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Although the strong defensive front line of Texas is enough to make up for the absence of Kutin, they have to pay attention to JJ-Watt (J. J. Watt) dislocated fingers in the game. DYLAN COLE will play in the game in the game, he may fill the position of Kutin in the next game.

Before Tuesday, Beckham said: “Our team is very potential, even if it is not the best, it is also a top team. We now have a large group of players, great quadrants and their substitute, close-end We and strengthened offensive lines, which should be the best configuration in the alliance. “

Giant Xiu Beckham is especially optimistic about the team attackThe New York Giants The first round of Xiu Xiao Del-Beckham (Odell Beckham Jr.) Looking at the giant team, he has been observing after the first day of training camp, he has been observed on the field, and the ball The status quo is extremely optimistic.

Kuboyi wants Davis to play an important roleVernon Davis will usher in the first show of the transfer of Denver’s wild horse this week. The head kubiak, Gary Kubiak, is full of experienced close-end, and he revealed after the team training on Friday, and Davis will become an important part of the wild horse offense.

Beckham is a rookie in the first round of the giant. The last season giant team is only ranked 28 in the alliance. When Beckham has not been selected, the giant team has changed the offensive coordinator, signed some new starters in the left front, the center and running front. In addition, he has never been to other training camps, see those of Brary Donnell and Daniel Fells, more experienced, more experienced. Therefore, his view is a bit subjective, but it is only a training camp, it can be optimistic.

Benjamin will become the most important two goals of Newton, which will become the near-ended Greg Olsen. If Dewn, Devin Funchess has made progress in his second season, the pall’s attack will be one of the most threatened countries.

Bell’s data is the most powerful proof. Despite the lack of four games this season, he ranked first (28.0 times) and the total number of collections (157.0 yards) in the field (157.0 yards), and the number of horses (105.7 yards) ranked second .

Although the patriot does not lack the wire guard, the injury problem is a hidden danger that the team has to be guarded. Jerod Mayo and Tang Tower – Hightower (A hightower) were subject to surgery due to knee and shoulder injury, and still resumed during recovery. Fletcher is also troubled by injuries last season, just 4 times. At present, he has recovered cheap jerseys from china injuries, and his arrival will further enhance the depth of patriot lineup.

Patriot signing the old line Wei FletcherAfter a year of piracy for Tampawan, Dane Fletcher returned to New England Patriots. Tuesday, the Patriots announced that it has and Fletcher agree on the New Testament, the two sides signed a short about a period of 1 year. A week ago, the Patriots sign and return another team who played linebacker Brandon – Spikes (Brandon Spikes).

This Jermin has obtained 1008 yards 9 times in the rookie season. Last year, he was expected to play a more important role in the team attack before injury. Most experts and fans originally believe that Benjamin’s injury will destroy the black panther attack. But in contrast, the four-point guards Cam NEWTON played MVP performance.

Latport also said that the steel man will want to renew him with him before the armor Antonio Brown. In 2017, Lock Bell and Brown will allow the steel person’s offensive group to stabilize the steel person’s offensive group when you enter the next year’s Siwai-Roethlisberg career.

In the course, the Patriot has lost a lot of people in the second line, so the team shifts to build a more tough front line seven groups. In the new season, Meiio will partner Hyoshua as an internal virtue, and the external guards are held by Jamie Collins and Rob Nink Ninkovich.

Since the first round of the 2009 election, Kubin has been effective for Texas for 8 years. In 2013, he signed a contract with Texas 6 years of renewal contracts, which will allow him to stay in Texas in 2019. Kuxin, who was selected in 2009, was got 65 hugs in 13 games last season. He has encountered the brain in the first battle this season, and it has been determined that it is impossible to play on Thursday night.

Kubiak said: “For the coach, how to use him is a problem that is a hurtful brain. Because you don’t want to push the player into a environment that makes him feel uncomfortable. So we will only pay attention to him I feel good, in front of such a tough game, any decision will be very difficult. But he is eager to help the team, he also has the ability to do this. He is eager to participate in the game, he will come together in a week. “

Kubiak revealed that Davis’s appearance time, but even if he still is an important part of the team attack: “He will participate in the game. This week we asked him to do some work, he completed Very good, we feel great. “Davis pushed 194 yards during the 49 people in San Francisco this season. As of this week, the close-up combination of the wild horses Combination Owen-Dan Daniels and Virgil Green have completed 23 bolts. Davis’s joining will provide more ball choices for PEYTON Manning.

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