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The giant taken away from Cruze self-confidence.The New York Giants Entry-Word Victor Cruz is still in the injuries rehabilitation stage, but he revealed that he will attend the team’s training camp recently. Cruze said: “My plan is to participate in the training camp, I have been prepared, now I feel very good.”

“I am very respect for that place, not only how they help my career, reimburse my career and treat myself and my family,” Wadere said. “It is also that this is a very united group. What kind of people will I do if I sell them?”

Giants wide receiver David Beckham and renewed for five yearsAccording to ESPN reporter Josina Anderson reported, it has been with the New York Giants wide receiver Odell small – David Beckham (Odell Beckham Jr.) complete the contract. Contract of 5 years, pay up to $ 95 million, including $ 65 million in welfare. It also makes him the league’s highest-paid wide receiver.

“I learned from my broker to talk about him and jet, like Houston, packaging, Kansas City, and surprisingly, including steel people, I tried the deal,” Bell said . “The jet really requires very high quotes. In addition, my actual contract also makes it difficult for the team, which makes it understand. No more than many teams want to pay for a running guard cost.”

In 2013, Bell, who was selected by Pittsburgh, was absent from the team’s contract division. Later, the steel man selected James Conner, Jaylen Samuels and Benny Snell, as a team. However, according to Bell said, the steel man considers to bring him back to Pittsburgh. But Bell did not want to leave New York so quickly.

Average $ 25 million of salary does not exceed Jimmy Garoppolo (27.5 million) and Matthew Stafford (27 million) contracts. Aaron Rodgers, Kirk Cousins and Matt Ryan still have the opportunity to create a new record of quarter-free contracts.

Currently, the Saint’s Runwarer combination is Khiry Robinson and Pierre Thomas, although the two of the two have reached 5.2 yards, but it is difficult to stage long-distance attack. In the past three weeks, the attack of the saints encountered many difficulties, and the players were difficult to form contact. In the early season, England’s performance did not lose any of the league, and the team had a lot of expectations. If everything goes well, he will return to the near future and will strive to continue to break out this season.

Cruze said that he had confidence to catch up with the season, his recovery is better than expected. Cruze believes that he can prove herself in the training camp, retrieve the speed and state of the past, continue to contribute to the team in the new season.

Previously, the highest annual salary and total security payments were the highest wide receiver Antonio – Brown (Antonio Brown) (annual salary of $ 17 million) and Mike – Evans (Mike Evans) (security payments total $ 55 million). Beckham leapfrogged to become the first two. Although the level obtained as quarterback said before the contract did not like, but the salary was very enviable. The amount of his security payments after Matt – Ryan (Matt Ryan) (9450 million) and Kirk – Cousins ​​(Kirk Cousins) (8400 million). 19 million in non-salary players also behind quarterback von – Miller (Von Miller) (1908 million).

There was a message indicated that the giants would launch Cruze in the finals of the PUP, that is, due to physical reasons and unable to participate in the competition. If Cruze cannot return to the level of the game before the start of the season, you can empty a list of PUP lists. Insatiscically, if you choose to include Cruze to the PUP list, they will look for an external hand with the power to replace Cruze. On the other hand, if it is listed in the PUP list, Cruze will at least over the top 6 games in the season.

Wedr, who was crowded by the crow, was signed by the crow, signed a 2 year of $ 10.5 million. Usually the team will hope that the players who have played in the opponent can reveal the inside information of the opponent.Insist on that the inside information of the old east of the eldest east is clearly explained in the cultural culture of the crow.

Saint-Junwei Ingeram plans to come back in the seventh weekThe Northern Mark Ingram is 6.0 yards, and this data leads all the affiliates. At present, the attack group of the saints is always difficult to play a wonderful attack, but also lack the strength of the super performance, the team is looking forward to Engaged to the team at the 7th week.

25-year-old Beckham, the former will enter the fifth year of his rookie contract, salary $ 8.4 million. Last season ankle injury claims do not affect him back to health, to continue killing four. Beckham’s four-year career three-time Pro Bowl, four season, played a total of 47 games, completed 313 catches, visit 4424 yards advancing, made 38 touchdowns.

Previously, Engram himself revealed in an interview and will be repeated in the 7th week of the Lion’s game. But at present, he also requires a strict examination to the injured thumb to ensure that the fingers can accept high-strength competitions. Saints coach groups and related staff will finalize the backlight time of Enguga according to the test results.

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