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NFL maintains the punishment of BraddyRoger Goodell, Roger, NFL, has maintained a New England Patriopters 4-point Guou Brady, due to a violation of the dispute penalty, which violates the impartiality of the Alliance.

The starting position during the offset period, has always been like it is like a Hoyel’s capsule. The Texas people have given the Hoyell’s larger contract in the tour, and he is better than the Male in each competition. He is the safest choice. Just like a plate of tomato, you will know what you will eat when you eat. O’Brien believes that 29-year-old Hoyer can lead the offensive group and do not make mistakes.

Last year Ford said that if the chief of the chief, he will sign the contract and say that this is a decision that is not hesitant. The team now decides to use the label to use the label and is not surprising.

Goodel said that Braddy’s evidence is one of the reasons why he maintains the ban. “The most important new information in the appeal process is around March 6, 2015 & Mdash; & mdash; also he accepts the day of Wells’s survey, the evidence of the Evidence, Mr. Braddy asked his assistant to destroy him The mobile phone used in early 2014. This mobile phone usage time includes the Meeting Championship and the initial investigation of the following weeks, “Gu Del said in the final ruling of the appeal.

“I think this will give them more opportunities,” Allen said in an interview. “They played the best performance last season. Everyone is talking about Steve Dig, and I feel that John is a thousand code. The opponent is very difficult People stare at him in the defense. And Cole is on the inside, if you defense him with a slot angle, he is hard to defend in people’s defense. I thank Brandon Beane to introduce These people work with me. Now I am going to play on the court, let the plan become a reality. “

Last Sunday, the coach Bill O’Brien (Bill O & # 39; Brien said he would make a decision when you feel “right”. Obviously he has seen another four-point guards, Ryan Mallett, decided to let Hoyell serve as the first.

Bill gives snow fans cash and stadium ticketsIf you come from West Side, you have to prepare for mid-November. It doesn’t mean that the cities like Buffalo have not encountered snow, but because Buffalo often needs to respond to the weather changes in various bursts.

After a sudden big snow, there is 6 feet of snow, Wholesale Jerseys and now Buffalobier is looking for help, handling this 220,000 tons of snow. To ensure that Sunday’s game can be carried out smoothly. The team recently announced: “Wednesday team will pay 500 people every hour of cleaning fees and tickets for a game, change the remuneration of sweeping snow.” After seeing this news, the fans will definitely jump. from.

Now the outside world will turn to Tenguovaa can adapt to professional competitions, and he can prepare to debut in the season. Although Florez may not decide the first four-point guard before mid-August, the outside world is expected to continue to wait for Tenguova. He needs to first adapt to the speed of the career. The cancellation of the preseason game is clearly unfavorable to him.

The emirate line Wei Fu special use privilege label is willing to trade itBeijing, March 3, ESPN reporter Adam, Adam Schefter, according to the insider, the Kansas City chief will use the privilege-Ford to label and let him leave the team, but due to the new The seastern chief will change 4-3 defense, they will listen to the Ford’s transaction offer.

Goodel also said: “In these four months of mobile phone use, Braddy sent more than 10,000 SMS, now there is no recovery. Until June 18th, the investigator first asks to view the electronic equipment information of Bradi. Four months later, we were informally informing the phone to be destroyed. “

After Steve Spagnuolo became a new defensive coordinator, the chief preparing to change the defensive system to 4-3. This may mean that Ford has to change the defensive end. He hits this position during the university, but it will change the line guard after joining the chief.

Bill quartz Wei Allen: External hand Brown and Bisley get more opportunitiesWhen Buffalorbier transactions get external handston Digs, most people believe that most of the balls in the new season Bill will pass to Diges.

Patriot Tuesday, published, saying that they have “very disappointed” for Goodel’s decision and indicate that NFL tries to destroy the reputation of Brradi. “Many people will agree to the original punishment and have no precedent, especially in the case where there is no hard evidence that proves that there is not proper behavior,” said in the patriotic statement. “We will continue to expressly believe and support Tom Braddy.”

In the case where the new season is lacking, Arian Foster, Hoyel’s burden is more important than the team. O’Brien met his four-point guard to play the performance of the team to compete in the Menon South District.

Dolphin coach: a rookie four-point 卫 图 A-Tenguova via medical examinationTu A – Tengo Valoa (Tua Tagovailo) announced a week ago you have prepared returning to the stadium. The doctor’s inspection confirmed this.

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