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In the scene, Rogers and his girlfriend, Oliva Munn, were tempted to celebrate, wrote: “Congratulations to Kohu success graduated, although this certificate is not what you need but your family needs It is proud of you. “

There is a reporter first to write specially to write: “The packaging workers won the university graduation ceremony to the Lexington participated in teammates” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “” “”

Andrew – Luck to change mobile phone new mobile phone is still a flipIndianapolis Pony 4-point Wei Andrew Luck has become the highest salary of NFL history after signing 6 years of $ 140 million contract.

In the game of 43:35 defeated the Los Angeles ram, Falls faced the old land leading the team against winning, he 106, advanced 42 yards. Falls apparently allows the offensive group to be limited, but a key connection with Nelson Agholor or helped the team to win.

“I am absolutely ready, this is the reason I am here.” Falls said, “So, I am preparing every day, every day is working hard. Peterson’s coach is full of confidence, I have already worked with him. I knew that I can stand up, so let us wait and see. “

Wenston told reporters: “My passion for the team, love is still there, will not change because of my role. This is the first day of return, let me answer (about the starting) of these questions before enjoying Let’s go. “

Nick-Falls is ready to take a Winz leading the eagleIn Sunday, MVP is trying to candidate Carson Wentz’s knee injury, so that the eagle has to push the Nick Foles to the spotlight. The old eagle finally defeated the ram, locked the seasons, and strive for the season after the season.

Stephen Jones, Executive Vice President of Cowboy, also indicated that Gret did not drop the danger of work. He said: “Of course, there is no (danger). We are ready to continue. I think this team only needs a victory. I still think that we will make good results, believe Jason and his coach, we This week will continue to work hard to prepare. “

“We will ignore the outside world noise.” Galt said, “There are many things that have no help to us, regardless of the players or team angles. So, regardless of the outside world is active or negative, we will only focus on ourselves, Try to do its best. “

In the case of the two selection rights of the ram and the eagle hand, the two quadrants, Jared Goff and Carson Wentz are expected to be taken first. This will allow lightning to choose the best non-quarter-saving player, including Laremy Tunsil from the University of Mississippi, which is widely believed that this year’s best player.

However, from Winston’s performance at the press conference, he seems to think that he is more likely to be substitute. Wenston said that he would make every effort to win the team to win, and hope that the trend will continue.

The team where the brownd sign can be selected, and the lightning should be selected by the non-quadruple player casually, and the lightning should be available for selection, including downward trading.

Pirate quartz Wei Juemeis – Winson regression trainingBeijing September 27th, the first four-week war, the first quarter of the four-week war, will be selected from the momently Ryan Fitzpatrick and Jameis Winston, which has just ended. But the head coach Dirk Koetter is still unwilling to announce its own decision.

According to cheap nfl jerseys official website, Ian Rapoport reported that NFL teams, including the team within the top ten and other teams, have been contacting lightning to seek possible transactions. Lightning is currently deciding whether they may receive their value enough to make them agreed to trade.

With the first four-point guard, the eagle must rely more reliable by Jay Ajayi, Legarrette Blount and Corey Clemen (Corey Clement) The consisting of the Ring Committee. The eagle now needs Aga’s explosive force to fill the airlock in Wenz.

The pirate offensive group led by Fitz Patrick performance is excellent. He also became the first player in the history of three consecutive games. He was elected to the best offensive player in the first two weeks, and the current number of passed 830 is the first, and the 11th league is second.

Other teams deliberately and lightning dealsSince February, there is a rumor that San Diego lightning is willing to trade in the hand of the hand, and there is a team in the distance from the draft, there is a team that is a strong interest in the exploration.

Last Zhaodai Titan will transaction to the Los Angeles ram, while Wednesday Cleveland Brown will deal the list of eyeballs to Philadelphia. According to Latborote, other teams have the same interest in explorer and Brown’s interests.

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