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Meiye wrote: “Considering that the current new crown epidemic case has increased, the medical staff agree that the players should not organize training activities themselves. We hope that all players and their families can stay healthy.”

Los Angeles ram re-signed a 1-year contract, and Morgan Fox, while cutting off defensive tanzel smart. Fox was previously effective for the ram, and he won 2 kills last season, and a total of 4.5 killing in 4 years. Samart selected the sixth round in 2017. His last season he played 13 games for the ram.

According to the Cheap Nfl Jerseys From China NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport, after the private trial North Carolina, the giant will let the giant will pick up in the bridges of Bradley Chubb. Tour the team amenities in the time.

Potential list sign Bradley – investment will visit the giantAfter leaving the defending Director Jason Pierre-Paul to the pirate, the giant’s rest period has added: 冲 手. And this year’s rookie may have happened to help them relieve the urgent urgent.

Taylor exceeds 6100 yards in the 3 seasons of the University of Wisconsin, a total of 50 mulled balls. In these three seasons, his scorpion will be nearly 1000 times, so many people in the outside world doubt whether he will decrease his career in a large number of appearances during the university.

Abdellis, known as Wisconsin, was born in Wisconsin, later entered the University of Wisconsin, and then was selected by the Wisconsin’s most loved team. But to see the Wisconsin’s son to receive the passing of Aaron Rodgers and even completed the reachable, it seems to wait for the last year.

In the case where the team facilities are not open to the players, many players have chosen their own local park, high school or university training. The red scitch four-point Wei Keller-Murre Murray has a planned private organization training, engaged with new outer hands. Jet 4-point sam Darnold is also training in Verida and Xiuzel Mims.

At present, NFL has multiple infected cases, and a 49-person player who has not been named in Nashville, which has been detected in Nashville, including Ezekie Elliott, Multiple Cowboy, Texas. People players infected, and wild horses defended Kareem Jackson also confirmed their own detection positive.

The pony selection Taylor made a partner in Maclon Mack in the second round. The pony offensive group was significantly affected in the two key competitions in Mike last season. Hiriani said last week that the team can have two “excellent running guards” that “can complete a number of tasks”.

Wisconsin’s sub-season reimbursement packaging workers lost potential new starsThe new season has not yet started, the packaging team has lost a potential new star. They have 5 rounds of Show this year, and Jared Abbredris is diagnosed out of the ACL (former cross ligament) injury and reimbursed season.

The 27-year-old Franklin is played in the Denver Manga last season, and it is grabbed. He and the San Francisco 49 people were old by Mike Lupati to be the most powerful striker in this year’s free player market. Franklin can not only take a sharp strike, but he can also passenger the role of the right, which gives the flashing team more choice space. If the flash is really signed Franklin, then they undoubtedly open a good job for the preparedness of the next season.

For the flash, the offensive line is the problem that they need priorities during the offset period. I have a long time to play the team’s center Nick-Hadwick (Nick Hardwick) to choose to retire, and the left corridor Chad Rinehart has been manifested after two years of contract with the team last year. good.

Lightning Team is about to sign a sharp FranklinAccording to San Diego local media on Sunday, the San Diego flash team has signed free players to protect Orlando – Franklin (Orlando Franklin). Previously, the Lightning Team left a left-off-Dunlap with a 4-year contract.

Check the body 193cm, weight 122kg, not only physically strong, both strong strength, and speed, have met the requirements for excellent rushers. But some people think that he is unable to adapt to the 3-4 system of James Bettcher, a giant’s new defensive coordinator James Bettcher.

Vincent – Jackson contract expires will take up to about 11 million salary space, basically leave the main force of most defensive groups, in addition to all the outer hands outside Mike Evans, plus the main near-end Cameron Brett will become a free player, how to effectively maintain the overall strength of the offensive weapon will also be the point of view of the pirate rest. In addition, the pirates use the total number of shocks in the League, the number of squash codes of the Joint League, and how to trim to the offensive front line, this will be an offensive coach Tekote Key points for attention.

The coach Bruce – Aliis said in autumn: “If we can’t win the championship this quarter, it will fail.” Now, a smile. Similar to the Black Panther, this quarter florque lineup is almost no loss, even stable, but it is impossible to win. Two weeks before the season, there were two games due to the failure of the special team, and the Haiying’s level was still attributed to the special team. Then the status of Kason-Palmer decline, and the big injuries, and the land loss Shot lost the qualifications in the playoffs early. Look at the data, the team is not asked as an attack and defense, simple analysis, and there are too many offensive mistakes. The defensive rate of defensive group is too bad. Plus the special team continuously in the fire, and the global is not surprising.

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