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Former Sea Eagle take over: Trading Harva is a win-win decisionAt Minnesota Viking and Seattle Hawks, Darrell Bevell, Darrell Bevell, Darrell Bevel, in Minnesota, Minnesotha, Minnesotha. I didn’t play the expected performance when the eagle effect was disappointed.

Goodwin performance was excellent in Bill last season, completed 29 battles, and got 3 times. In 2012, he was selected by Bill in the third round of Bill, or the Olympic jump player, his speed can open a lot of defensive players.

Fusai Te quietly become one of the best running back nowWhen Justin – when Fusai Te (Justin Forsett) was signed by the Baltimore Ravens, people just think he is a mine – was suspended for a period of rotation of Rice (Ray Rice) only. And after six weeks sped by, Fu Saite has quietly become the league’s top five running back.

Wilson’s continuation of $ 21.9 million in salary is only slightly lower than the annual average salary of the Aaron Rodgers, the Aaron Rodgers, at least in Indianapolis Pony 4-point guard – Rogers will be the four-point guards that Rogers will be the four-point guard of the union salary before Rock Luck. The guarantee amount obtained by Cam Newton, a 50 million US dollar guarantee income and the team’s renewal of the team’s renewal of 5 years. The guarantee amount obtained by Cam Newton is located at the same level.

Lewis coached the tiger 12 seasays, which was the second year of coaching time. The first is the new England Patriots Bill Belichick. He is also the highest coach in the history of Tiger, always completed 100 victories and 96 games and 2 planes.

If the Falcon will defeat the Saint Saint this week, it will be the second time they win in the past four years. Falcon or 4 in five consecutive wins is a team in the fourth quarter. Among them, it includes the clutch Robert – Arford Cascade to attack the red skin. Plus the strength of the schedule is low, the Falcon is considered to be a team in which the six unbeaten teams have a more insufficient colony. But this also explained that under the coaching of the new coach – Quinne, the falcon has a significant progress in key ball processing. In addition to the four-dimensional Matt Ryan to maintain a stable play, the external hand Hulio Jones and the second grade run Guide Tower – Fritman is more eye-catching, the former is currently catching 545 yards 4 to the week It also got the Fremman dropped in the end area to complete alternatives, the latter ran out of the 362 yards over the past three weeks, with average of 5.1 yards for each holding 5.1 yards to create a series of records.

Sidney Sidney Rice has grown in Vijing and Hawks with Harva, he believes that the Hawks will transfers his front teammate to the New York jet is the correct decision. Rice pointed out that the Alliance has never seen a player like Perth Harva, “he said that he lost such a unique talent star player. But he also agreed with the NFL official website, the former star runs to the view of Ladainian Tomlinson, that is, Bevel is trying to give Hall at the expense of Marshawn Lynch, MARSHAWN LYNCH. The offensive system of Wenwei’s rights lost his identity. “You have to do something to give the ball to him, and these things are difficult,” Rice explained to ESPN. “This takes away the cornerstone of this team’s success, that is, Ma Shaun, Linqi. I want to go back to the right track now. I feel that this is the best decision for Pecy and Haiying. I believe There will be no adverse consequences. “

Lewis is 56 years old. In the past four seasons, they launched the team to enter the playoffs, but they all stopped the first round. This is also since the beginning of 1990, Cincinnati has not been victorious in the playoffs. But the Tiger can get at least 10 victories in the fiercely competitive US league area in the past three seasons. This is not easy.

Regardless of whether the Ravens can win the American League North partitions first name, Kubiyaka has given the team left a deep impression. Ravens offense last season ranked 29th in the league, and now ranked No. 8. This time, perhaps Kubiyaka in looking for a new coach job, if the Ravens do not continue Yuefusaite, there is no doubt in Houfusaite season will follow Kubiyaka go to a new team.

This view may be very correct. But the attack characteristics of the previously rushing straight collision is not as easy as it is abandoned to Harva. In the case of the Sino-Wagner-Wagner and the second-line defensive bombing army (Legion Of Boom) did not show the peak strength, the defensive group of Pete Carroll no longer causes fear to the opponent. .

In 2012, the third round of the selected Wilson’s career opening is one of the most impressive in all Cheap Nfl Jerseys From China quartz. In the three seasons, he ranked first in the total number of winners (42 games), the number of winners (6 games) and the superb bowl first (2 times). He ranked second in four-point guard (98.5), ranking fourth in terms of passage of the ball (84 times). Since entering the alliance in 2012, the number of winning attacks he led is the most quadruple (15 times).

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