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Mosley injured the groin in the first week of last week. He got 6 hugs before injury, 1 copy of the copy of the ball and grabbed the ball. The aggressor defensive group is affected by his lack of lack. He tried to come back in the seventh week but poor performance, the final jet made him absent the remaining competition.

“I love ZEKE’s explosive fire and play mode,” he said, “Elliot loves football, he can hold 30 times a day, this difficult degree is unimaginant. But Elliott The day does not feel tired. His speed is also tongue. “

At present, the team has been prepared for the entire season of Lost White Hyde. His team may still lose the current number of the top number. The nearest training camp in Quincy is encountered by the neck injury. .

Tit was cut out the 13-game ball in the three games that were drained by Viking. Every time the data of the 2.9 yards of the mushroom is even less than the bad 3.1 yards in the 8 games of the Brown. Brown cutting this player who was previously effective after the eleventh week of the Terrace, making many people surprised.

After the ram got the ball, the offensive group still showed a sluggish, and he was helpless after three gears. The ball returned to the crow again, although I met 4 files 9 yards to discard the kicks, but 12 people on the Rashi Farm made a penalty of 5 yards, gave the crow to fight the four stages. Lamar 15 code links to join the Miles Boykin, the four gears have successful. In the end, the crow is doubled, Jackson 7 yards connected Snide, Crow 42-6 ram.

Mosley received groin / abdominal surgery in December last year. In January this year, he said that it is expected to be ready to participate in the rest of the tour. After the training period, he has more time to prepare for the training camp because the epidemic is not possible.

Walker said: “Although people have been talking about things such as the West Coast offensive (high-altitude ball), but when you want to win a super bowl, you still have to rely on running guards! Yes, you can pass any time, but At the critical moment of the game, it is still a victory to help you win. “

After 2 minutes, after returning, the crow offensive group rushed, coupled with the ram defensive group players unnecessary collision to send 15 yards, came to the red area of ​​the Ranger. 15 seconds left in the first half, there is no temporary in the hands of the crow, and still choose to challenge up to the array. Jackson is connected to Willie Snead to complete 7 yards, 28-6 rams of crow, enter the second half.

At the beginning of the game, the ram was first attack, and he returned to give away the kick. The round to the crow first wave attack, the crow is continuously promoted by the rush, four points Wei Marrl Jackson (Lamar Jackson), running to Mark Ingram and Gus Edwards unstoppable. In the end, Jackson is connected to the new show, the MARQUISE BROWN, completes 6 yards, Crow 7-0 ram.

Iqiier Elliot proves the importance of running guardsDallas denim from the 2015-2016 season 4 wins and 12-loud fish rods became 13 wins and 3 losses in the 2016-2017 season. Two Xiu Dak – Prescott and Icet – Elliott Can’t.

Tate This season has never been able to maintain health, which leads to his poor performance. If you enter the playoffs, Indianapolis horses and Arizona are not signed, we think that other teams will make long-lasting wait and see if Tit is in the team in the 2015 season. .

Tit is not a good phenomenon in less than a month. For his poor rumors in the Brunt’s attitude, it is snowing, but more worrying is that this year is only a significant decline in the field of running guards in the age of 26.

Ryan Pace, Ryan PACE, last week, said that he is “radical” and Jeffri negotiations. When the deadline for the player label this Tuesday is coming, the bear team will use the label to fight for a long time to win a long time. The amount of privileged labeling contracts outside 2016 is $ 14.999 million.

NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport reported that the Bear team gave Jeffrey non-exclusive privileges label. This means that Jeffrey can negotiate with other teams, and the bear team can match any offer, if Jeffrey leaves, his new team needs to send two first round of draft as an exchange.

The injury led to Jeffrey last season of 7 games, he got 807 yards in the last season, and he had a total number of battles for two consecutive seasons for two consecutive seasons. Jeffrey’s role is obvious. According to ESPN statistics, the bear team an average of 6.0 yards in Jeffrey, and each offense is advanced by 4.8 yards after he leaves.

The crow offensive group quickly responded, Jackson took the center to kick down, but then picked up the ball and rushed out of 29 yards, advanced to the first 1 yard in the male side. Run David Engham Middle Road Drug Dare, Crow 21-3 Ran.

Chicago bear pairs Eli Jeffee use privileged player labelExternal hands Alshon Jeffery will never leave Chicago in this year’s break. The bear team has confirmed this on Monday to announce that they will use the privileged player label.

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