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The competitions of each age will run through the whole day, and the university bowl is obviously a feast of Beijing fans who are not tolerant. & Mdash; go out of the home, look at a few American football games!

Quiin’s departure is a second distant player trading of this year’s break. Last week, the ram was got from the Kansas City Chief Privileges. Marcus Peters. Kuin was included in Pites trading, but later the chief of the chief was selected for the second round of the ram and the fourth round of draft.

Tampa Bay pirate offensive group was treated with poor offensive front lines and two quartz sals, McCown, and Mike Glennon, and their fields were 18.3 points. The data bit column League 28th, the team is most seeing the hope of hope is the growth of the Xiu Exterior is Mike Evans.

In the 7-year ending, the total of 62.5 killing, 108 hit four-point guard, 68 hugs, resulting in the number of damage to the number and 20 times forced the ball. In healthy time, Ruit is a terrible player, but he is absent from a lot of time due to injuries in 2015 and 2016.

Although this excellent attack is a large number of offensive, the Thomas is a considerable number of people do not expect. Some people think that Maiki Becton is the best offensive cutout, and some people think that Jedrick Willes will stand out. But it is ultimately Thomas’s excellent coverage, conquering the general manager of Giants Dave Gettleman.

In addition to masks and gloves, the referee may also replace the traditional whistle with a hand-held electronic whistle. In view of the traditional whistle, it is necessary to enter the mouth, and the virus can be prevented from using an electronic whistle theory. However, if the electronic whistle sound is completely different, then use this device may require a certain adaptation time.

NFL2015 season draft selectionThe 2015 Eleventh Festival will be held in Chicago from April 30th to May 2, and this selection is held in the University of the University of Chicago Rose. Theater. A total of 7 rounds, plus 32 election compensation, a total of 256 drafts.

Quin’s arrival will make the dolphins have a prove to have their own rushers, and Quin’s contract has been 2 years, and the salary is approximately $ 24 million. Last season, he got 8.5 killing 32.5 times. The selection right of the ram makes up for the loss in Pites trading.

“The pirate has been helping me with my family during this time, and they will stay in the position for me. I feel that I will return to the team at this time to interfere with the offensive group meeting room and the scene spent one. The trust and continuity of the whole season is established. “Tedford said in the team statement. “He continued.” Marcus Arroyo and other other offensive coaches can fill my position and shoulder the weight, they are doing very difficult. Honestly, I just can’t be a (main coach) Luovie (CCTH), Muskus, Attacking coach group and the entire team of Lovie Smith. “

The first semi-final will be held at 10:00 in the morning, and another semi-final will begin at 10:30. After the end of the two games, an AFLC full equipment American football game was held on the field. The Beijing Iron Brothers and Shanghai Night Eagle will be competed. The winners in the two teams will receive the tickets for the last playoffs in the East Sea. NFL China’s Waist Flaccoon Open Group will be held at two o’clock in the afternoon, and then the university bowls will be held at two o’clock in the afternoon. Finally, the university bowl championship will be held in three o’clock. Later, it is the award ceremony. The specific agenda is as follows:

US Time Monday, according to wholesale Nfl Jerseys NetWork reporters, New York giants and offensive cut offs Andrew Thomas signed, contract period is 4 years, with a salary of $ 323.45 million, including $ 21.1 million signing bonus.

Dolphins Passing the League of the League last season, Quin’s arrival is a great advantage. Now Quin will partner with the NDAMUKONG SUH and Cameron Wake, the Dolphin has the most fear of alliances. Since 2012, Quin and Victor have completed the 16th killing of the first ranking of the League.

NFL University Bowl will be held in Beijing on SundayAll equipped American football is still a relatively fresh thing in China, and the waist flag is a long history. A total of nearly 50 Chinese colleges are in carrying out the waist flag rugby competition & mdash; & mdash; NFL 8th University Bowl of semi-finals and championships will be held in Beijing this weekend.

The ram has agreed to transaction the defensive player of the two-degree career bowl to Miami dolphins. Dolphins will send out this year’s fourth round of selection rights and sixth round draft, and the ram will also send out the sixth edition of this year. This transaction will go to the new leap.

A total of four teams will be compete for the title of “University Bowl Champion”. They are the Heavy Man Headman, Shanghai University of Technology, Shanghai Institute of Technology, Dali Storm Team and Beijing Institute of Technology. The competition will be held at 10 o’clock on Sunday (October 30) at the Fengtai Sports Center located at No. 55 West Road South Road.

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