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“We didn’t feel that it was very cheap when we finished the contract. At that time, this contract was really expensive.” Blackburn said, “We completed the contract because of the ability to believe Dalton, I believe he can lead the team in the alliance Mid win. He has proven his ability. We also know that statistics, reward your own players, keep the core power is the key to win. We understand that the four-point guards will be more crazy, we will find the right Time to update the contract, but now it is not suitable. Now we care about how to build the best team. “

After the lightning signed off-attack, Dun Ru No longer has a leaxation value. In the alliance effective for 9 years, he was turned off in March this year. He has a chance to find other items but eventually choose to retire.

Jones became a giant in the third week, and the team 32-31 defeated Tampawan pirate. This season, his 370 passes 228 successfully achieved 2374 yards 18 times reached 11 times of passing. But the giant has suffered 8 games. In the case of the hope of the playoffs, the giant will not rush to let the team’s starting quarter guard.

Daniel Jones suffered a “median high ankle sprain”, currently wearing protective boots, he can only ride a fitness bicycle on the field while training. If the giant is played on Wednesday, Jones cannot appear.

Let Titan decided to retain him is the performance of Sakapu in the 40-49 code area. Sahua tried 20 times in this range, successfully successfully. Ranked 5th, second only to Robbie Gould (17/18), Robbie Gould (17/18), Baltimore Crow, Justin Tucker (11/12), Harrison, Kansas City Chief Harrison Butker (10/12) and Greg Zuerlein (12/12) (12/12) (12/12) (10/12) and Los Angeles.

Dalton will receive 13.9 million salary this season, which is low for the first quarter of the non-rookie contract. He left a three-year contract, but Dalton’s passenger ratings in the past three years have been declining, and it seems that the salary seems to be less reality.

The last season is the fourth year of Sakapa in Titan. His free kick completed (35) ranks fifth in the alliance, scored the ninth, the score of 136, with the number of completed completions 15, only one free kick trial And additional shooting gates are covered. In a play-in-player in a free kick, Saka Pu ranked 163.9% at a free kick completion rate of 83.3%, with an additional shot door completion rate of 93.9%.

It was originally said that Jones’ ankle did not have a host Monday. However, after the Jones accepted the nuclear magnetic resonance imaging examination, it was determined that the specific injury. Jones was injured when he was injured in the game player of the Green Bay packaging, and the opponent defensive player was pressed on his right leg when he blocked him.

Reick’s move is also very satisfied with Thomas. He said after the game: “It’s too disappointing, I am disappointed. No one taught this, the referee is fine, and the punishment is very appropriate. He should be expelted & hellip; & hellip; this can be avoided, this should be avoided, the Board is correct. “

Titan and playing the ball Sajapu for about five yearsTennesi Titan announced the renewal of RYAN SUCCOP. According to NFL NetWork reporters, Mike Garafolo reported that the contract was five years and 20 million US dollars, including $ 7.5 million security. Sakapu will have an income of $ 8.25 million in two years before the contract.

Pony cuts the old will safelyBeijing August 12th, in the preseason, Xiaomarko Thomas became the first player who was captured by the helmet impact. On Saturday, US Time, Thomas was kicked out of the team.

Denim Bisley has been excluded from the brain shock protection agreement After Ezekiel Elliott, it is still good news this week, the cowboy has a good news: http://Outdoortextile.com/ Cole Beasley, also has the opportunity to play this week.

Thomas is expelled from the helmet with the helmet of the helmet with the Hawie’s helmet. Based on the revised rules, there is no obstacle on the road, and the action is deliberately low to form a straight-line figure, and the players who come into contact with the opponent will be expelled.

In the final injury report this week, Bisley was listed as unable to determine possible. But Bisley himself said that he has been excluded from the brain shock protection agreement, he participated in the complete training on Friday.

External handed DEZ BRYANT, which was restricted by the knee problem, can also be played. External entry Noah Brown, defensive cuts, Maliek Collins, is unable to determine possible. Kicking the ball – Beley and Corner siki – Awuch (Chidobe Awuzie) is unable to play.

Pony is the Frank Reich, said there is no implied information. “The big list adjustment process is very complicated,” Reick said, “Every decision must be cautious, and there are many influencing factors. You need to take a few days in advance. Xia Mako is a good guy, but for the club, we have to He separated. “

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