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Falcon President and Chief Executive Officer Rich McKay Previously, the new general manager of the team will have the right to make a decision on the team lineup. Boss Arthur Blank said that traditional methods are usually the first employment of general manager, then hire coach, but it may not be the same for falcon.

Miami dolphins re-signed Yash – Fri ManMiami Dolphins announced this Tuesday that the team has once again checked into the team again, this signing is surprising, because this is only 4 of the Dolphin Riviens. sky. As for the dolphins, this abnormal move is still unable to know, it is estimated that some wording has been made to make some wording.

Maybe in Dalton Lead, cowboy ball attack will not be very powerful as Prestocott, maybe we should slightly reduce the expectations for cowboy, but if the denim defensive group can have a better performance They still have hope to enter the playoffs.

“We should adjust the expectations. Expectation and optimism are different. But we should adjust the expectations. Dak is an important part of this team’s potential success,” Jones said in an interview on Friday. “On the other hand, if we fail to achieve the desired goal … The biggest success is to win the champion … This will not be because of Andy Dalton. This will not be because we are quiting The performance of the guard. He can fill the vacancy and also exhibit it. “

Hopkins mentioned that Murray helped himself to learn offensive tactics after being traded, but they could not completely establish a tacit understanding before they could get a lot of co-training opportunities. Once the two have successfully established relationships, Hopkins and Murre may become one of the best quarter-off combinations of alliances.

Cowboy High-rise: I didn’t expect to have the opportunity to choose the external hand Nfl jerseys Sidi-LamIn this year’s draft, there is no outside the outside world, and 6 taken outside the first round is taken away.

McKai and Brack did not have a special commitment to Lai En will continue to make falcivices in the next season, but Maikai said “There will be no situation in order to take the leader and general manager.”

Denim boss: Prescot should be adjusted to the team expectation after injuryThis season, Dallas Cowbi 4-point Gardi-Prescott played the braveness, not only once expected to break the team history, but also expected to break the league history. However, his ankle was seriously injured in the game competition.

In Houston Texas, Hopkins and young quadrant Sward Watun Watson, and now his partner has become Murray. After rapid and Watson established a tacit understanding, Hopkins believe in themselves and Murray.

So the cowboy does not let Lamb’s market continue to decline. They did not accept trading quotations, but reinforced offensive groups to new heights. “He is better than all transaction quotes,” Jerry Jones “said that the 3 quotes received. “He is worth using this draft.”

However, it is quite unexpectedly, when the Dallas denim when I was round to the 17th, the Ceedee Lamb has not been taken away by the University of Oklahoma. This makes them like, and quickly finalize the choice of the best external connections this year.

Dalton was first sent 133 games in the 9 seasons of Winconnati, and 3 times were selected. He proved that if the people around him can take the team to attack the team. And cowboy has a rich offensive weapon.

US Time Monday, General Manager John Lynch made more instructions. He said that Foster still has the opportunity to return to the team, but if the accusation is confirmed to be true, his relationship with 49 people has come to the end.

“We feel that he will be taken away in the top ten,” Dethicken Chief Operation Officer Stephen Jones said. “We really never thought that he would have a chance to pick him. In every simulated draft of our previous model, he was taken away.”

Although retransmitted into the team, for Fremman, it is still very difficult to stay in the final 53 people ‘s list, unless the first two quarter-offs are injured or Freman can in the training camp. Show an amazing performance, otherwise it is unlikely to achieve.

For Fremman, this is just a less brilliant note in his career record, which has more highlights his new generation of four-point guards from talents to training camp. Fremman will be ranked into the third quarter of the team after Ryan Tannehill.

If the accusation is true, 49 people will cut off the line Wei FosterReuben Foster Due to the three feasibility of crimes, 49 people expressed careful treatment. After that, they announced that During the processing of the allegations, Foster will not participate in the team’s break.

Falcon unintentional trading quartz-Lan and External hand Hurio-JonesAccording to informed people, Atlantan Femplay will not trade deadlines on November 3 to trade for four-point Swan, Matt Ryan and the star, Julio Jones.

“We didn’t despise these allegations,” Lin Qi said, “We will keep serious attitudes, continue to pay attention to legal procedures. Once, once these allegations have confirmed, if Foster does beat the lady He is no longer a member of our organization. “

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