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In the 2012 season, he completed 11 quarters of killing in Ryan, but the 2013 season was absent from the knee injury. This year’s preseason, he only participated in the unveiled battle, and the next game was absent, but the saints did not have a discussion about his injury.

Saints will be placed at the injury protection listAccording to the agricultural bowl, the broker of Anthony Spencer, the agent of Anthony Spencer, said that Springsea will might stay in the team’s injury protection list until the end of the season.

The lion will be with the defensive defending Quinton – Dunba signed a year US Time Monday, according to Cheap nfl Jerseys NetWork reporters, before Washington, the Haiying Defensive defender Quinton Dunbar will sign with the lion for one year.

After the amazing retirement news, Linqi and the Hawks reached an agreement of a big contract, and Lynch seems to be deliberately stayed from being disturbed by the media, but I believe that the sea eagle will still involve this.

The previous hedge tear injury did not affect the strength of this corner. He only allows the opponent to complete 16 battles this season and advance 266 yards. The opponent will deliberately avoid the direction of Sherman defensive. The evidence is that it is responsible for defending the side of the other side to defend the other side of the AKETHERSPOON.

Carol said: “I think each coach has experienced similar situations and must be tried to deliver information and philosophy & lsquo; struggle & rsquo; efforts to keep them new. This is a small challenge. Every year, there is new Players join, every year, I personally need to start again. So repeat is difficult to avoid. If you believe in a principle, you will continue. “

Vande Ash has always had a history of neck injury. He has not yet traveled over the 11th week of cowboy. Darlas encountered two joints in this period, the record became 6-6, and the second eagle with the partition was only a winner.

Any time, the saints tried to reflect the defensive defense in the offset period. Fortunately, the coach sean payton is still some of the high-quality young people, such as Stephen, Anthony, Hero-Kikha, German-Buffs and Kenny-Waacaro, if they are in Cameron-Jordan The players continue to grow, and the future of the saints may be able to change.

Last year, Saints have tried to sign some old will, expect their leadership and experience to bring help to defensive groups. Last year came to the corner of Brandon – Browna, what will happen this year?

Do not rush to return, minimize the risk of deterioration of neck injuries as much as possible. The previous well-known line of Christ Spris Spielman retired from the neck injury. In the last seasons, Bill Zhongyong Yerk Wood (Eric Wood) also decided because of the persistent neck injury.

Pete Carroll is also happy for the performance of the old friend: “He is very successful this season. Every year, the players need to adapt, and Shelman is a smart player, which is growing every year. And leading others. I think he is very successful in this season. “

Last week, the Los Angeles ram was cut off the first person of the team. This layoff is mainly to save salary space. But in fact, although the number of La Raina dessis reached 109 times last season, the number of seven seasons was 8 consecutive seasons, but his competitive state was very serious. Last season he said that one of the worstable informants of the Alliance, especially in the face of ground attack.

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