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Previously, there was a rumor that Lin Qi will leave the Hawks after the end of the season. It is obviously unrecognizable for his teammates. Safety Yal Tomas said: “I don’t want him to leave.” Amperform Alvin Bailey emphasized Lin Qi’s importance: “He is our top pillar. I can’t imagine that there is no him. The offensive group. He has been led by us to advance under the game. “

Maragos was one of the core members of the Eagle Teach Group. The serious knee injury in the 2017 season allowed him to play 6 games, after Maragos experienced size injuries. Recently, the third surgery was also moved due to the knee problem. The entire 2018 season, Maragos spent the Physically Unable to Perform list. The eagle cut him in February.

Glaham is not clear, this week is punishmentThis week’s report on the New Orleans Saint-Eatellite Fengmei-Glaham (Jimmy Graham) is endless, but it has never been able to get an accurate conclusion. Earlier, there was a news that Glaham will ablate a multi-game game, and then there are people who know that Glaham recovery will be on stage. On the local time, Nfl Jerseys the Saint official finally responded to this, the team listed Glaham as “doubt” and said that he would decide whether he can debut before the game.

Glaham himself said: “I have recovered this week. I think the coach will decide whether I can play according to the situation before my Sunday game. Of course, I can’t determine how the situation is.” “Glaham In the 5th week, the shoulders were injured in the gaming of Tampawan pirates, and they had to take treatment after adhering to participating and completing 2 cents a total of 36 yards. Earlier this week, he missed most of the training of the team, so some people guess he will at least injure 2 to 3 weeks.

Glaham is the greatest threat in the red area and is the most trusted goal of 4-point Delu Bris (DREW BREES. If Graham cannot return to the team in time, Benjamin Watson and Josh Hill will replace him debut. Saint Saints desire to win the third victory in this week.

Thomas: I don’t want Lin Qi to leave the teamIn this week, the Seattle Hawks 38-17 defeated the New York giant game, the Hawks all shouted the ball 350 yards, including Marshawn Lynch, 140 yards, and individuals won 4 times. The Sea Eagle has retrieved the status in the ground attack. In addition to the exception of Linchi’s history record, quasell Wilson has completed 107 yards.

Steel people quartz, Slosrisberg 32-pass, passing 229 yards, got 3 pass to reach. James Conner, who was in the end of the injury, 19th shocked balls and pushed 113 yards. External handlers Smith Schone 69 yards 69 yards, harvesting 2 buses reaches.

The giant offensive group is still unable to score, running Saquon Barkley, Saquon Bark, is struggling today, the giant will give up and kick again. The steel man’s attack is a smooth water, and it is once again connected to the top of the number one after the top, and the steelman is 26-10 giants.

“Jim-Kelly has a thumbs! Thank you very much, doctors and all people praying for Jim today,” Kelly wrote. “The initial results of the biopsy test show no cancer signs !! After he heard this good news, he said two things: & lsquo; for all the prayers, thank God! & Rsquo; and & lsquo; I need chocolate milkshake! & rsquo; # 利 坚 坚 “”

56-year-old Kelly announced that he was confirmed by the top three in 2013 and experienced multiple treatments in the past three years. If the result of this weekly organizational examination can determine his cancer does not recurrence, Kelly has been getting rid of cancer in near 24 months.

Compared to the horrible ground attack, the shortcomings of passing the attack make people worry. However, the external hand-behind Doug Baldwin did not care about this: “We found the rhythm and re-played the Hagle’s football.” In the past few weeks, Linqi performance has some undulations, this is a team’s tactical choice and attack. The injury of the sharp line has a direct relationship. This week can dedicate such excellent results, Lin Qi also should have been congratulated by teammates.

The Sea Eagle lost Gorden Tate, Percy-Harvin and Zach Miller, which directly leads to a sharp decline in the team’s pass attack strength. . Fortunately, Lynch will continue to advance through its own mellow performance. Fans believe that as long as Lin Qi and Wilson are still, the Hawks can impact the super bowl. Experts also said: “The Haiye wants to return to the height of last year, but if they do it, it must be the 24th.”

The giant first attack, the 3 gear conversion failed, abandoned the ball, but the steel man returned to Di Antai, Dionate Johnson, took off, and a giant brought back the ball. The giant is fortunate to attack the top 3 yards from the steel man’s side, but there is no chance to convert the chance of the steel person into a Dali, playing the ball Graham Gano hits 21 yards. Giants 3-0 steel people, first draw on the home.

At the beginning of the second half, the steel man first attack, although the offense is re-caught in a deadlock, but the defensive group once again creates the ball transformation again, and the front 4 yards in the end zone will be copied by the defensive cutoff Carmelon – Hayward (Cameron Heyward). Jones. Although, running the Benny Snell, it was hired by James Bradberry, but the Schthzite response quickly returned to the ball immediately. Finally, the 36-yard kick of Booth Will is ended in this wave attack, the steel man 19-10 giants will pull the score to 2 ball rights.

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