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Last Sunday, Falls 36 passed the 200 yard pass, no harvest, but there were 1 copy, the quarterfielding was only 53, the team lost to San Diego lightning at home. In the past four games, Falls have completed only one pass to Deta, and his password number of passwords this season is first.

As a bad team selected five show him that we retain much looking forward to it? The first two weeks of the season did not get playing time, then the squad due to increased injuries, Slayton playing time soared, becoming the Daniel – Jones’s favorite, now is the number of passes Slayton even lead the team . Slayton to use and maquis – somewhat similar to Brown and Metcalf, are based on vertical ferocious attack spearhead, but Slayton 185 centimeters tall and flat Ti Yunzong jumping ability Once vacancies have not run without problems, forced soared win air superiority can complete the ball, and almost did not sell the ball mistakes. Also from the video, he’s still the man to underestimate regional defense capabilities, demonstrated a good ability to run routes, some of seniority Giants fans watched in tears, not seven or eight years before this great add-Hakim – Nick Sri Lanka shadow of it?

The end of the Newseam era makes Texta finally have the opportunity to build a team lineup. He has long been the goal of other teams working hard for a long time. Usually the Texad will refuse the invitation of other team interviews, he chooses to continue to work with Newseam and wait for the opportunity to become the general manager of the crow.

The Lich Board Steve – Steve Bisciott announced the Most of the Team General Manager for many years, Ozzie Newsome, will leave after the 2018 season. Eric Decosta, General Manager General Manager. But the 61-year-old Newham will continue to reserve positions in the team.

The wild horse line guards announced that they will play the horses.Denver’s wild horse got good news before the game, the team’s backbone, the Brandon Marshall, http://global.yellowarrow.net/__media__/js/netsoltrademark.php?d=www.ahobetting.com%2findex.php%3fa%3dstats%26u%3dwillmcminn will come back to the United States in the US semi-finals after the absence of 2 weeks later. Marshall participated in most of this week, although the training program is limited, but he shows a very good competitive state and physical condition.

Barkley showed its own comprehensive skills in a rookie season. His total promotion code (2028 yard) Ranking alliance first and the number of mosquies (1307 yards) ranked second, he completed 91 battles, set a total of 15 times. He averaged 5.0 yards per shock and did not fall. This makes him become the best offensive show in the year.

Alford’s first round of Show Care, Druft Trufant, selected in 2013. He is more opponent more than his horn to his same level. In the case of Truford has been placed in the injury reserve list, the lock of Alford has become a premiere of the Falcon.

Bar Bar gives all the 10 years to the giants. His scorpion code (10449 yards) and total proposal code (17359 yards) are ranked first, and the number of squats reached (55 times) ranking team second. He further completed 586 games, and the ranking team is second, and it is also the most running guard. He averaged 4.7 yards per time, ranked first in the giant team of at least 2000 yards.

Falcon announced their with this corner for 4 years. This contract is $ 38 million, including $ 21 million security income. He also received a $ 3 million signature bonus and $ 7 million award bonus, which is all guaranteed.

Top teammate living body side can also cause good data, once the future become the team’s top catcher Russell get – full support of Wilson, Metcalf most likely coalition “large external” synonymous. Season so far appeared six sell the ball, young people grasp the details is also very important.

Giants are running at the bart: Bakley can enter the best line in history.Beijing May 20th, Tiki Barber, neither the selected celebrity hall, has not won the super bowl of champion, but his data proves everything: he is the best running guard of the giant team.

In the 22 seasons of Newsem in the management, the crow has entered the playoffs in 10 seasons. At the same time, in Newseam management, the crow has achieved the fourth quarter of the winners in the history and the second high. Seasonal winch.

Marshall announced after the end of the local time on Friday, he will participate in the competition with the Indianapolis horses: “I feel great, my physical condition is never good, I am looking forward to the game, I am sure yourself It can be played. “Marshall revealed that he was sprint at full speed in training and said that the body did not have any discomfort. The squad of this team said that he was very confident and the team won the game together.

Body flat, flat rate, flat technology, feel flat, in addition to be able to run the full strength of all running routes outside, it is hard to find too many surprises from Brown’s body. Beginning of the season six weeks ago in Mali under the command of Otta, Brown is averaging less than 50 yards the ball, the ball head Liu Cheng rate, roughly in line with “Mr. Ordinary ‘expectations. But the seventh week of the Titans appointment Tanneixier become the new leader, has also spawned a virtually Brown “gene mutation”, Brown is still able to run sophisticated post, slant and other routes to complete a pass in the distance, but also by not outstanding vertical speed to attack opponents security guard zone, so far he averaged 19.0 yards per reception can advance (fifth in the league), able to advance the ball after each average 8.6 yards (fourth in the league), such as bull-like unreasonable domineering defender dragged forward. PFF website the most valued data, the average speed route may run scored 2.63 yards (third in the league), each technology are obviously mediocre, each job can be done so perfectly.

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