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External Brake Pelp said the raid is not suitable for yourselfBeijing July 2, Amari Cooper is not beautiful in the last half of the raid. Six games can also be adapted to the system of Jon Gruden, which has ushered in the rebirth after being traded by the team to Dallas.

Jenniki completed 2 arms shoots in the Eagle Eagle in Darlas Cowboy, but attempts to take a long-distance shooting and hurt the leg when the end of the first half. His leave in advance, causing the Hawks to choose 2 points after the second half of the decline.

Close-side Feng Kelxi is not satisfied with the emirate last season.Travis Kelce raced last season, 105 times, pushing 1416 yards to create a league record, at the same time to 11 times & mdash; & mdash; these three data is the best.

For the 11th game of Dallas (including the playoffs), the Cooper has pushed 81.45 yards, with a total of 7 times. And in his field of raid, the number of push the number of pushes and only 46.6, and there is only one time.

After the 18 seasons of the career, Jennioski joined the Seattle Hawks last year. He is in a short season in the last season. In the 27th anywhere attempt, he was 22 times, 81.5% success rate ranked twenty three in all players. However, 3 playing balls are exhausted when the game is exhausted. In addition, he also completed 48 times in the 51-time Trision of additional shot.

It is also because this is not a successful ending, Celps is not satisfied with the performance of last seasons: “If you can’t get a ring, it is meaningless. If I can sit on the sofa to enjoy the young people chasing record, then these cheers and The applause may be very good. But now, these meanings are not. Hone other words, last year, I have failed to me last year. That’s it. This is my heart thinking. I am this kind of player, if we can’t win the super bowl, this It is not successful in the season. “

The 32nd super bowl of 1997 was a battle, and the final wild horse laughed at 31-24. In 18 years, Favre and Elway have retired and selected to celebrate the famous Hall. Favre handed the team to a 3-year Aaron Rodgers who told himself, and Rodgers has now become the first quarter of the league. Elway as a team official to continue to help the wild horses, and now the quarter-free PEYTON Manning is the same as the Elway of the year, and he still hits the super bowl at his career.

Auckland raid people are interested in retreat to run Tyun-LynchAccording to informed people, the Auckland raiders are seriously considering the way of retired running Wannch, who has been retired by trading or waiting for him to sign his way. MARSHAWN LYNCH.

In the 2000 draft, Jenniki is agreed by the Auckland raid by the Auckland raid. He is divided into a raid player with a raid team with 1799. He received a total of 1913 points in his career, ranked 10th, 542th time in NFL History, Ranked 10th, 436th shot snapped successfully ranked 9th.

Lynch will also decide whether to come out in April. Informed people revealed that he considered this decision. There is certain attraction to play the hometown team, which may affect his decision. According to the familiar people, Linqi told people that their dreams have been playing for the raid. He opened a “beast mode” surrounding commodity store in Auckland.

The history of the package is nearly doubled than the wild horse. They are the first, the 2nd super bowl, and the 1996 superbown champion. At that time, the four defense of this defending was also a legendary person & mdash; & mdash; Brett Favre, he still retains the number of passwords, most winners, and so on. However, it is not possible to defend in the Super Bowl competition.

Cooper said: “I feel that the raid is not suitable. I have not shown my full capacity, although the reason is unclear. There is almost a bit weakened in the environment & hellip; & hellip; I have to do it on the ground. Things, I hope to arrange specific tactics, class of specific routes & hellip; & hellip; but they are not in the game plan. “

Cooper said: “Yes, no matter what the specific environment, sometimes there is no other environment for me. It feels necessary. I am really, tell the truth, I have no confidence in the future of myself, I feel Will not reach the same height like cowboy. “

On November 2, 2015, Rodgers will lead the winner of the season to the “mile high” challenge. Can we make us also appreciate the winning performance of each other in the 1997 Super Bowl of the Super Bowl in the 1997? let us wait and see!

Eightweet Night Tour: Packaging Wild Horse Reproduces 32 Super BowlThe history of the Denver Mangma team is not short in the Cheap Nfl Jerseys From China all teams. Today, the wild horse is also one of the recognized traditional strong teams. Its devil’s home “sports authority stadium” is also known as “mile high”, as the name suggests in the plateau . The wild horse truly rising is in the 1980s, they encountered a famous four-point guard & mdash; & mdash; john elway. However, Elway has always been lucky, although it broke into the super bowl three times between 1986-1989, but it did not return. After a few years, Elway finally won 2 super bowls of rings in the last 2 years (1997, 1998), and the only bowl champion in the history of the wild horse.

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