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In the 6 games of Fitz Patrick, the dolphins achieved 3 wins and 3 losses, and the second of the United States and Liandong District. He obtained 1535 yards 10 times in 198 this season, and the 7th pass has been copied, and the success rate of passing the ball reached 70.1%, and the quarter-off guard is divided into 82.5.

After Brandon Marshall, the propan is obtained, Wholesale jerseys the jet will be handled in the contractual problem of Percy Harvin. Relevant people revealed that jets have been more satisfied with existing offensive lineups, and they will try to continue to upgrade defensive groups.

Jet and line Weavar Haris for 3 yearsNew York Jet Machine Wire David – Harris Harris is not used to find new east during the offset period. According to the NFL official website reporter, the jet has been consistent with Harris for a three-year, worth $ 21.5 million, has been agreed. In this contract, Harris, the first two seasons, will have a partial part of the 15 million.

Figure A-giving the first opportunity means that the three quarters of the three quarters selected in the top ten selection of this year will play the starting rate team. In the eighth week, we can finally see the performance of all of them.

In addition to the above two, temporary coach – Campbell and the lion defensive coordinator Terry Austin is also the object of the team. According to NFL official website reporters, the front Buffalo Bill coach Doug – Molli Doug Marrone, Anthony Lynn, also in the team’s interview plan.

For Texas, Fitz Patrick’s 2014 season is quite a lot than Brian Hoyer’s 2015 season. In the face of pressure, “beard” can still guarantee 70.1% of the ball, but Hoyell is only 64.2%. In the absence of pressure, Fitz Patrick has a better reachable-coputum ratio. And this transaction can also make the Dezhou people’s king’s cards to take over De Andre – Hopkins benefit. When Fitz Patrick passed the ball to Hopkins, he got 995 yards and 6 times, which was the best quarter-saving encountered in Hopkins career.

NFL TV reporter Tom Pelissero reported that the newspaper reported that the dolphins were appointed to appoint a rookie 4-point Wei Tu A-Tengo Valoa (Tua Tagovailoa) for the first quarter-off. Elderly Ryan Fitzpatrick will serve as a substitute.

There are 5 modern players attending the selected ceremony, respectively, STEVE ATWATER, External Hands, ISAAC Bruce, Padd Steve Haminson (Steve Hutchinson), EDGERRIN JAMES, Safe Polamalu; 2 coaches Bill Cowher and Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Johnson Three outstanding contributors Steve Sabol, Paul Tagliabue, George Young.

It is now in view of the players who have not received full entertainment leading to their team atmosphere. However, the team’s Mike Tolbert is standing out to talk to the coach: “We are a great team, no one is not depressed, no woman, there is no woman, only we own, we are together Play cards, laugh, play, enjoy your life, enjoy the super bowl. “

Pedon Manning has retired, but if they live with Bolk Osville, they have not re-brought back to the English stadium, and the wild horses will pull up alert in the position of the quadrant. Although they are likely to lose a draft right to four-point guard, they still need an experienced player to strengthen competition. At present, there is not much player in the free market, but at least some players have once glorious, that is, Griffin.

Tu A was considered one of the best rookie four-point guard before this year. He was seriously injured in the competition of the Western Xibi State University at the University of Alabama. Therefore, his injury recovery has always been the focus of the outside world from the draft before the season. As for why the dolphin was appointed after the two-game winning victory, Perry Riro said that the answer in the team’s insider is “It’s time.”

It is reported that the top two nights of the super bowl Week did not require any prohibition requirements. According to the reporter, the ban is mainly involved in the party from participating in the party held in San Francisco.

Although the jet is very hoping that “the beard” will return to the big Apple city, but recently reported that there will be difficult to reach an agreement. Texas wants that the jet has more salary space, which is also more willing to spend money on quartz, fully able to meet the contract requirements of Fitz Patrick. If Houston can’t win in Osville’s bidding, then they have ushered in the first four-point guards that are not necessarily not a good choice.

Dolphins planned interview Mike – Smith and Salunan Miami dolphins have begun to invest in the new season, and their first step is to find a head coach that can lead the team. The team is currently in Mike Mushan and Washington Red Dragon Primary Coach Mike Shanahan, and the former Atlantian Mike Mac-Smith, Mike Smith, is considered to be a priority interview.

Just in the nearest season, in the case of no pressure, Griffin’s performance looks good. He under pressure, the transfer rate of the passage is as high as 79.4%, and the average 8.8 yards can be taken each time. That is what makes Griffin in the 2013 and 2014 season, is not as good as a new show? In the 2014 season, he was only 53.0 under the pressure of the ball, and this data was 87.7 in the 2012 season. Of course, he also suffered too many murders. Just in the recent 2014 season, the wild horses have the strongest passed to protect the offensive front line (the score reached 86.2). However, in the 2015 season, this offensive line of Ryan Clady is struggling in the pass protection, but the good news is that Krady will return the injury next season. With the best passage of the whole career, the best passed, a good offensive front line, maybe Robert Griffin II will reward new students?

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