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But the Dolphin team may not give him a good opportunity to give him a good opportunity. They have better offensive sharp lines than parsers to try to block Michara. The patriot’s left attack cutaway Nate Solder is struggling at Mike last week, and the Dolphin’s Brandon-Elbert should be better.

The two members of the Emirates will play this week.The offensive group of the Kansas City chief seems to have encountered injuries. In the latest issue of injury report, the team will run the TRARCANDRICK WEST and the close-up Tel Avis Kels Kelce is listed as “doubt.” Wester was injured in the legs in the last week, and Kelles was hurt in the ankle in the team training on Friday.

London Tour point: The left truncation and Wholesale jerseys the exterior guardThis Sunday’s London, from the Miami Sea Polloufa team, the largest point of view should be counted in addition to the two teams to lose winning and the four-dimensional performance: Dolphins left offensive Diagonal Brown – Elbert (Branden Albert) and the raid team strong sideways Victor Harley – Mike Mack.

Johnson is a player in Brown in the third round of 2015. At present, asaiah Crowell is gradually starting with the running guards, Johnson will appear as a tank to replace Andrew Hawkins. (Andrew Hawkins).

Mike won seven hugs in the competition of the New England Patriots team last week and hit four points 卫 Tom Brady, but Mike did not recognize this breakthrough progress. Why? Because he didn’t take the four-point guard, he did not win the ball. If he played excellent in the Dolphin’s game on Sunday, he broke the pocket from both sides, then this would be an important moment. Mike is progressing every week and showing his speed, strength, and agility, the destructive power of the opponent offensive.

The last dolphin team doctor and trainer saw Tenguovaa in February in the NFL integrated investigation camp. Tenguova has experienced a long recovery period and progressed smoothly. His physiotherapist Kevin Wilk said that his recovery progressed in an interview, “miraculous”, which makes him smoothly and rehabilitate to cooperate with the team medical team.

Dolphins finally observed the progress of Teng Ovaro’s rehabilitation, which was the first step he was able to return to the court. Now, Tenguova is still in two and a half months to adapt to the new team, new teammates and make sure that they completely restore health.

Elbert has been very good since the start of the game, and the offset period has signed a big contract with a three-year stability performance. He and Mike’s one will have a bigger impact on the game, while Mike will swim in the defensive line to rush from both sides to increase the non-predictability and difficulty of the dolphine. If he solves Elbert, it will be a good role in the draft day, it is considered to be hype.

Although Chinaville is influenced by the injury during the effectiveness of the wild horse in the past three years, it can be said that if he does not have a super bowl of championship. Viri won 3.5 kills in three games in the 2015 season playoff, 8 hit four-defense and 11 times catching four-point guard.

This Sunday, the new Orleans Saints will take the main scene of the town. The 2nd Los Angeles ram, the United States, the United States, the Chizs, the chief of the Kansas City, the challenge of the 2nd seed new England patriot. The winners of the two games will compete for the dramatic trophy.

Team Defensive Coordinator Jason Tav said: “Last week, Mike continued to get rid of the cover, it is quite good in confrontation. You can say that he didn’t get to kill, but his position is very good, want to be from him. One side of the polve is very difficult, and the shock passed is quite good, and his progress is obvious. “

At the time of interview, the head coach was disclosed, and Cels’s injuries did not have a problem, and Wester is also gradually recovering. Kels is the first day of the season, and the total number of 244 yards in the first three weeks of competition has been reached 2 times, but then there will be no one to get the hundred yards.

“After making this decision, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my life to create a great player in this life and fear God. I thank Dallas Cowboy and Denver Yam to give me an opportunity to experience a great player. feel.”

In 2005, the first round of the first round of the first round, the selected Vier rapidly showed the terrorist strength of the outer rush. In the career Zhongville, I selected a professional bowl 9 times, and I was selected for 4 times.

“After thinking and praying for a long time, I have decided to accept unknown destiny and retired from NFL,” Well said on the twitter. “Still have a chance to seduce me to continue playing, I feel much better than the past few years. However, long-term health and quality of life is more important than the enthusiasm of playing the ball than I have.”

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