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“I ask the transaction is not secret,” Ross logo. “If you think about it, I will trade me now. I am very healthy now. I know that I can make a big contribution. It is difficult to love a movement when you can’t really participate, believe me, I don’t have Don’t like to play. “

Data show that Metcrew chases the maximum speed of Baker reached 22.64 miles per hour, which is the fourth speed of this season player, and he runs 108.8 yards during the completion of the cuddling process, which is the player from this season The ball line counts the longest distance covered by the cockroach. Metcaf is the only one in the season than 210 pounds of players with a maximum of 22.5 miles per hour.

In addition to the mushroom, Harris also has the ability to catch the ball. “I have always been a boller.” Harris said, “Always doing it. Not I want to show off, but this is not luck. & Hellip; & hellip; I started to catch up from middle school, my hand is still quite big.”

A total of four teams will be compete for the title of “University Bowl Champion”. They are the Heavy Man Headman, Shanghai University of Technology, Shanghai Institute of Technology, Dali Storm Team and Beijing Institute of Technology. The competition will be held at 10 o’clock on Sunday (October 30) at the Fengtai Sports Center located at No. 55 West Road South Road.

5 code line position, 3 gear 1 yard, 39 seconds. John Elway kickered, looking for the goal, at the far-end Mark Jackson seems to have a chance, he struggled, and two Brown defensive players also realized the ball, but the ball was too fast, the ball flashed in front of them. Hat in the Mark Jackson chest, Jackson contacts the ball. The wild horse completed a 98 yard, a reversal of 5 minutes and 32 seconds, leaving only 8 seconds, 20 flat.

NFL nearly 50 years classic campaign: that wave attackIn the 1986 season, Cleveland Brown and Denver Morn Horse were the No. 1 and 2 of the United States, defeated New York Jet and New England Patriots, and the Master of the United States finals.

Previously, Metcaf was criticized because of lazy land towards the end area in Dallas Cowboy and therefore funerally sent to the upcoming Deta. And his performance in this Sunday night proved his investment in the game.

NFL University Bowl will be held in Beijing on SundayAll equipped American football is still a relatively fresh thing in China, and the waist flag is a long history. A total of nearly 50 Chinese colleges are in carrying out the waist flag rugby competition & mdash; & mdash; NFL 8th University Bowl of semi-finals and championships will be held in Beijing this weekend.

Can Rose can be as will? We are getting closer and closer to the transaction deadline. If he didn’t leave before that, he would only wait until March next year to leave the team as a free player. But in any case, Ross is not much in the Tiger time.

Tomstone told reporters on Saturday: “I think he and the same conditions as everyone in the team, this is a very good start. I think he has made a good foundation. He is a smart football player, also for this movement I am passionate. He is very understanding of the game, I am looking forward to his performance. “

40 yards sprint scores in the draft surge test reached 4 seconds 45, and Cheap jerseys rushed along the side line. Metcuff demonstrated the difference between 40 yards sprint 45 and 4 seconds 33. He followed behind the Baker and eventually pulled the latter in front of this side.

Metcuff blocked once, it seems to be settled back to the championship. Later, the Hawn’s defensive group successfully completed the four defensive defensive and preventing the Red Sparrow. The Hawks finally lost 34-37 in the overtime game, but this did not cover the feat of Metcarf.

Naki-Harris said he would be used in all directions.Najee Harris is eye-catching on the court and always stands out in the video. Excellent performance has eventually let him become the first 2021st race.

After a short break, the two sides continue to continue the last confrontation, John Elway challenged the array of zones, but the passage failed, the second file was even killed, and the 8 yards were reversed. 3 files 18 yards, 7 points behind, 48 yards from Detan At this time, John Elway is calm and responded, and the 20 yards are sent again, directly kill the first 28 yards, and get the first attack! Defensive space is getting smaller and smaller, but the pressure is getting bigger and big, but John Elway still finds a chance to pass 14 yards, which is close to David. Two offensive, Brunt’s perfect defense did not give any opportunities, but John Elway ran 9 yards with a ball, but unfortunately did not get the first attack.

The first semi-final will be held at 10:00 in the morning, and another semi-final will begin at 10:30. After the end of the two games, an AFLC full equipment American football game was held on the field. The Beijing Iron Brothers and Shanghai Night Eagle will be competed. The winners in the two teams will receive the tickets for the last playoffs in the East Sea. NFL China’s Waist Flaccoon Open Group will be held at two o’clock in the afternoon, and then the university bowls will be held at two o’clock in the afternoon. Finally, the university bowl championship will be held in three o’clock. Later, it is the award ceremony. The specific agenda is as follows:

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