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In the lost line, Jerod Mayo, Jerod Mayo, and Stevan Ridley (STEVAN RIDLEY). Recently, the defensive end of Query Deller Jones may miss a month of the game in the hip injury in the game of New York jet last week.

Pierre Paul is 27 years old, although he can never copy the performance of 16.5 murder in 2011, his performance proves that herself is one of the leaders of the league’s top-scale anti-ball defender and is the real three-speed field of the defensive end. s Choice.

Peterson was only played in a game last season, and the season was held in the season of 34-7 to win the Saint Louis ram. He did not have a shock ball in the preseason in the preseason in the preseason, since he was torn in the end of the 2011 season. After that, he was the only place in the 2013 season against 49 people in the third episode. He appeared 3 files, but there was no shock.

Jones is the main candidate against the opponent’s shock of the opponent, and the past seven games have completed 4.5 killing, ranking first. This Sunday Patriot will face the Challenge of the Chicago Bear Team.

Packaging workers defending Jidifeng Ziji is excited to weight lossWe sometimes forget to give a defense Front player to truly praise due to incredible exercise capabilities. They chased the fastest players in history and quad-shock, and their weight reached 300 pounds (about 136 kg) or heavier when doing these things.

In the past two seasons, Jenkins’ signs and manufacturing mistakes have led the team. This year is only 28-year-old security is one of the most stable players in the eagle, and the importance of defensive tactics is self-evident.

If he is not overwhelming in the 5th season of Viking, Peterson will return to the scene in the 49th night of San Francisco, on San Francisco, on September 14th, which is just the abuse from him last year. The first anniversary of the first game was absent after the law of the child’s law. At the beginning, the Piteson will continue to play the game when handling the law, and the Viking did not let him debut in the subsequent game and put him in the president’s exemption in September 17.

Eagle and Safety Wei Jinskins sign for 5 yearsPhiladelphia Eagle completed renewal with the team’s core players in the first time. On Mondays, the team announced that the Malcolm Jenkins was a five-year contract, including the contract of 4 years. nfl jerseys official website reporters reported that the extended 4-year part is $ 35 million, including $ 21 million security part. Under the new contract, the two sides will cooperate to 2020, and the contract size is $ 40.5 million.

Training may be Peterson’s only opportunity to gain experience before the beginning of the regular season. Asked if he had an urgent sense of confrontation, Peterson said, “Yes. But I am very patient. I can wait until the game against 49 people.”

“We have already trained.” Salunan said, “I originally planned to give them a surprise after the eighth training, bring everyone to fight bowling. But after two injuries in the seventh training, I decided It is not necessary to persist in training, so this surprise is a day in advance. “

49 people recalled the rest of the next season training project and mini training camp49 people two members of the training were reimbursed in training, they decided to cancel the sniper training project.

Previously, Jenkins and the eagle had a contract for 3 years, a value of 15.5 million US dollars, and next season will be the last year of the contract. The eagle decided to finalize the future of this defensive core, and the two parties aggravate before the beginning of the new season. Jenkins is also the fourth player of the Eagle’s renewed period this year. The next goal of the team will be Fletcher Cox.

Adrian Peterson may not come to the battle seasonMike Zimmer, Minnesota, Mike Zimmer, has planned to make him look forward to the appearance of Adrian Peterson. From the perspective of Portson Saturday, this running guard will be absent from the queen for the fourth consecutive season.

US time Wednesday, 49 people, Kyle Shanahan, announced that 49 people will cancel the remaining season training programs this year, and will not hold a mini training camp in the whole team (original 6.15-6.17).

It will be interesting for Pierre Paul next year. In the 2014 contract year, he won 12.5 times of killing 53 times. He did not sign the privilege label contract before the accident, and the result is that he can only get a shrinkage contract due to the accident.

B.J. Raji hopes to come back from the two-headed muscular tear injury from last season, and this defensive tidy with excellent talents reported to the Green Bay packaging training camp, his weight is 327 pounds.

This decision allows the defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo to easily relax in the next few weeks. Giants urgently need to make up the bad defensive front line last season. The creativity of Spagovolo makes the team in a few games, but he may prefer to have more good players in the next season.

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