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The focus of the two parties is the guarantee part in the Bristed contract. Yahoo Reporter News: “According to the news disclosed in the alliance, the contract given by Bris will extend in 4 years, and the value will be between 95 million US dollars to 100 million US dollars, including the guarantee may be as high as 65 million US dollars. But this inquiry It seems that the price cannot be discussed. “

The patriot has won the 8th home unveiled battle, and 12 of the 13th week of the past, they won 12 games. There is no doubt that the most concerned star is the main four-point guardian Tom Brady. The four-point guard in the past year has passed the 28-year-old Dalun. It is only 2 times. Copy, with the Dove of the Trieregation of the League 14.0 to become the highest quarter-free player in the Single season. Although the team’s best outer joining Julian-Edelman is lost in the preseason, the Health Rob – Gronoski and the race of Say Season will become this season to help patriot An important weapon in the city.

The Kansas chief has completed a big movement in the court, and continues to make up, in the election first round to win the new show, Patrick Mahomes II, let the main force quadruple Alex-Smith (Alex Smith) has Get More pressure. The four-point guards who worried about the arm were watching Mahms on the training ground, and the brain was 5 years ago, San Francisco. The biggest weapon in the last season is close to Tel Avis Kelce, as a top ten end of the last season, he won the number of 1125 yards, the first two top nearby The performance between the end strikes is also extremely praise. It is worth mentioning that the Kansas chieftain has completed 21 points in the first week of the next half, successfully defeated San Diego (Los Angeles) lightning with 33-27, I don’t know if I can replicate the miracle last season again this year?

Of course, Bris did not have a serious injury in Manning, but given him a lot of guarantees, it is risking, although he has always been the most efficient quarter-off of alliances. At present, the team has to fall into two difficulties.

In the last season, I will give the victory to the same part of the opponent steel, and I also give the tiger and the driving force of Lewis to continue their efforts. Lewis, who has been 57, said he did not have a business that he had no retirement. He said in an interview at the new Xiu centralized training camp last month: “After we were eliminated, I talked with Mike Brown (MIKE BROWN, Tiger Boss) One thing I will not retire, I clearly tell him, I won’t retire. “

Tiger and head coach Marvin-Lewis last yearAccording to NFL official website, Michael Silver reported that Cincinnati Tiger has reached a new renewal contract in the local time on Friday, MARVIN LEWIS, which will be terminated from 2016. Extension to the 2017 season. This contract is also expected to extend Lewis to the tiger’s coaching time to 14 seasons, and he will continue to maintain the current coach in the same team to coach the second long record.

Tuesday, Ruiola, answered Bellick: “Not a lot of people beat them, so I don’t care what he said, I didn’t put the thing, I just went to the game.” Heaven, Ryiola was punished by the alliance, he said: “I don’t know what to regret, I will never regret life. Of course I have not tried to hurt who.”

Jimmy Garoppolo encounters the knee cross ligament to tear down 49 people in the 2018 season, they only win 4 wins and 12 negative records. But in this record to ensure that they have gained an eye sign in the 2019 draft.

Next week, the patriot will face the main scene to the Viking people. Before they focus on the Focus of the Steel, they also have to serve Miami to meet the opponent dolphins. In addition, the jet has been lost after the passage.

[Review of the event] There is no suspense in the Meidong civil war, patriot 27-13 defeat jetBeijing November 26th this week Memeidong civil war, the patriot opened slowly, but the jet in the last section did not have, Gong sent the Patriot 27-13 to take the victory.

2017 season unveiled the emirate @ 爱国 前瞻The 2017 season NFL regular season will be officially opened in Beijing time this Friday, and the battle will be carried out between the two US sublimation teams last season. The 51st Super Bowl Champion New England Patriot will sit in the home of the Gillette Stadium to celebrate the challenge of the average Kansas City chief in the United States last season. In history, the two teams have worked 34 times in history, including the 2015 season season next season, at the time, the patriots were victorious in 27-20, but the chiefs were still slightly advantageous at 17 wins and 14 losses.

Lewis has always maintained the competitiveness of the Tiger for many years, but it has never led the team to win a playoffs. It will stop in the outer card in the past five seasons. This makes the news about Lewis may be honest. . However, considering that Lewis’s reputation in the team and the team’s current lineup strength, the tiger high-level or decided to extend the contract of Lewis in order to ensure the stability of the team strength.

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