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Shu said: “I talked to Eli to last weekend, I also told Elite to start a match next Monday. But I also said to him, everyone needs to complete better performance. We can’t play each game It is & lsquo; almost winning & rsquo; do you have to do your best to win the game. I have said to the whole team, but I also emphasize this. “

However, the Tiger Defensive Group gave the team to the team, and the corner William-Jackson copied the long pass and attacked 30 yards. The tiger offensive group is also very strong, seizing the valuable ball translation opportunities will be smooth. The four-point Wei Bo Luo 4 code is connected to the Mike Thomas completed the reachable, the Tiger 23-28 Brown.

There are 19 four-point guards, including Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen, Josh Allen, Baker-Merfield (Baker Mayfield) and Lamar Jackson. The offensive front line members, running guards and special group members will be the first players who started trial.

A solid player, both a stadium IQ and exercise capability. Two years ago, he tried to escape from Brown, the falcon waving the check book hopes to exchange him standing in Matt – Lun. The gap between tops of the center and ordinary center is not always obvious, but the top center has a comprehensive increase in a team. Macumelong, who was selected last year, Melon, Owen, maybe you can replace Mark, but when you lose a backbone like Mark, it is unfavorable, and Mark has served a seventy season in the team. The offensive of the chief of the semi-off cut the cut off-Schwarz made Brown’s offensive lines more thin.

After the University of Louisiana, the University of Ohio and the University of Michigan, and 10 players were selected, and 9 of the University of Allabama were selected, the University of Florida, the University of Georgia, the University of Clemsen and the University of Utah. Seven people are selected.

I am distressed, I lost my game, or even a tangible channel is far more than free market. There are still a battle for wholesale Jerseys many enlightenments that retired and even sicking. After the “Speed ​​and Passion” of the personnel, it may be possible to do ten players who leave the old people. Some of them have retired, the same is: Old East will miss them.

Nfl announced on Tuesday, USA, and invited 326 players to participate in this current measurement. However, participating body testing does not ensure that the team favors in the draft, there are also unbelievable camps, but the team olive branches are obtained through occupational day trials and other ways.

New York Giant Defensive Group The biggest harvest. After getting Ele, the giant defensive group jumped from the outstanding party to the top ten. To find a 25-year-old, the first step so fast, it is not easy, there is no dolphin will miss him. Dolphins is a signing of Mario Williams, but Williams will only make him uncomfortable in regional defensions, and last season has proved this. I think Mario Williams is over. With a declined old, the quality of this defense is undoubtedly declined.

“He will start on Monday. How do you want to interpret it. & Hellip; & hellip; part of the dialogue is: & lsquo; We believe you, will continue to work, we also believe that you can help us get out of your dilemma, get the game…. “

Brown showed a powerful ground offensive ability, only 2 minutes, all using the mushroom tactics again, running to Hunter Wuji 10 yards into the terminal area, Brown 35-23 Tiger, at this time There are still 4 minutes left, the basic end of the competition.

After the opening, the tiger first attack, all the way to the top 9 yards in the Brown End area, the key 3 files 5 yards, Brown defensive end-knit Adrian-Kleborn (Adrian Clayborn) killing Burro, leading to the tiger loss 11 yards, I have to send a play-in-BLLOCK shot 38 free kick. Tiger 3-0 Brown, took the lead in the farmland.

The giant coach Shumer: Eli will continue, but it is better to play betterBeijing November 7th, US Tuesday, the Giant coach Pat-Shu (Pat Shurmur) said that the quarter-卫 卫 Manning (Eli Manning) will not lose the starting work, but this may be just temporary.

Brown’s first wave of offensive, in addition to a illegal blind side cover, it is fined 15 yards, and finally by running the Nick Chubb, the Nick Chubb is 11 yards, Brown 7-3 tiger, quickly anti-ratios .

Brown four points 卫 美 梅 梅 梅 梅 梅 中 中 16, passing 219 yards, 2 passes to Deta, 1 time being copied; the external handle Baker Him squirts 74 yards, 1 time Running the guards 22 times, 224 yards, 2 times a squad to reach the ball; 10 times, 10 shots, 1 sho, 2 times, 2 times, 1 time Reach.

Harrison just went out to bend, and left forward to the jet of the city opponent giant. As a top pavement attack terminator, if you want to find a testimony for his strength, just see if the jet is only allowed to advance the opponent’s pavement to advance 83.4 yards, ranks second. His sports ability is much better than it looks better, and it does not replace his candidate in the jet angle. He is the kind of defensive player you need to use with two online players. With him, players like Muhammad Wilkson, Ryad – Williams and Shelton – Richardson can be in their own most good fair.

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