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It is expected to be 3 line guards for the Hawie’s 3rd line guards & mdash; & mdash; Wagner, Bobby (Bruce Irvin) (Bruce Irvin) (Bruce Irvin) (Bruce Irvin); & mdash; has exceeded 30 years. The contract of Wright and Er will expires after the end of the new season. Hawks selected the first round of the Texas Polytechnic University, who would finally become the successor of Lit.

Jaguar trading gains Brown running guard Carlos-HydeBeijing October 20 reports According to ESPN reporters, Brown has traded from Carlos Hyde to the Americas, and the Jaguo sends a five-round signs.

The Jagua first runs to Ja’ard-Fournette, which has been missed by the injury, and this week has been marked in the battle of Dragon, which is not able to play, this will be the third consecutive third. I can’t participate in the competition due to the injury of legs.

Jay Gruden seems to be not very satisfied, he said: “I can’t say anything about him. He just chose a plane to fly home, I have no chance. Talk to him, of course, I believe he has his own personal reason. “

Hyde Ben Sales pushed 382 yards, reached five times. After he left, Nick Chubb will get more polveled opportunities, this two-wheeled show is 16 times, pushing 173 yards, reaching 2 times. Little Duke – Duke Johnson Jr. is the only player who is only a hundred yards in the rest of the hotel.

Sea Eagle Line K.J. Wright: Shoulder injury recovery is fast than expectedSeattle Hawague Guard K.j. Lete (K.J. Wright) said that he was resumed after an interview with his shoulder surgery on Thursday.

Obviously, will Manning and his partners will eventually reverse the game? The result is not the case. The game, the wild horses have never been approached to the red area of the other party, Manning is killed 3 times, and the bottom is once.

Fortunately, Harry’s departure does not affect the team to waste a draft, which makes the quarter-saving competition opportunities, at least for Robert Griffin III. Grunette said: “We have three four-point guards still fight daily, there will be 2 people to be eliminated in a few days, then everything will have a decision.”

“K.J. Just received surgery. He is recovering from surgery,” Schneider said in April. “I am not sure when he can return time schedule. I hope that he can return on time, we will see how progress. This is a strange break. This is the case for everyone, but especially for those rest The person who has accepted the surgery at the stage. “

In addition, Viking also tried to run away from Joe Banyard. This 26-year-old running guards 18 times a for Viking in the past two seasons. Last season, he completed 21 battles, promoted 88 yards, provided effective help in the future of the team in the back of the team.

The St. Louis ram made people unexpected things & mdash; & mdash; they defeated Denver Musab with 22-17. When the competition goes to the ram 13 to 0, we seem to think that the game has not ended yet, because this season is this rhythm:

Carterler’s broker came forward that Katler has not retired, and “as far as I know, he wants to play and if there is a suitable offer, he will play.” But he refused to comment on Kitler in the television circle.

Katler and his broker have negotiated with multiple TV management people’s roles related to football, and inspiratory people said that Katler has at least a TV station in recent weeks. It is not yet clear Catering, and it is unclear whether he is negotiating contract, but he is involved in an audition showing that he is seriously considering joining the TV circle.

Katler has spent eight seasons in Chicago, and he was selected by Denver wild horse in 2006. He was only played in 5 games last season, wholesale nfl jerseys and he was cut off by the team on the first day of the free player market.

Bostick’s name is well known from the players from the last season. The final stage of the competition, Seattle Hawks try gambling, when the green bay packaging player’s Bosti will take the ball, the sea eagle will take the ball, and finally reverse the score to enter the super bowl. After the end of the season, Bostick is naturally packaged.

Viking is close to Duan Feng Bostick The short-end-end Brandon-BRANDON BOSTICK needs to start looking for a new job. Local time Sunday, Minnesotavi people announced that Troves Bostick. Since the alliance requires that the various teams reduce the list of people on September 1, Bostick is also expected.

Carterler’s transformation of the TV circle will be an interesting topic because he has never been the most unique person of the media. And sometimes he seems very tragic at the press conference after the event.

If Carterre finally decided to retire and became a broadcast guest, he would have to show the ability to analyze the game for the audience. He is full of illness on the field, but people who have taught him said he has a deep understanding of the game.

At the beginning of the offset period, the New York Jet, Houston Texas, Cleveland Brown and San Francisco 49 did not find the answer to the four-point position. The jet has been contacted Carterler, once the jet opportunity arranges a trial but the team finally signed Josh McCown. At the same time, 49 people signed the old Braian-Hoyer and Matt Barkley. Dictionary Chinese Texas and Brown have selected a rookie quarter-defense, they may have to sign the old quarterfield at some time, but they are not interested in Carteller.

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