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Arreon talks about the radical attack: in order to victoryArizona Renary finally won, but some options in the game were also questioned by fans and experts. Before the last two minutes of the game, the Red Chacu Cartian Bruce-Arians arranged the team to pass the ball, rather than choosing a running time. This decision is also finally given the time of Aaron Rodgers to complete the reachable.

Jet Safety Wei Jiamal – Adams Not full team general manager sells yourselfThe New York Jet did not complete the transaction at the last moment before the deadline, but it looked at them left a bad stall: the star safety Wei Jiamar – Adams (Jamal Adams) may have views of the general manager Joe Douglas. .

At the last moment of regular time, the rickets again select the radical defensive way. The team defensive coordinator James Bettcher arranged seven-person branch, the purpose of giving Rogers greater pressure, but this also sacrificed the number of people defensive behind. Arreon said: “This is our plan, and Rogers have completed great pass, I think our players are pulled, but eventually this is still a big.”

Cardinals players have the same idea, wide receiver Michael – Freud (Michael Floyd) believe that the face of the Seahawks, the team can prove himself again. Defensive end Calais Campbell – (Calais Campbell) stressed that the team gains and losses over the past two weeks ratio of 78-25 points, we want to continue a good state.

Arie Schans: The Seahawks will not let players restArizona Cardinals after the victory over the Green Bay Packers to consolidate their ranks, they will play against the Seattle Seahawks in the last week. Despite the defensive core tellin – Matthew (Tyrann Mathieu) has been the season, but coach Bruce – Arie Schans (Bruce Arians) said the team will not make the key position players to rest against the best opponents.

The competition adopts the form of free team online registration, and is registered by the team head. The registration opening time is on August 17, please pay attention to the NFL China’s official website and Weibo, WeChat public account to learn about the latest information.

Arie Schans said: “We’ll race seen as the season’s first game treated the same, does not treat the game with a special performance of our way so far is great, I do not want to change the team ready to play. way, this is a special game. “Cardinals currently ranked second, if the last week of Carolina Panthers lose, they have the opportunity to impact the regular season champion of the League of Nations.

No matter who is the 50th super bowl to be Mentian’s curtain performance, except himself. In the interview after the game, Manning did not only avoid retiring this topic. This season, the four-dimensional state of this once ace is extremely serious, but many teams still have a strong interest in Manning, who has expired contract. Among them, he also includes his old Indiana Pony. Manning will stay in the heart of many fans, don’t know if we can also see the mortgage between Tom Brady next season?

The team needs to pay 1,000 yuan as the contest, including: NFL Waist Football Competition, NFL Waist Flag Rugby Competition 10 pieces, Waist Flag 10, Rugby 10, Rule Handbook, Training Manual, Trainer Polo 2 pieces.

Douglas said Adam “affirmation” is a part of the team’s long-term plan, but the wind wave caused by this transaction may not be dissipated. Southern Against said that Adams publicly claimed that they would stay in the jet, he said to a friend to play the cowboy.

NFL flag football game Shanghai contest entry instructionsWaist flag is a simplified and safer version of American football. On the basis of retaining the core value and charm of American football tactics, teams, etc., with torn backhand, to avoid physical contact, to maximize the participants, is a Implementation of gender, age, venue and other factors, suitable for all people involved in sports. Since 2015, there will be an opportunity to participate in the NFL waistball competition this year. The teams of each age group can compete for the champion of the city. The city champion of the university group will also receive the qualifications of the seventh university bowl.

This problem is nothing more than two answers: Chicago bears don’t have all the price leave Jeffrey, or he is signed by other teams. With regard to the first answer, the bear of the bear, of course, I want to leave this ace, but they are very quiet for the renewal issue, which is likely to push Jeffri to other teams. Perhaps the bear team wants to use the privilege label to leave this knee, who has been seriously injured, but once he tries the free market, then his value will be very huge.

After crossing the transaction deadline, Douglas confirmed that he got the other team to Adams at the press conference, Wholesale Jerseys but claimed that he did not take the initiative to contact other teams. He said that his strategy is to listen to all quotations and no one can be traded other than the team’s main four defense.

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