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The long biography is one of the worst aspects of Jackson last season. In the ball of at least 15 yards in the ball, Jackson’s successful number ranking League 27, the success rate is 43.8%, and the Ranking League 22. Jackson is difficult to complete the long biography in the playoffs of Tennesi Titan.

The lion is about to start with the defensive trip.For the Detroit Lion, the number one task during this break is to solve the contractual problem of the defensive disappearance of NDAMUKONG SUH. The defensive giant Macon will become non-limiting free players after the end of the season. On the day of the super bowl, there are a number of media broke the news, and the lion has begun to renew with this super star.

Crow coach: I hope that the quartz guards can strengthen the long-term attack performance.Lamar Jackson got a league MVP last season and broke the record. Now Baltimore Crow, John Harbaugh, hopes that the offensive group can continue to advance.

“They all have leaders, they are very smart,” said O’Brien. “So, this is the competition of the field of the field. As I said, we will make a decision at some point. We will choose one person as the first season of the new season. Another person needs to be prepared. We have four quarters last year. Over the field, so you will never know, but we can only let a person play a person once. So, we will eventually choose a person and let him start. “

Judging from all signs, although O’Brien insisted that the choice did not make a choice, Hoyel occupied the advantage. But O’Brien believes that Malat has a better physical condition, he hopes that it will be able to leave a good impression once again.

Cowboy boss Jones: It is unlikely to use the first round of draft excision to exchange old playersSome Dallas denim fans feel that the team needs a security guard, but it is not the most priority for team decision makers.

At present, the biggest problem facing the renewal problem of Sui is lies in the team very limited wage. Extraction of Calvin Johnson and Quartew Staffords have taken great proportion in the team’s salary cap, forcibly renewed, or break the team’s current Economic balance. Investigating people revealed that in order to be able to renew the Soviet, the lion is considering the possibility of requesting Johnson to restructuring the contract.

Elsen Signed a 4-year $ 18 million contract with the giants in 2017, just six weeks before the team’s first round of Evan Engram. Ellison occupied the team’s $ 7.18 million salary space in 2020, but his contribution to the field did not go to the corresponding level.

If you want to stay in Su, the lion must pay the corresponding high salary. Last season, J.J.Watt (J. J. Watt) and Houston Texas people have more than $ 100 million. Su’s new contract is very likely to look at Watt. The lion has been revealed before, and does not exclude the possibility of using the privilege label for Su. From this point, the lion is a good thing for defensive dishes other than retaining this professional bowl.

Grunette also revealed that the current Hongki coach group is more in McGe, Robert Griffin, and Kirk Cousins. satisfy. And if the body of Maikay’s body does not meet the requirements, they will send Griffin III as the first quarter-saving.

Joe Douglas, General Manager Joe Douglas, said that the team plans to contact Adams on Monday, and also means that the goal of the jet in the draft is not traded. However, this did not prevent Adams from continuing to be a goal that many fans dreams.

Texas people coach: the first four-point guards “to the enemy”The first quarter-off competition in Buffalo, looked at the dust in this preseason, and everyone’s attention will turn to the next first quarter-off competition: Houston Texas will be in the second season. In the face of Denver wild horses in the front.

Cowboys started a virtual break training during this week, and they ended the next day on Tuesday. The coach McCarthy said that the 4-point guards, http://Www.obdt.org Prescott, has not been contacted with the coaching group. But he did not reveal whether Prescot was involved in the online meeting. McCarthy emphasizes the training period training, he will not be named after the player.

Grunette expressed satisfaction with McCay in this week’s training, McCooci sprained his neck in the game with St. Louis ram last week. “We are still waiting for the news of McCaki, he is very good today, but it still needs a recovery process for him.”

“Those corner will take one on the anti-way to take over, and those safety guards are attended, especially in some long-term routes, we will give them a price. We must make them pay for the price,” Hubble Say. “Let them tend to defend the focus on defense our squad attack depends on the real efficient pass attack. I really think that this is the next step in this offensive group. I really believe in Ramar. Will continue progress. “

Giants close-end Fenglete – Ellison considered retirementThe giant’s close-end Fenglete – Rhett Ellison has been fighting for eight years in the alliance. Last season, the brain shock made Ellison absent the last six games in the season.

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