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In the pirate, Gronoski will wear familiar 87. In addition to the photo, the pirate also released a video of Gronoski received a video of the jersey in a few weeks ago. In the video, he said he would take the new jersey as a Mother’s Day gift.

According to ESPN reporters Adam Schefter, the lion will add this running guard to the injury reserve list. Johnson injured in the knee in the Black Panther in November, as the lion’s playoffs hoped, let him seriously become a must.

US Tuesday, the prototype of the Treatment of Laurent Duvirene, which was originally in the injury reserve list, was activated to the big list. Accordingly, the chieftain has cut off the safety of Roen Parker.

Examples of the AP coverage area is the final defense deal running back out of individual stations (bottom picture). Note Steelers sent a cornerback covering the Patriots running back, you can easily see that this is an area covering defense.

Finally, a person understand what the quarterback is a sign they are doing. Many young quarterback just reading the defense, or trying to keep pace with the rush will strike, then hit each other unfortunate harvest.

The NFL 2018-2019 season is about to usher in the game stage of the playoff, the following is given to the wounded sick list of external card, and everyone will participate in the name “Everyday NFL”, it should be carefully selected to choose the name below ~

Recently, Newton said: “Because I am a black quarter-free thing, many people don’t like me, because they have to take me and who compare. But your fans won’t win, they know what they should do. They will support you, of course, people’s evaluation criteria are coming in their own ideas. “

Lion Run Weide – Johnson is added to the injury reserve list Beijing December 20th, Kerryon Johnson brought a wide-year-old ground attack for the lions. He would give more opportunities for 2019, but he won’t come again this season.

If the quarterback at the same time looking out to take over the defender directed to the outside of the box it? This is to let wide receiver knows who he is “hot” player yes. “Hot route” is a method used to get rid of the other raid potential pressure of fast short passing routes. Each file attack, protector of X players can only fight if the other party raid more out of a player, wide receiver will have to run “hot route” up. Quarterback reminded by wide receiver, avoid each other who did not see the center refers to lead to mistakes.

In this case, the use of the Patriot empty field formation (empty formation, hold backcourt player), running back alone stand out, Falcon security guard let him out of coverage. Then let the Patriots running back moved to the inside, good space and get rid of more confusion Falcon defender. Results are good.

Note 1: the attack zone, the aiming direction of attack running back hip outer front retaining position, and later read the position of the 3-technique defensive tackle / guard line, and then decide fanqie red ball or red ball according to the original route.

I have noticed a tight end / running back out to take over the case outside of the array or its own separate station far out of it? If a person (linebacker / safety guard) within the defense out of the box with the name responsible for covering tight end / running back, this is the man-to-man coverage defense. Generally team who will want opponents using man to man defense, then they can take advantage of a defensive dislocation.

In general, if the team let defensive end retreat, the implementation of regional raid, the team will tend to make defensive end toward the sideline, so less need to cover the area. When the ball is placed in the midfield, the pressing area may be from any direction. Meanwhile, when the team formation when put 3X1 (ipsilateral formation means three players stand Wholesale Jerseys out toward one edge), defender For pressure, need to get enough time to ensure that the entire sheet covering the space.

How to distinguish between people based on displacement man defense and zone defense it? Must first know: the shift means that after a technical level (skill position, the non-striker) Players traverse on the basis of the initial position before the kick-off or shift. With different CFL, NFL provisions before the kick-off are not allowed to shift forward. Some teams often use the shift, some teams rarely do this. The ball can be a wide receiver ran a line from the other end. Running back / front proximal end of the field can be moved from outside, and vice versa.

This file Falcons offensive in first class put on a stack formation (stack-type formation, standing outside a take over behind the other), then let the displaced moved to the outside of the tight end, linebacker with each other in the past. So this is the man to man defense.

This file attack, Falcons running back be moved to make the shift from the outside of the field, pay attention to security guard followed the New England Patriots running back moved to the outside. So Matt – Ryan (Matt Ryan) can be read out of each other is the use of man to man coverage defense.

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