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Pony Maxis encourages the team: let the winning seasonIndianapolis horses hope to return from injuries Robert Mathis to achieve recovery performance in the new season, and in turn, Masis hopes that Pony can reproduce the old championship. Season.

The 18 years of working career will be in the pony in 13 years, knowing that 2012 with the wild horse, he is more than just a famous player, but also created countless Wholesale Nfl jerseys records. In 2013, Saiman completed the record of 5477 yards, and completed 55 passes in the same season, 537 passed a record of 537 passes.

Briset was a good performance last year, leading the pony to achieve 5-2 record, win Texas, Titan and Chief. But he suffered a knee injury in November, and six after the small horse, lost 7 games, no playoffs.

The raidists and Walle have reached approximately 2023 seasons, and the average annual salary is expected to reach 9 million US dollars. Given that Waller originally becomes a restricted free player next year, it is actually a raid person and Warler refused for 3 years.

Ishi Bao (Beijing) Rugby Culture Development Co., Ltd. is the only contractor for the US professional football big alliance NFL Waist Football Tournament China Division, and is also a partner of the NFL Play60 project.

In order to meet the needs of domestic waist flag, cultivate more large and medium-sized middle school waist flags, to expand the tag, referee team, Azu Bao (Beijing) Rugby Culture Development Co., Ltd. for NFL2017 waistball competition The second phase of coaches, referee certification training.

The second phase of the NFL waist flag trainer, the referee training class began to registerThe first phase of the NFL Flag rugby coach, the referee certification training course has successfully come to an end. Training in three days and two nights not only improved the level of coaching in the national waist flag, which normally made the referee’s penalty standards, but also made the football in a deep exchange, and promoted the 2017 new wall flag football movement. Popularization and development.

Warle was in the sixth round of the sixth round in the 2015. In 2018, the raid people signed Warle in the Crowfin group. He was only played in 4 games. But in the 2019 season, Walle performance excellent.

If Masis can play waste heat at the age of 34, the pony will benefit a lot. After this year’s break, after the addition of the offensive group, the four-point guardian Druk (Andrew Luck) has a new long threat and new speed threats that can be used, but the defensive group is still the biggest problem of the team. Jonathan Newsome, who became the player in the team in 6.5 times last season, and the number of murders in the entire defensive group can be photographed before the league, but they can’t be in the most important game Apply pressure to the opponent.

MLB Kansas City Royal announced that Mahms buys the team’s partial ownership, which means he has become one of the royal ministries. In the statement, the Royal Time mentioned the MLB team base for many times in the MLB team base.

Professional & mdash; & mdash; Training coach team has rich training experience and football experience, theoretical and practical combination, and obtaining professional authority football teaching experience;

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