Pony Wi-Renider, left truncation Castecsu will ablate this weekUS Time Friday, Little Malaysian Frank Reich Announced, the first left cut Antanyi-Castet (Anthony Castonzo) and the best lineup level line Gas Riez Leonard (Darius Leonard) This week’s game will be absent.

Although the record began to recover under the leadership of Rogers, the package of the package was a sharp knife this season. After the running guards were severely hit, they had to use all the guards and external hands, the pass number of passes reached 262.4 yards, accounting for 71.15% compared to total code, and the standard deviation is only 51.32 yards. The front 10 venue before the defending group was 356.7 yards, and recent 7 games (including external cards with giants) because the injury did not stop loss, but the total of 17 times. This is even more bright than Rogers’s 19-reached 19-reached 19-reached 0 CD. Packaging Director Exterior Hand Yidi – Nielsen (two ribs) and the number one run bathing – Montgomery (ankle) doubts, but the last Rogers didn’t use action to make fans “Relax”?

Wei Bo is an unexpected message. He is a giant’s three-round sign, but the rookie season is basically on the scene, watching Eli Manning playing. I thought that the Weibo is Manning’s successor. After all, his arm is sufficient, it looks very promising. And the giants took away Saquon Barkley in this year’s draft this year, and did not select quad-saving.

The highlight of the China Union semi-finals, when the Green Bay packaging will challenge Dallas Cowboy at Monday. Cowboys, in this year, Dak-Prescott and Ezkil-Elliott two new stars, they were locked early, and the opponents were not so smooth, and they were given a hoped packaging work at the beginning of the season. Alon Rogers shouted out the “Run the Table” slogan after the 10th week of the slogan, will be won in the national North. But this week, the two teams no absolute advantage, and 2 years ago, the “last pick” controversy will also be fermented again.

In the denim, the two rookies to enter the professional bowl, Dack and Airest have no more praise. In the 6th week of 30:16, the two people were overwhelmed in the absence of Big Gotz – Bryant. The unstable unstable of Dack and Bryant may be hidden dangers, and the defensive group’s rushing and second-line also hope to have the test of the season. David – Owen If it is once again compressed to the top of the league, the cowboy will be more than one. One thing can be sure: the first show of the two-child playoffs of Cowboy is more far more than 2012 Hong Leurifen – Morris (this season denim.).

In the past five seasons, Carolina Black Leopard and Seattle Eagle also had a Swordsman’s December / January-January / January-Janchi (19 wins, 79.2%). And the two national affiliates have also played a big battle in the past three super bowls, but only the Hawks won the 48th super bowl of champion. At the same time, the two teams meet in the playoffs in the playoffs for two consecutive years. This game will meet more about it.

Peterson is expected to be in the case of the child abuse case According to the Occupational Rugby Interview (PFT) column, the Minnesota Viking Corps runs Adrian Peterson, which has completed the case of child abuse cases on Tuesday. Multiple message channel sources have confirmed Peterson that has reached a pleading agreement and will not be judged.

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