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At present, Kase is learning Brown’s attack. Once he is studying completion, he completed the first step, and he could start becoming a first, he himself said: “The only thing I have to do now is learning tactics, I can’t go Worry on the top problems and training, because I have to understand how to run the offensive group. “

It is worth mentioning that Preil is a quarter-saving day of Ohio State University during the university. In 2011, the Auckland raid in 2011 was selected in the third round of the quarter-off, and he participated in the 2011-2013 season. Then, in Seattle Hawks, Kansas, the Kansas, and Cincinnati, I came to Cleveland Brundexer transition from Cleveland in 2015.

Manuel has participated in most of the first lineup training in the past few days. The coach Rex Ryan is explained last month, the coach group is one of the reasons why Matt Cassel deal to Dallas cowbi.

Packaging worker: We want to leave all free playersAfter the end of this season, the Green Bay packaging trade union has a number of star players to face the contract expire and become the situation of free players. These include external handlant-Kibb, cutan Bryan Bulaga and Corgentramons – Williams (Tracoms).

Kase This year, the second round of rookie has a big chance to get rid of the bench, but it seems that he doesn’t think so, he said that he is not ready to start, “I still have a lot of things to learn, after that, I can think about how to consider How to play games, now I am still in the first step, when I arrive at the 500th step, I can start thinking about the problem. “

This news is not surprising. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapople reported after Taylor injury claims that this injury will make Taylor absence the game, Bill will re-assess his situation next week.

Bear coach: We are not a very good teamIn 2 consecutive games, Chicago bears let the opponent take more than 50 points. The team coach Marke Trestman is very helpless for Cheap Jerseys the status quo of the team: “I said with the players after the end of the game and the players said: & lsquo; we are not always very good now. Team & Rsquo ;. We have been walking down the road in the past 3 weeks, and there is no change in the court. We can’t temporarily see any positive factors. Of course, the problem starts from me. “

NFL official website reporter Albert Breer reported that EJ Manuel will serve as the first quarter. The first quartz of the inside the inside of the knee, Tyrod Taylor, attempted to persuade the trainer to play, but his knees did not return to the extent to which you can play.

The local time held a press conference on Wednesday, and the coach McCarthy was interviewed. McCarthy revealed that the team hopes to keep every free player: “I hope to sign a new contract with all players that may become a free player. This is our goal, we will work hard in this direction. Although we have not started yet Start with such problems, but we won’t miss the opportunity. “

Ted Thompson, General Manager of Package, can always bring surprises for fans in the free market and draft. Before the start of this season, the packaging workers signed the defensive disappearance and Julius Peppers from the free market. Julius Peppers. Both people play an important role this season. Fans look forward to the operation of the rest of the offsetting can help the packworks to come to the next level.

Katler was copied twice this week, and the success rate of passing only is only 59.5, and the quarterfielding points are only 68.8 new season new season. After the game, most fans chose to blame the problem in Katler, but the team’s overall performance is clearly not allowed to let Carterle will bear all the responsibilities. The team’s coach group needs to consider their future, and there is a report that the team has already been to them.

In the past 3 weeks, the bear team is behind from 0-14, 7-38 and 0-42 at the end of the half. Jay Cutler said: “We are looking for answers. To be honest, our lunar week is too relaxed, the quality of training is not good, then bring this state into the game, the result is too Embarrassed. “

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