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White is also hesitant to choose this, he said: “Honestly, I haven’t thought about it yet. (Alliance and the player will have no good, but still have positive results, false positive results. These are from the psychological level Impact on my daily idea. I am willing to play for the 11-month-old child in the 11-month-old child? If you only hug him, you will lead to the infection, is I willing to take this insurance? No matter what, my The family must be placed first. “

Fitz Patrick performs excellent performance last season, and he is also very familiar with the team’s new offensive coordinator – Ga Gailey offensive system, compared with the heavy injury from hips, has not experienced a new show for the full-end period. The quarter-saving, he won the first position in succession.

49 people reinforced the depth of running guards in urgent needs, they signed the running 卫 蒂 海塔 (Tim Hightower). Heili is the second place in this week to join 49 people’s running guards. The previous 49 people signed back Du Juan Harris.

I don’t know that Lewis can find a way to lead the tiger further in the playoffs. The team is difficult to copy the excellent state in the previous year, and the tiger offensive group in the season is propelled in the union bottom.

As usual, at this time is suitable for drums, continue to play, add chips to our negotiations. However, the new championship makes everything complicated, and the risk that is difficult to avoid allowing many players to quit the season.

He played a key role in the process of transforming the tiger into the United Union strong team. Before he joined the team in 2003, Tiger had not yet achieved more than 12 consecutive years. After 2 consecutive years of 8 wins and 8 wins, Tigers won 11 wins in 2005 and the United States of America, which allowed them to enter the playoffs since 1990.

Bill Horn Hui Shihang is not sure if you choose to quit the seasonTre & Rsquo; Davious White) has achieved good results last season, and excellent performance has made himself rank among the top corner.

Like most high-level four-defense, Tu A is considered to get an opportunity to get a play at some time in the new season. Specifically, it depends on the performance of the dolphins. They face a tough schedule during the stage of the season, after the patriots, they have to connect to the array of Far Robs, Jacksonville America, Seattle Hawks, San Francisco, Denver Muslim, Los Angeles Lightning and Los Angeles Ran. Dolphins may consider letting the picture appease after it is over this time.

Let Lewis’s league foreground may be the performance of the tiger in the end of the season. They defeated the Detroit Lion and Baltimo Crow in the last 2 games, and finally the two teams hope. These two victories helped tigers to end the season and perhaps some extent to let people forget the team’s bleak bureau.

Moreno was injured in the second week, then absent the team all the team. This week, he participated in all the training of every day, but he himself said that he must wear an elbow to make him feel very uncomfortable. When asked for the most uncomfortable, Moreno said: “All!”

Although the black panther should pay attention to this injury, Bradbelry is just because of bad luck. It seems that he will definitely return to the training camp and continue to enhance your performance. He first sent 13 games last season, complete 2 copy, complete 10 times to destroy the ball.

Team 2016 Two Word Show James Bradberrry is trained with wrist fracture, he will need to wear a gypsum at least six weeks. According to the official website of the Black Panther, Bradbell is still in the mandatory mini training camp.

Hai Takaya finally played 16 games for the New Orleans, 133 times, and won the 548 yards 4 times. Heiliwa is a reliable substitute, and he also completed 22 battles to achieve 200 yards and 1 time. This is the best season since 2010 he has played the best season since the Tower of Arizona, and he sees a new job.

Lewis has a climax in the tiger’s coaching career. Despite the victory from the seasons, he is the most victory of the tiger team. He won a total of 125 wins and 112 losses 3 flat, led the tiger 7 times to enter the playoffs.

At the beginning of the 2017 season, Heatai will be 31 years old, but he demonstrates yourself in the 30-year-old season to continue its excellent. This is a low risk for 49 people but may bring high returns.

After winning 7 wins and 9 losses this season, Lewis was originally considered to be difficult to stay after the second season was missing in the third consecutive season. Before he said that he and the tiger were interested in letting him return but emphasize that both parties must be satisfied with him.

Dolphins running guards Moreno is about to returnMiami Dolphin Run Wei Sano Nenene-Moreno is likely to return cheap nfl jerseys From China elbow injuries and appeared in this week with Green Bay packaging. At present, he has been listed as “possibilities” by the team, which indicates that his probability of appearance has been higher than 90%.

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