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The Kansas chief won the Washington red skin at 29-20 last week, which became the only unbeaten team. The team’s four-point guards Alex-Smith got a pass to the ball reachable and a running ball reached, and his 124.2 passed the ball score currently pushed the first place. The biggest surprise this season is a rookie run Wei Kurim-Hunter, he will get a 121-yard mix code last week, including 101 code scorpion code, he also became the fourth place in the history of the league (before 3 are Billy-Xitas, La Dianan-Tom Linsen and Adrian Peterson, can get a new show player at least 100 yards in 4 games in front of its career. Can it face the Dezhou people, Hunter and axiaters continue their performances? We will wait and see.

Houston Texas is 57-14 blood in Tennesi Toyan last week. The team’s rookie four-point guards Shaun Watson played an explosion, passed the 283 yards 4 times to reach the ball and got up again through the running ball, and he also had a four-point guardian Fran-Tower. Kenon became a new show player who got at least 250 yards 4 times to reach the NFL history. And Watson is also the only one in the history of NFL to pass 7 passes in the first four games in his career and 2 rookies. This game Texas got 57 points, but also since the 2012 season Racer – Wilson (58 points), the rookie four-point guard lead the team to get the most score. Can Watters continue their magical performance?

[Preface to the event] The fifth week of Sunday Echizes @ 德州 人Sunday, the only unreal defeated, the only unsatisfied Kansas, the only unrequestied Kansas, will come to Texas to challenge the Houston Texas, which is “zoomed”, as a team that exploded this season, whether the chief will become a passenger The biggest look at this game.

Final match will end, San Francisco 49 team after a lapse of 22 years to return home win over the Los Angeles Rams. The whole game the Rams offensive team advanced only 186 yards, another team foul because the loss of 102 yards. Quarterback Ji Namu 35 pass 17, 130 yards, 2 touchdowns 0 steals. Running back Todd – Gregory rushed the ball 17 times, advancing 47 yards. Kenny – Britt ball 4 times, advancing 67 yards, where the tower – Austin ball 4 times, advancing 13 yards. Rams audience the most busy people: Johnny punt hand – Heckel (Johnny Hekker) punt 10 times, an average of 43.1 yards.

Davis has bought the Las Vegas raid man website in 1999Do you think that the raid is relocated from Oakland to Las Vegas is the new idea of ​​Mark Mark Davis? In fact, I have begun this dream early in 1999.

After 29 years of age and absent a season, the back of the first round show is very long. But listened to what he said, listening to it, some weight can make him relax. “For me, more importantly is the skills of the defense line,” he said. “It’s not every defense, it is a big piece. There is a small child to fight against a good skill.”

Andy Abboud, Las Vegas government relations with the vice chairman of the community development told reporters: “When Spring, Davis came here and negotiated with us, you can publish the video we published online. Seeing, and seeing our welfare we promised to the local community, Mark also revealed that he bought the website of Las Vegas raid in 1999. “This is a leading thinking, 1999 Internet Not very popular, Davis thought of this.

The second half began, the two sides remained almost stagnant offense. 49ers first attack; third gear four yards, Gabbert pass was blocked, Garbutt own catch the football in the air, the loss of 16 yards, had third gear out. In fact, not the 49ers in the first half kneeling on one knee before the end, the two sides since Section 3 minutes and 12 seconds combined for eight consecutive third gear out. Until 7 minutes and 30 seconds when the third quarter, the Rams Todd – Gregory rushed the ball 10 yards finally won a record first attack, but the Rams then punt the ball again. 49ers third gear out, the Rams took over the outside / return man who Tower – Austin (Tavon Austin) back to attack 28 yards, advancing to the 49ers 38 yards half-court line. But after the 49ers inside linebacker Ray – Ray – Armstrong (Ray-Ray Armstrong) steals the ball to Ji Namu, the Rams missed scoring opportunities in a range free kick.

Since the raid is unable to get a new stadium in Auckland, this urged Davis to move the team. In addition, it is necessary to move the Los Angeles failure, and Davis is bound to keep the team to Las Vegas.

Rams offensive team the ball out third gear again. Rams 34 yards in the line, short pass errors Gabbert, 49 team did not convert one yards fourth gear. After that, the Rams With Kenny – Britt (Kenny Britt), a record advance the ball 22 yards to the 49ers halftime. Star running back Todd – Gregory (Todd Gurley) 33 yard line successfully converted fourth gear 1 yards, but then he was ridiculed remember to eat a personal foul, the Rams had to retreat to 45 yard line, with Hou Jina Tim’s pass was blocked, 49 people inside linebacker Na Woluo – Bowman (NaVorro Bowman) steals the ball. 49 offensive group began to attack cheap Jerseys from china the side line 41 yards; Jeremy took over – Corey (Jeremy Kerley) completed the fourth gear 6 yards for converting a shot from 18 yards passing in line rams 39 yards. Finally 49ers Sean – Pedro (Shaun Draughn) rushed the ball three yards a touchdown, the 49ers score gap had widened to 14 points.

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