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Agay’s performance is also true, he has taken 77 yards 8 times, including a 46-code ball reachable. The eagle finally 51-23 lightly collapse. Last week is the Eagle Course, Aka is thus getting more time learning tactics. Offense Coordinator Frank Reich said that Aga is now “capacity to complete anything.”

Thomas lost – After Davies, Rivera hit a fifth guard lineup this season. Even Kavan – before and after the race Schott has not been reported on rare three star Panthers last season before using it advocated defensive tackles are listed in the front line of 3-4 base formation, Short Game newspaper, Rivera more is bigger rotation at defensive tackle position, the highest rate of appearance McCoy has only 62.6%, while the linebacker position, after Davis left the band in addition to the Panthers could not find Luke – than Thompson – Jike Li and Shaq the third strength enough linebacker, so this season the Panthers 4-3 base formation time using only about two percent, but rather use a fifth guard lineup ratio of up to about 3/4, five weeks pavement defense field field bombers opponents at over one hundred yards, averaging 134.4 yards throwing, anti-run backwards not difficult to understand.

The rickets have just signed the renewal contract for 3 years 50 million US dollars (20 million US dollar guaranteed) this Friday. This injury also made Palma and the red rose. . The vacancies in Palmer will be filled by the Substanton Situ-Stanton, Stanton, who has been temporarily served as the team’s first four-point guard, although his pass is preceditive Improve, but his self-confidence makes him not afraid of far passing and difficult passage. For example, today, he just goes to connect the new show, John Brown, complete 48 code arrays.

Carson – Parme Mane knees front cross ligament tearIn the end of Arizona, the Rapu’s collar, the collar, the main four-point guard, the squad, was injured in the 4th section of the game, and then raised by the electric car out of the court. . After the game, Parm should be tearing the knee crossed ligament, which is likely to be reimbursed this season.

In the 1986 season, when Elway staged the perfect “THE DRIVE” in the Fourth Section of the Brown Competition, he finally led the horses the second time into the big stage of the super bowl. And during the stage of the game, Elway led the wild horse to make good, in the second section, not only the leading 10-7 lead, but also advance the attack to the top 1 yard in the giant array. However, after this, the three-declines were successively attacked, and Wholesale jerseys the wild horses were not converted to Dance and lost 5 yards, helplessly selected shooting. But more people feel helpless, pig teammate playing Rich Karlis eventually missed the opportunity to expand the score, and shooting. And this shot did not become a watershed in the whole game, and the harmony of the wild horse in the next game. Elway was killed by the other party in this manner, causing a giant a security score. At the end of the first half, the giants will be nearly 9-10. In the second half competition, the giants won 30 points and eventually set the audience to 39-20, and the wild horse lost this super bowl. Although the wild horse did not finally hold cups, John Elway has left a deep impression on everyone. He passed 304 yards and 1 passed forward to the pavement of the 27-size ball code. Attack and take the next mushroom to reach.

Parmer’s injured knee ligaments were old injuries. He has suffered serious injuries in the same part in 2006, so the injury is particularly worrying. After the squadron, Bruce, Bruce Aria, said that he is not clear about the injury of Palmer, but also waiting for further examination.

Run Gujie – Akai is familiar with the eagle attackThe ninth week of playing the wild horses, the eagle is only a few days and the new Jay Ajayi. But this is enough to let them find confidence and give Akay try a few times.

3. The five starting members of the chief will not play Thursday night: Left-off Eric Fisher (inguinal), angular Weiwei Kentol-Fuller (thumb), defense Diffus Chris Jones (inguinal), Sammy Watkins (Leg Head), Left Front Andrew Wellie (ankle). Corner Bashaud Breland cannot determine possible.

Summary: Saint Junwei Kamala Legs Absence TrainingSaints Alvin Kamara (Knee / ankle), close-up Cook (ankle), extraction Speed ​​Spencer – Smith (quan smith (Ankle) and quadruposed Drew Brees (the right thumb) did not participate in Wednesday training. Defensive Didway Tere – Trey Hendrickson (neck) is limited.

Jamie Collins’ deal is like a heavy bomb. Before the Night Race and the Haiye, the patriot was just entered the wheel next week, so we will see the chain reaction of the transaction after two weeks. At the same time, Xiao Tang Decheng, who has eaten Strike chewing gum, established a poisonous milk defense cover. Our head name is unattended & mdash; & mdash; if there is any problem with Bill’s game, it is to look at the patriot ranking without rising space. The only thing that is more eye-catching than the team is the naive Twitter that appears online when Rob Gronkowski completes the 69th time of his career. GRONK opens the wild barbarian model is very cool, the media is still dispelled. This is just let yourself look like a single 18-year straight male cancer. Barbarian Gronk pushes 109 yards and won 1 Deta.

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