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However, it is difficult to believe that the steel man is very difficult to believe in the performance of the steel man last season. Nowadays, Antonio – Brown gets a new contract return, healthy running Wilver-Bell (Le & # 39; veon Bell) and external hand Martavis bryant (first resumed the appearance) Let the decision to retire become more difficult. We can’t forget that the steel man really does not have a lot of preparations if you retire, and the performance of the four-point guardian Dien Jones is unable to make people feel how much confidence.

Only high ball success rate is not enough to Alex – Smith is not enoughThis season, Kansas City chief quarter-point 卫 阿 斯 (Alex Smith) is closely 80.6% of the Seattle Hawks in Seattle Hawks, and Russell Wilson, Tall League second. On the premieration list of passed forward, Smith can be among the top five.

“We feel good,” Mac Wei said, “He is very well-trained in this week, near the game, unless there are special changes, otherwise, he is in the field, but the specific participation is in the country, and the number of defensive files are still to be discolished & hellip; & hellip; He is ready to go to the game and help your teammates work together. I am looking forward to seeing him on Sunday. “

Big Ben is worried at the beginning of the offset period, because he said that he “will use this break to evaluate, consider all options.” 35 years old, it seems to be more than the four-point guard in recent years In the past season, he recruited injuries again last season, but it was still leading the steel man to the United States championship and lost to the new England patriot. It can be understood that it is seriously considering whether he will continue to play in next season.

First of all, Smith’s profound passenger trial is the least in the alliance allore, he has only 5.7% of the passing ball in 20 yards. Lack of short biography is Smith’s old shorthavy, his remote ratio is only 8.1% last season, and all the main four-point precipitation is third. He has a long-distance pass this season, and the result is over 8 pass 3 in the 73 yards and two have been copied. Moreover, Smith is not just lack of long pass, his pass is not a lot of medium distance, most of which are ultra short distance connectors similar to the screen pass. So far, he has 100 times in 144 passes attempts to pass back or within 10 yards in the front field.

Beijing time October 29, Monday, 8:20 early, regular season’s eighth week focus on Sunday Night Rino. This game is a repeat of “Minnesota miracle” last season, “MDash; & mdash; in the National Bank of Cheap nfl Jerseys From china, Minnesota, Minnesota, the home of the new Orleans, the season, afterwards A round of the game, and today, Saints got a chance to revenge in Minnesota. Since this season, Saints have accumulated 5 wins and 1 loss, while Viking will be 4 wins and 2 losses.

After the packager burst into the game in the player, the legendary quadrupanitary choice of the currently retired, the legendary four-dimensional choosing to the packaging worker Mike Mike McCarthy and Quadan Wei Alon – Aaron Rodgers.

But on the other hand, Rogers are still very calm. When asked if the game with Titan Titan, Titan, Rogers replied: “I never like this word. The Second World War must be won. But the football is a football. The next game is very important but It’s just the next game. “

“Mike, Alon is a leader, rather than after the game, we have to find a method of exciting the game,” Faifu said. “Because, even after losing this game, they did not have two times before. They still have the opportunity and may win the partition champion. Nowadth, it is very glue. There is no team to occupy the advantage. So I still seem to be still The best team, they need to play this performance. “

Packaging is a team of teams in a competitive season, and then they will return to the main stage to enter the playoff team, Houston Texas and Seattle Hawks last year. Rogers naturally didn’t care about the current trend, but he may want to hear the proposal to ensure that the winning rate at the end of the season will not be less than 50%.

But we did not deny the advantages of this low-risk high-speed power short-term strategy, just to remind everyone to see the passage style of the four defense when they see the preceding leaderboard next time. More important than the data itself.

If you only look at the premieration of the ball, the new fans are likely to put Smith into the elite four-defense. But the actual situation may not be the case, let’s take a look at why Smith’s passion is so high.

Despite the advancement of the package industry offensive group after the early season, 4 wins and 4 losses lost 3 games in their four games, and the past three home games lost 2 games. As Ferrus said, the packaging workers may still win the country of UNITANY & MDash; & mdash; Viking has been connected to 3 games & mdash; but if the packaging will continue to doubt like home transfer, fans and Ffa Leadership of the team’s key characters.

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